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    Automatic Reporting

    Suggested by Andrew RockeyUnder Review 9
    Category: Analytics

    There is no facility to schedule reports in CRM Online. The only way is to use 3rd party software to duplicate the data elsewhere and use a sql tools to achieve this. Not quite what I would expect from a mainstream package in 2012!!

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    Export Report to Excel - Data Type Issue

    Suggested by ROBERT LANZILLIUnder Review 10
    Category: Analytics

    I have noticed something odd with CRM 2011. When I export a report to excel all of the cell's come in as "General", even date's, numbers, and currency. This means that I cannot perform calculations on them without converting them first. This was not an issue in CRM 4.0. I know that the data types changed in CRM 2011 to .NET data types, but I don't see why the reports are acting different.


    Create a new report for Opportunities using the wizard. For the columns, use Topic and Est. Revenue.

    Run the Report, and export to Excel.

    Open the saved report, and all of the cell's are formatted as 'General'. If you try to add any of the Est. Revenue column, the result will be #Value!.

    I know you can get around this by manually changing the cell type, but I am looking to have it in the correct format once it is exported. Is this an open issue, or does something need to be specified in the report itself?

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    To enable ‘Print’ button on WEB browsers with no ActiveX

    Suggested by RENA SATORejected 2
    Category: Analytics

    When using Dynamics CRM Online on IE11 and Google Chrome(latest version),
    if you open Report viewer, you can see 'Print' button on IE.
    However, on Google Chrome 'Print' button does not display.

    According to the article below, 'Print‘ button only works on IE because it requires ActiveX.

    Title: Web application requirements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM ("Printing reports" section)

    'The Reporting Services Microsoft ActiveX control is required to print reports.'

    So, it would be really nice for other WEB browsers which does not require ActiveX such as Google Chrome, can also be able to use 'Print' button.

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    allow more than 6 parts for a dashboard in crm online

    Suggested by Joel LindstromPlanned 3
    Category: Analytics

    In crm 2013 we have much more visible space for dashboards, but we are still limited to the limit of only 6 web parts. For on premises, the limit can be increased; however, since it is a server setting, it cannot be increased for CRM online. With the additional space with the sitemap and ribbon hidden, the limit should be raised to at least 8-9, or should be adjustable per organization.

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    Make user created option sets also available through the PickListMappingSet odata table

    Suggested by JORIS POELMANSPlanned 4
    Category: Analytics

    If you are using Power Query (or the new Power BI Desktop designer) and you want to display the values of a picklist (option set) - you can get at all the standard option sets using the PickListMappingSet. Unfortunately option sets which you define yourself or which are part of a solution that you import are not included. It would be better if these were included in the odata endpoint as well. This is especially needed for Dynamics CRM Online where oData is the main entry point.

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    CRM Reporting Service report workflow

    Suggested by KAJ ASMUSSENUnder Review 5
    Category: Analytics

    It would be very nice to be able to create Report Service reports as part of a workflow.

    Ex We would like to send a customer an e-mail with a attached RS report (in PDF-format) every time a case is resolved.

    This could be implemented as a "Report Service Report" step. The report parameters must be mapped to entity fields. And a e-mail, fileshare, FTP-share, Sharepoint document folder destination must be selected with relevant field-mapping.

    This would seriously make things happen out-here :-)

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    Hierarchy Visualization Cross Entities

    Suggested by Fred WallaceUnder Review 0
    Category: Analytics

    Provide the ability to view hierarchical relationships across entities in order to visualize more complex relationships. For example, contacts related to an account and those that then rollup to a relationship group.

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    Assign Dashboards depending on role

    Suggested by Jacob Cynamon-MurphyCompleted 3
    Category: Analytics

    We often receive requests for custom dashboards that would be restricted by role. Currently, we have to advise customers to create personal dashboards as an administrator and then share them out with the appropriate users or teams. It would be a great enhancement if we could select roles by name and assign them to dashboards to define dashboard sets that a user can access based on their role(s).

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    Add a supported method to programmatically export SSRS Reports

    Suggested by Henry JammesUnder Review 4
    Category: Analytics

    It would be very useful to be able to export SSRS Reports in a specific format (PDF, Word, Excel...) programmatically, both in JS and in C#.

    Business cases: definitely a win factor to ease the life of Sales People.
    - 1-clic download of documents through a customized button in the command bar.
    - Programmatically add exports of SSRS Reports as an attachment to an email (for example: 1 clic to send a quote).
    - etc.

    Word and Excel Templates are not powerful enough to meet customization options offered by SSRS (dynamic content, conditions, expressions...)

    It is only possible today through unsupported code.

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    Sharing Dashboards should have the option to automatically share applicable Views/Charts

    Suggested by James GiuraUnder Review 7
    Category: Analytics

    Currently when sharing a personal dashboard, the views and charts need to be shared with the user as well, or else the dashboard won't display.

    There should at least be an option to automatically share the views and/or charts with whomever you share the Dashboards with.