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    Enable Right-Click on Lookups to open record in new window/tab

    Suggested by Matthew WittemannUnder Review 14
    Category: User Experience

    Please enable browser context menus. For example, if I am viewing a Contact record, I would like to be able to right-click on the name in the Parent Customer lookup and open the Account record in a new window or tab. I don't want to be forced to navigate away from the Contact.

    This is a huge productivity sink when trying to enter data. Sometimes you need to refer to a parent or related record to double-check something. Currently you are forced to navigate away, and if you have not entered all the required fields, you are blocked and have to open CRM in a new window and search for the related record.

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    Personal Navigation Bar

    Suggested by David BerryUnder Review 6
    Category: User Experience

    I would like to customize or alter the layouts of CRM 2013's navigation bar for individuals without creating complicated "roles" rules in the SiteMap XML. Click-and-drag layout experiences would be ideal.

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    Feature request for Lookup field

    Suggested by Masato DenpouNew 26
    Category: User Experience

    When you focus on Lookup field to try to delete a value in Dynamics 365 (8.2), , you can't clear value correctly.

    So please fix this behavior.

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    Phone Calls created from Social Pane with Due Date should be saved as Open - not Completed

    Suggested by Marianne ChristensenNew 23
    Category: User Experience

    Phone Calls created from Social Pane with Due Date should be saved as Open - not Completed

    When a phone call is created from social pane it is ALWAYS closed as completed. Why have a due date on the phone call, when the phone call is not created as being due but as being completed.

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    Clean up inconsistencies in the primary nav bar UI

    Suggested by Shan McArthurUnder Review 5
    Category: User Experience

    Many users find the primary nav bar a little confusing to work with. It takes some practice using it to get used to clicking the right area to invoke the change that is desired. There are a number of small inconsistencies that when added up, make it confusing to use. Here are some perspectives that I have observed with customers using the new nav bar for the first time, even though they know CRM 2011 and how CRM is organized:

    1. The dropdown icons appear in the wrong location - for example, if the user is in the 'Sales' area and wants to move to the 'Service' area, they tend to click on the dropdown icon to the immediate right of 'Sales'. This triggers a nav bar area to appear but the contents of that are the entities that are listed under Sales. The correct user action would be to click the dropdown to the immediate right of the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" text to see Sales, Service, and other areas listed, then to select that area. The user experience for CRM is not consistent with the traditional UI designs in the web or on computers that we are accustomed to. Customers anticipate to change the current selection when they see the dropdown, and that context is associated with the label that the dropdown is placed next to.

    2. There is a mix of icons, separators, text, and dropdowns in the main menu area and it confuses users as to how to interact with each of them. Some of the dropdowns highlight the text that they are associated with and pull down the menu. Others are next to the labels, but have a separator there and have a different action. For example, the dropdown to the right of "Accounts" in the Sales area drops down to a recent account view, yet the dropdown next to the sales label drops down and shows entities in the sales area. "SALES" is all-caps and bold, yet "Accounts" is mixed and normal weight. The home icon is between the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" and its dropdown and the Sales icon. Most people expect to click the top left icon to go home. When they click on the Dynamics Sail icon, they initiate a dropdown to display the areas.

    3. Advanced Find is difficult to locate. Customers are searching all over the top nav bar to look for the find interface. They use all of the dropdowns and hover over all of the icons on the right of the bar as well (the settings and help). It usually takes them quite a while to locate it under the "..." icon dropdown, that is contextually located in the content section with all other actions in that command bar being related to the current entity. The advanced find functionality should be prominent in the top menu. Because of its location, it is not visible on some views in CRM, such as in the service section.

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    Disable the auto-collapse behavior in the Navigation Bar when the mouse moves

    Suggested by Shan McArthurCompleted 7
    Category: User Experience

    The navigation bar is very difficult to use, especially on a laptop with a trackpad. The current implementation has the navigation bar collapsing and disappearing from view if the mouse moves lower than the nav bar bottom. When you have a 16:9 screen and a track pad, it is very difficult to keep the mouse within the nav bar boundaries. I am frequently finding that I stray slightly lower than the nav bar when I am moving the mouse from the left of the screen to the right to locate the appropriate section. If I stray below the nav bar, it disappears and I have to start again by clicking the appropriate dropdown.

    Please change the behavior so that the collapse behavior is either deliberate (clicking the drop arrow a second time, or somewhere else on the view or form), or at least put a timer on it and have the nav bar remain open for a few seconds to allow the user to select the appropriate button (or the next-chunk arrow).

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    Bring back vertical "related" record navigation

    Suggested by David BerryUnder Review 11
    Category: User Experience

    I like the "header" tiles for SiteMap navigation, and it makes for a cleaner interface. The cumbersome nature of placing the old-style "relationship" views from a form into this same model reduces visibility to the navigation areas of a record, and makes the context of the related views within the scope of a record difficult to manage. I think that bringing back this form-nav on the right-side of the form, as a small box (rather than a column), would make keeping mental context on the viewed record and its related components, easier to manage.

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    Add support for customizable color modification by entity type (helps users navigate more easily)

    Suggested by Joe NewstromPlanned 7
    Category: User Experience

    In CRM 2013 the UI features much more color and the OOB entities have colors assigned to them. The Process flows also are very colorful. The color is great and makes the appearance of the app much more appealing. However, it is not possible to modify the Entity colors in a supported manner at this time.

    Customizing colors not only has an aesthetic aspect but it also streamlines user adoption because it becomes easier for new users to recognize where they are at and which entity/entities they are working with at a glance. Seems like it ought to be a simple (said nobody ever) config parameter in the customization UI or even using the SDK to modify the CSS, but I understand that there is not a currently supported method to do so (we do not implement unsupported hacks).

    Please consider this change! It would provide business value to the beauty that you have already built into the new UI!

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    "Pin" Function for Navigation Bar

    Suggested by David BerryUnder Review 11
    Category: User Experience

    I would like to be able to pin the fly-out Navigation bar in an "Open" state. Really, I can sacrifice the real-estate, and find that some of the "fly-back" behaviors with sensitivity on mouse position could be eliminated by pinning that view open. Also, it would help me "stay" in a certain area on the navigation bar, without having to re-navigate through the list.

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    Permit Sorting in Lookup "recent selections" to respect the View Sorting Criteria

    Suggested by Joe NewstromPlanned 3
    Category: User Experience

    In 2013, Lookups are rendered first as a dropdown before "Look Up More Records" is selected. This is great for the User, however, the list presented always resolves alphabetically and doesn't respect the View Sorting criteria. As an example, if I have 3 records:

    OPTION A (Display Order = 2)
    OPTION B (Display Order = 3)
    OPTION C (Display Order = 1)

    But in my Lookup View I sort them based on text field Display Order as

    In CRM 2013 the Options are sorted as

    due to the alphabetical order. If I have a picklist of 15 options and I want the most popular 5 Options to display first, I have to make them display alphabetically first. There are ugly workarounds on this, but it would be nice if the lookup control would simply respect the view metadata that is already being used to query the records.