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    Allow NOT IN searches in advanced find, marketing lists etc

    Suggested by Peter HörnellCompleted 42
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    A very common request from customers is to find records WITHOUT a certain related record. Today I need to make a custom report for that. I think it would be great to be able to create views etc based on NOT IN statements in an advanced find. That could easily be used for customers to set up even more dynamics marketing lists too.

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    Field labels should wrap, not fade

    Suggested by Shan McArthurPlanned 9
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    When you place a field on a form that has a long name, the name of the field fades. In CRM 2011, the field name would wrap. Fading causes some of the important content to not be visible. It would be more desirable to have the full field name visible via the old behavior of wrapping than to fade it. This would also allow for better future protection of moving to a more responsive web design that could accommodate more varied screen resolutions (and different devices)

    The best practice would be to shorten the field names, or change the field label width in the section to accommodate long fields, and those are the current workarounds.

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    Multiselect Picklist

    Category: Client-Side Programming

    When I was working in 3.0 for a customer, I created a multi select picklist using the inbuilt options from Dynamics CRM. If I could do this then I believe MS can build it and help a lot of customers.

    In the advanced find for any status, optionset field in the filter criteriea, we get a multi select picklist. We can move values around in that and it displays the multiselected values as well. I have used this same window and a couple of XML strings to create a similar field on a Form. The XML strings store the Values in my case.

    This solution would certainly help a lot of customers and enhances the CRM product as well. The customers I speak to say that it is available in other products and why not here. I see that there is a possiblity and hope you can release it.

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    UI Tool for modifying Ribbons while customizing entity form

    Suggested by SHUBHI JAGMOHANPlanned 6
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    Customizing a form has been made a lot easier in 2011, but we still need to export the RibbonDiffXml and manually import it- which is a tedious process. Can we have graphical editing for form ribbons as well, and then add the 'OnClick' button for the ribbon element using the UI itself?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    CRM 2013 Form - +New button behavior

    Suggested by Shan McArthurPlanned 11
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    CRM 2011 had a Save and New button on the ribbon. CRM 2013 has a +New button, but the behavior has changed. Users anticipate that they can quickly enter multiple records by entering the field data and then press the +new button and then continue to enter the next record. This data entry pattern worked well in CRM 2011, but in CRM 2013, the +new button no longer saves the record. It doesn't even display a warning to the user - it just throws out the data and resets the form. The behavior should be changed back to the CRM 2011 behavior to facilitate this data entry pattern. This would also be consistent with the intent of having an auto-save behavior in CRM. As a minimum, if the behavior is not going to be changed, a warning should be displayed to the user that their data is going to be lost if they continue.

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    CRM needs rich text / image / content editing capability Overall - in Notes, K/B Articles, etc

    Suggested by DANIEL DUFFYPlanned 12
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    Our users often (intuitively, having become accustomed to this functionality in Office apps) try to copy and paste rich content with HTML/XML and images into Notes, Knowledge Base Articles, email templates, etc, and they are often frustrated/surprised at the inconsistent results. It'd be great if CRM content editing was simplified and standardized overall for end users, so that copy/paste would produce the results they expect.

    Being able to embed images in K/Bs, without referencing external URLs, having hyper-linked URLs in Notes, and having richer content editing controls in general seems to be something that the product should have in it's 5th generation, or certainly by the next release.

    I found these similar requests for this functionality, but nothing that seems to request this as part of an overall request - although there certainly seems to be a pattern here with this request being made:

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    Improve functionality of views

    Suggested by Nick WhymarkPlanned 6
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    I was going to suggest a specific change to the CRM views to allow us to specify more than 2 sort columns. However I decided to make a more general request as the views need to be improved in a number of ways. Here is my list and I guess others can add to it in the comments (it's pretty much everything you'd get in a custom grid control or something like Outlook views):

    1. Allow sorting by more than 2 columns.
    2. Allow custom header text.
    3. Allow grouping (drag and drop to group box) with totals (total, count, average, stddev etc.).
    4. Allow frozen columns so you can keep one or more columns on screen when scrolling horizontally.
    5. Allow dynamic filtering (similar to excel where you can filter on column values without leaving the screen).
    6. In-line editing.
    7. Automatic column widths (best fit for data or data+header).
    8. Improve the view editing experience. Things like a field chooser and dragging/dropping columns to re-order/group them, clicking headers to set sort order, re-size columns using the mouse etc.

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    Save publish & close while customizing

    Suggested by Peter HörnellPlanned 6
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    It would be great to have a button for save publish and close. In 19 cases out of 20 I want to save, publish and close while I do a customization. Now I need three clicks for that instead of one.

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    Provide Editable grid with bulk edit functionality

    Suggested by ravi shankarCompleted 4
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    One of the pain point which every Customers express is the usability in CRM. It takes several minutes to create record which contains multiple sub-entities.

    Editable grids enables user to create/update records without opening a form. We would like to have this functionality out-of-the-box in CRM 5.

    Provide Editable grid with bulk edit and create records inline functionality.

    Would be great If you expose few events such as
    Grid OnLoad,
    Record OnLoad

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    CRM 2013 - ability to set field value to NULL in Business Rules

    Suggested by Вячеслав КолодяжныйCompleted 4
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    Sometimes, business logic requires that field values must be cleared. For example, in dependence on field A value (picklist), one must fill in either field B or C. The same time field B becomes required, field C must be set as not required, locked and its value must be set to NULL (empty).