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      Limiting Advanced Find Search Capabilities Through Enhanced Security

      Suggested by Ron DumoschNew 19
      Category: Search

      Our team supports a large enterprise client (10k+ internal users) that requires the ability to prevent users from accessing advanced find, accessing global search, limiting advanced find searches, and restricting what entities can be searched on in advanced find to improve system performance.  Our client has databases that can be as large as >1TB with hudreds of millions of records that make advanced find and global search capabilities slow to non-existent (timeout occurs before results are returned)

      As Dynamics 365 is used more as a line of business solution, a growing percentage of our user base does not need to access advanced find or global search capabilities.  They are able to perform their jobs in a narrow focus through pre-defined system views and dashboards.  Being able to turn these features on and off at a macro level per security roles would be a great benefit to system performance and user experience.

      Being able to limit the number of records returned by an advanced find through security roles would also help with system performance.  Currently, a user can query a large table (20M+ records) and the search will time out before it can be completed.  Adding a permission to limit searches to 100 results (or whatever is deemed appropriate) would improve system performance by querying smaller result sets than what advanced find can return today.

      Restricting entities from showing up in advanced find or global search through entity settings would also be an enhancement for our clients.  Just because a user needs to be able to read a table for business purposes does not mean that they should be able to execute advanced find searches against it.  We should have the ability to mark “helper” entities or other entities as not searchable so they do not show up as options in either search feature.

      These are all a single issue for our clients and are thus a single idea for improvement to the advanced find security capabilities.  These changes will improve selling and implementing large scale enterprise solutions for customers with large user bases.

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      On searching in the Quick Find box it searches for All Active Accounts rather than the account records in the specific Accounts View

      Suggested by Niranjan VPlanned 14
      Category: Search

      On searching in the Quick Find box it searches for All Active Accounts rather than the account records in the specific Accounts View

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      Search ability on command bar like quick search

      Suggested by Akira HommaNew 0
      Category: Search

      It would be convenient if user can search the object to designate "field column" as a default function, such as quick search on command bar.

      The customer uses plug-in to implement above function, but it doesn't work every time Dynamics 365 (Online) is upgraded.
      And the customer needs to fix it every time it happens, this takes a lot of time.
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      We would like to add Configure Relevance Search to Work Order.

      Suggested by Toru MiyazakiNew 0
      Category: Search

      We would like to search " Work Order " with Relevance Search

      but not displayed in " Configure Relevance Search " 

      That feels inconvenient to us.

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      Enable Quickfind Search Results for the Current (Filtered) View rather than ALL records a user has access to see

      Suggested by KURT HOLZWARTHNew 1
      Category: Search

      Currently, the QuickFind Search in CRM (2011 Orion Update and later) searches ALL Records that a user has access to, then returns the full results. The proposed behavior is to search the currently selected "View" then return the search results as a subset. Example: Lets say I choose Inactive-Accounts as my Filtered view. Then I type in "Caterpillar" into the QuickFind box. The view should return ONLY results that are a sub set of this view - instead of ALL data I have access to.

      95% of CRM users are confused by this concept, and most don't realize it. The problem is more acute for companies having large numbers of Accounts and Contacts per sales person - thus having many scrolling screens in CRM to click through. This type of search is also useful for collaboration purposes. For example, we have a sales territory within a region. A sales person has "Read view" of the Region, but wants to search only the records they own ("My Accounts or My Contacts"). Currently, they must use Advanced Find which is cumbersome.

      Lastly, with the introduction of Multi-entity search, we believe Multi-Entity search fufills the "Search the whole database" function. QuickFind should be returning results from filtered views only. Advanced Find is targeted at the top 10-20% of advanced CRM users. Quick Find is the daily workhorse of search.

      We appreciate your consideration, if polling your customers, I assure you this issue will be a top concern - but again, most don't even realize the limitation. They think "CRM Search just stinks" - not true!

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      Please improve search function in CRM 2013 UI

      Suggested by Tobias LehmeierCompleted 3
      Category: Search

      I really like the idea of the new UI. It's a new and modern experience. What I miss is the ability to do a search in a quick way. For example if I'm in a detail record and try to search for a record of another entity I have to navigate with three drop down clicks first of all to the list view of the entity before I can perform a search. This are 2 clicks more than within the CRM 2011. For CRM Power Users that will be a worse situation as it is today with the Multi Windows. You have on top of the form the create button for all entities. As I expected there should also be a search field that allows a quick find over all entities available from all forms. I think that would be a great improvement to the new UI experience.

      Best regards
      Tobias Lehmeier
      Global Concepts

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      Display total record count on views instead of 5000+ in DYN365O

      Suggested by Chris BerryNew 1
      Category: Search

      I think it would be useful when accessing a view to perform a quick count on total number of records in the entity being viewed instead of 5000+.

      Not having access to the database, if I wanted a count of total number of records I have to export to Excel to see how many rows are returned especially for entities that contain 20K records plus.

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      Making system lookups customizable

      Suggested by Pierre-Edouard GoriauxNew 0
      Category: Search

      ie : Make "Customer" field from case form customizable by being able to :
      - choose entities to look for (ie : search only for contacts)
      - choose order and filter (ie: search on contact first and not accounts)

      List of lookups wich customizer could customize :
      - regarding (from email activity, phone call ...) (ie : search only for contacts)
      - to / cc / bcc from email activity form (ie : search only for contacts)

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      CRM- Search engine function across records. (global search)

      Suggested by Matthew WittemannCompleted 2
      Category: Search

      Global search should be implemented so users can search from one place and view records from across different entity types in CRM. This should be implemented without having to use SharePoint search or any outside search tool.

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      Subgrid cannot set the default lookup view

      Suggested by RENA SATONew 0
      Category: Search

      When I have a subgrid and try to display the specific lookup view (Look up more records) ; however, View Selector in properties does not set the one I want.

      I have turned off the view selector but the subgrid does not work in the same way as the lookup field view. It still let you choose other views (Look in system views).


      It would be really nice that if I can set the default lookup view when I need to search more records from a subgrid.