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      All Dynamics CRM training course materials should be free for everyone to download

      Suggested by Neil BensonPlanned 36
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      My suggestion is that CRM training materials should be free for anyone to download.

      Partners are expected to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Foundation or Advantage Service Plan in order to access several benefits including access to the Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011 training guides.

      The Dynamics service plans are most popular with larger partners who are committed to Dynamics CRM. The service plans are less popular with new and small partners who are still building their committment.

      This means that the CRM professionals who need the most training (those who work for new and smaller partners) do not have access to training material, while those who are most likely to be certified already (those who work for Silver and Gold CRM certified partners) do have access to the training.

      Well-training, certified CRM professionals perform better CRM implementations. It's in everyone's interests -- Microsoft, partners and customers -- to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more well-training, certified CRM professionals available than competing systems. Microsoft will have happier customers, larger market share and greater software licensing revenues by providing free training materials to its customers and partners than it will by attempting to turn training requirements into a source of revenue., for example, provide administrator training guides at no charge for anyone to download from their website:

      The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 training course materials were free for any customer or partner to download and study. However, the policy changed with the release of CRM 4.0 and hasn't reverted with the release of CRM 2011. It should!

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      Remove restricted admin access from DEV Boxes

      Suggested by umer drazNew 6
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      With the update 12, Microsoft have restricted the DEV instance access as admin. There is a lot more than just configuration and installation that needs to be done as part of Dev.

      I would strongly recomend that microsoft provide admin access with the dev boxes 

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      Server Side sync for Mixed mode deployments (CRM 2013 on prem & Office 365)

      Suggested by Dan MachmeierPlanned 8
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      At Convergence 2014 in Atlanta I discovered that Server side synchronization is not supported in mixed-mode environments (CRM on-prem & Office 365).
      or organizations like ours who need to run CRM on-prem due to integration and other requirements but also want to take advantage of commodity cloud SAAS solutions like Office 365, this ability is critical.

      Please enable CRM on-prem customers who wish to utilize the wonderful features delivered by Server Side Sync to connect to an O365 exchange environment.

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      BUG: UR17 Deployment Manager Domain Resolution

      Suggested by Adam MillsRejected 4
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      UR17 has introduced a bug in the Deployment Manager for domains where the first part of the FQDN does not match the backwards compatible domain name (2003).

      company_com and for example.
      The code attempts to resolve the domain as just company rather than or company_com

      Reverting to UR16 solves the issue.

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      Sync AD and CRM user details

      Suggested by Krishna Sandeep Reddy TammaPlanned 3
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      When a staff member changes his role or team or his name changes, currently we need to update it both in AD and CRM. Is there any where we can just update in AD and CRM somehow gets it automatically.

      It would be better if it happens immeditely but as CRM doesn't know when a changes happens in AD we can have a nightly job to sync both AD and CRM.

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      Allow advanced find / reporting on Audit entity

      Suggested by Ross PoultonPlanned 6
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      The audit entity gives us some pretty interesting data on how the system is being used - if we could run an advanced find on this, or even just run charts across it, it would be of great benefit to new users of the system. Imagine a few scenarios:
      1) Show a chart of "changes by day by department"
      2) Show a report of "everything changed by former employee John A."
      3) Show a report of "everyone who changed field 'Discount' on entity 'Account'"

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      Local Data Groups - Central Management

      Suggested by Guy RiddleNot Planned 4
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      This has been a consisent challenge even prior to CRM2011 - the inability to manage the Users Local Data groups centrally.
      Whilst I recognise that with CRM 2011 methods were added to the SDK to access these Local Data Groups, it is still a challenging process and cost to implement a method to manage this.
      It would be great if we could set LDG's by Security Role to provide a default/global update mechanism. To this point it would be good to also add to a Security Role a priviledge to determine if a user can change their LDG's.
      Also to have the ability to access these LDG's from the User record in CRM too - so an Admin can troubleshoot and 'fix' users errors, where a User has elected to override the default (if they are allowed to).
      Happy to providfe additional information if required.

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      List organizations the user has access to when they go to their CRM server url (like CRM Online does)

      Suggested by Shan McArthurPlanned 5
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      CRM On-premise should display a list of organizations the user has access to when they go to the generic org-less url for their CRM server. This is the behavior for CRM Online and is very useful for customers to navigate to multiple online orgs. This behavior would also be useful in an on-prem or IFD environment. This would improve the disoverability of CRM which would be an improvement in the user experience.

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      Allow Administrator(s) to set 'Maintenance Mode' to block all users from accessing the system

      Suggested by Guy RiddlePlanned 2
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      For CRM ONLINE especially. From time to time application changes are required (or new solutions applied / existing solutions updated). During this time you do not want "Users" to be able to access the system.
      For OSDP in particular if you are Federating AD you cannot 'bulk' edit User records to disable them. If you only use a single Business Unit you cannot disable the BU. And it is a pain to add/remove security roles from users.
      It would be great if an Administrator could set an 'application in maintenance mode' landing page (which Admins could by-pass) to stop Users accessing the system for a planned outage period..

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      Accept New Lines or Carriage Returns in Document Template

      Suggested by Sabrina TopacioNew 10
      Category: Administration and Deployment

      We currently cannot display new lines or carriage returns in a Word document generated from a Document Template.  If a multiline text field allows for new lines, why is this not translated in the Word document?  Even trying to update the "\n" saved in the text to "\r\n" (via C# code) still displays on the document as spaces.

      The Document Template is completely unusable for our purposes just for the inability to have multiline text display.

      It only kind of formats properly in WordPad, but even that has different limitations.