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      Dynamics 365, SharePoint Document Management integration with the Portal

      Suggested by Donna EdwardsCompleted 41
      Category: Portals

      Expose Dynamics 365  / SharePoint Document Management through the Portal.  We would like the ability to add and display documents in the Portal that have been uploaded to Dynamics 365 and saved to SharePoint using SharePoint Document Management in Dynamics 365.

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      CRM portals sandbox license

      Suggested by Neil BensonUnder Review 6
      Category: Portals

      Several of my clients assume that CRM Online sandbox instances don't require a portal license. This is understandable: users do not need additional licenses to access sandboxes and there is no guidance given in the Pricing and Licensing Guide (May 2016).

      Some Microsoft representatives suggest that customers do need to purchase portal licenses for sandboxes, but I can't find any guidance to confirm this.

      Ideally, there would be a low cost CRM portals sandbox license given that sandbox portals are likely to be much less visited and used and therefore require far fewer resources than a production portal.

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      Ability to deploy and run custom code in the portal

      Suggested by Alan MervitzCompleted 31
      Category: Portals

      We need to be able to add custom code to the portal to build real-word applications. This was possible in the previous incarnation of Portals (Adxstudio Portals 7 and below), but CRM Portals 8 has removed this capability in the SaaS CRM Online only offering.

      Being limited to building sites using only the configuration based features and Liquid capabilities is far too limiting and results in having to use Adxstudio Portals 7 to get the job done, and using Adxstudio Portals 7 is a problem because it isn't receiving regular bug fix releases anymore.

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      Website Copy Tool

      Suggested by Sabrina TopacioPlanned 9
      Category: Portals

      Be able to copy all/most of the Website records from one environment to the other.  This would be very useful when clients have a sandbox portal sites and want to push all their changes to production.

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      Ability to view exception information

      Suggested by Alan MervitzCompleted 6
      Category: Portals

      When an exception occurs in the current Azure-hosted CRM Portals, all we see is a generic error message and there is no ability to view the exception details of what the error is. This makes it a guessing game and a trial and error approach to troubleshoot what the problem is, and we have to raise a support ticket to get the issue looked into when all attempts fail because we're blind to the actual problem.

      Examples of things that would help troubleshoot such a situation include:

      • Allow remote viewing of exception details (i.e. turn customErrors mode attribute to 'Off' in the web.config)

      • Allow remote viewing of tracing information (i.e. turn trace localOnly attribute to 'false' in the web.config)

      • Recieiving emails when errors occur (e.g. via the ErrorNotifierModule that exists in Portals 7.x)

      These or some other means of accessing the information that these examples provide will allow us to self-troubleshoot problems.

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      Ability to search custom entities in Portals

      Suggested by Takamitsu EndoPlanned 9
      Category: Portals

      We cannot customize search feature of Portal to enable search against custom entities so far.

      Legacy version of Portal has this feature by editing ASP.NET Page Template. But obviously we cannot edit any ASP.NET codes in Online version of Portal.

      Customize Search

      Please add the feature to enable search against custom entities.

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      Editable Grid for the CRM Portal

      Suggested by Prem NairPlanned 1
      Category: Portals

      MERP team had a great learning time attending the CRMUG Summit 2016 in Tampa, FL. Particularly, break-out session with Shan McArthur on CRM Portal was invaluable. 

      We understand that Dynamics 365 will offer an editable grid for the CRM interface. Working with multiple customers on Adxstudio/CRM portal, we strongly believe that having an editable grid extended to the CRM Portal interface will be a great value add. 

      We look forward to having this feature added to the Portal.

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      CRM Portals - Customer Driven Upgrade (CDU) experience

      Suggested by Guy RiddleCompleted 1
      Category: Portals

      CRM Portals require high availability.  Irrespective of whether you purchase an additional Portal to use in a sandbox context, when Microsoft apply an upgrade it is universally applied to all Production and Non-Production Portals that you have.

      This does NOT give anyone any time to test/validate changes that Microsoft implement, which may adversely affect the operation of the Portal; nor does it allow you to test your own implemented Portal customisations.

      This can (and has) caused some significant customer issues, where the Portal has been unavailable/not operational for a period of time, until a fix can be applied (from Microsoft or self).  Depending upon the Portal use case this can have significant financial and business impacts on an organisation when the site is non operational.

      Please can consideration be given to provide a mechanism where a CDU experience (or similar) to provide a period of time to test and validate Portal changes before applying them to the Production environments.



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      Support for Azure B2C for Dynamics Portals

      Suggested by Oli WardCompleted 4
      Category: Portals

      Support for Azure AD B2C authentication for Dynamics Portals users.

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      Portal Shopping Cart & Payment Services

      Suggested by Donna EdwardsRejected 9
      Category: Portals

      Please bring back the shopping cart functionality and enable payment systems with portals.  It is available in ADX Portals but not Microsoft.  The absence of this functionality requires us to look elsewhere for a portal solution for Dynamics 365.