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      Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit for CRM 2015/Visual Studio 2013

      Suggested by Tyler DCGCompleted 41
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      When will the Developer Toolkit be available for CRM 2015/Visual Studio 2013?

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      "Diaflows" Allow a Dialog Process to target multiple records in a view. (Like a workflow process)

      Suggested by Scott SewellPlanned 10
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      I have several times needed to set few values at run-time (like I can with a dialog process) - and then execute that against multiple 'targets' (like I can with a workflow.)

      The current limitation of a Dialog Process means that I can only run it against a single record - if I need to run against multiple records, I need to create a workflow and then it isn't flexible.

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      Schedulable Workflows & Plug-Ins

      Suggested by SIMON HUTSONPlanned 8
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      Workflows are triggered by events (create, update, assign etc), however in many cases the ability to schedule workflows on a periodic basis is also required. CRM already has a scheduling engine, used for many system processes, as well as some user-defined processes such as Bulk Record Deletion. Why can't we open this up for schduling workflow? In addition, we could make this available to schedule plug-ins as well, providing total flexibility for developers.

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      Enhance Workflow so it may update disabled fields

      Suggested by Robert BOYERSPlanned 8
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      Workflow cannot currently update fields that are set to disabled on a form. The workaround is to add script to set the field to be disabled so workflow may update it. As a customiser, I'm tired of having to do this and it also increases the performance overhead when loading a form.

      I don't see the point of restricting workflow update steps from updating read only fields.
      Pretty please, enable this and save all the customisers out there some precious time.

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      Modify the Workflow Designer to move steps and stages

      Suggested by Maxime Nobert-BourbeauPlanned 11
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      It is not currently possible to move a stage or a step in the workflow designer.

      It would be useful to be able to move a stage or a step in your Workflow. For example, your business logic has changed or you might just want to update the order of the execution steps/stages.

      I would like to click on a step, drag it and drop it elsewhere in my Workflow and click save instead of recreating that step and deleting the older one.

      I guess one of the workaround (never tried it before) would be to manually change the XML of that Worfklow, but it would then require a "skilled" developer. This is not necessary something that your customer can easily do.

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      Allow workflows and actions to call actions

      Suggested by Shan McArthurCompleted 2
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      CRM 2013 has a new process type called Action, that is meant to encapsulate complex business logic into a process that is triggered on non-CRUD mechanisms. Actions can be associated to a specific entity, but can also be defined as global. Actions can be triggered through the web service SDK and client SDK, but they cannot be triggered by other workflows or actions. This limits the value of actions because they cannot be implemented in the middle of other business processes defined in workflows.

      Workflows and Actions should be able to call other actions, in the same way that workflows can call other workflows. With this new capability, Actions would become incredibly useful.

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      Store milliseconds in Plug-in Trace Log

      Suggested by Jonas RappNew 2
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      The Plug-in Trace Log stores timestamps such as PerformanceExecutionStartTime as datetime fields, but milliseconds is always 0.

      To be able to make correct analysis of execution sequences, these fields need to include milliseconds, as it is now impossible to know in which order plugins were actually executed.

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      Write to the Plug-in Trace Log from assemblies outside SandBox

      Suggested by Jonas RappNew 3
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      Using the ITracingService only works for plug-ins registered in SandBox.

      Since this service is so much better/easier to use than e.g. logging to file on the server, this should be enabled also when using plug-ins not registered in isolation.

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      Multi-select Option Sets Availability with Business Rules and Workflows

      Suggested by David ParryNew 10
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      It'd be great to be able to use Business Rules and Workflows with Multi-select Option Sets. The ability with Business Rules to show/hide, make required field or not, etc. would be great. As well, with Workflows being able to set a value with a Multi-select Option Set would be great.


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      CRM 2011 Developer toolkit single project or file deploy

      Suggested by Rhett ClintonRejected 3
      Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

      The CRM 2011 Developer toolkit should allow a user to right click and deploy a single project or file instead of the whole solution.

      This affects multiple developers working on the same solution.