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      Dynamics 365 for phones : Ability to always display the texts at the bottom of the iPhone screen

      Suggested by RENA SATONew 0
      Category: AppSource

      This does not depend on which iOS we use. We see this issue on version,1).

      In Dynamics 365 for phones with iPhone, when we are using multiple line texts, the top lines will be cut off or disappeared.

      Even if we scroll down the page, the top lines that you are currently texting will disappear (just not shown on a iPhone screen) again.

      The texts at the bottom will always end up being hidden and that we can’t be efficient at all.


      It would be really nice that if we are able to see the latest texts to be shown on a mobile screen.


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      Delegated Admin to install Appsource Apps

      Suggested by Steve MordueNew 0
      Category: AppSource

      Currently a "delegated" admin (Partner) cannot install Appsource apps on a customer's tenant.

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      From CRM App for Outlook it doesnt resolve the recipent and it shows Unresolved Receipent message

      Suggested by apito itoriyaNew 1
      Category: AppSource

      CRM user when click on the primary email address of any record from CRM then email is generated, it opens in the OWA window.

      Customer click on the Dynamics 365 tab (which is for CRM App for outlook) from email, then the contact is not detected and considered as a new email, it gives option of adding it to Dynamics 365 and it shows recipient as Unknown Recipient however when we create a new email directly from OWA and click on Dynamics365, then it shows CRM record and all associated records of CRM org.

      Also same could be seen when you send email from the OWA or outlook and then go to Sent item and open the sent email.

      Here when click on the Dynamics 365 tab (which is for CRM App for outlook) it doesn't resolve the recipient and gives the message "Unknown recipient" .


      Expected Behaviour:

      when we click on Dynamics 365 tab (which is for CRM App for outlook) then it should automatically resolve the recipient as the Outlook is already associated with CRM using CRM App for Outlook  

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      how to deploy appsource banner

      Suggested by RIFAT YAVUZNew 0
      Category: AppSource

      many partners ask how to deploy appsource, it should be simple and accessable on appsource page with banners to foster and encourage partner contribution

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      Create accelerator for emergency management

      Suggested by Stephane ViauNew 1
      Category: AppSource

      Create application accelerator for emergency/disaster management industry
      - disaster
      - shelter management
      - sites/locations
      - infrastructure
      - mapping
      - portal for crowdsourcing
      - relieft, recovery

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      AppSource Request Email Notifications - D365 Orgs

      Suggested by New 0
      Category: AppSource

      Hi, my name is Danny Vargas, I'm a support engineer of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I got a ticket and the customer asking if he can avoid email notifications for all Dynamics 365 System Admins when someone request access to any app in their organizations, he wants to do that just in some organizations in Microsoft Appsource. From our side we cannot handle it. I understand that the admins get notifications for alerting or avoid any miss use apps or stop any unwanted apps to be installed by the users. But I don't know if Could you help me with this request? Any response if you can do it or if you are not able to do it. Or maybe how can I redirect this case. Thanks folks.

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      Incentive Compensation Accelerator for CRM

      Suggested by Donato FerreiraNew 0
      Category: AppSource

      Create an application accelerator for Incentive Compensation (Sales and Services Industries), with engine calculation and simple licensing tier.

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      ON-Load event java script in out of box form in dynamics 365 online

      Suggested by Sagar SuleNew 0
      Category: AppSource

      On-Load form  user have 3 java scripts that cause the MOCA issue

      causes issues in the MOCA application with an error message

      there was an with this field's customized event
      field window
      event load
      error: unable to get property" set visible" of undefined or null reference if your contact support , please provide the technical details

      We would like to know from where these on load form java script are deployed


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      Submit Application for Individuals

      Suggested by VENKATTA PIDIKITICompleted 1
      Category: AppSource


      Would be good ,if an isloated dev guy can published apps at store.



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      Suggested by Chetna GuptaRejected 0
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