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      Ability for Sub-Grid Activity in Account form to show all related activities

      Suggested by Jonathan LeePlanned 12
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      Account is one unique entity that allows all related activities to be rolled up to the Account; however, current sub-grid activity in Account form for CRM 2011 only shows activities that were created in Account (regarding).

      It would be great if this feature can be implemented in the next release so that customers can see all of their activities rolled up under Account.

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      Change default from "next 30 days" to "All" for open activity view in accounts and contacts

      Suggested by Oliver GrafUnder Review 18
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      The default filter for the view "open activities" in the account and contact forms is set to "next 30 days", which is very confusing for our users. I am not able to change the default filter criteria to "All".

      It would be very good if the filter for the "open activities" view in the account and contact forms would be set to "All".

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      Notes in CRM2013 Online changes timestamps when record is reassigned - can this be changed?

      Suggested by Thomas Pein-LorenzenUnder Review 7
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      Whenever we assign an Account to a different owner in CRM2013 Online, the timestamps for the notes change, to match the time the account was assigned and who assigned the account. Is it possible to change this, so the timestamp only shows, when the note was created? And show who originally created the note?

      I see the logic in the way is works now. It updates to show when it was last changed and who changed it - but I would LOVE to change it, so it would show WHO created the note and WHEN it was created. Is this a thing you can change in the current iteration of CRM2013?

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      Email Activites being displayed in wrong order

      Suggested by Cristian MihaiPlanned 4
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      Within a case, there is the Notes/Activities/Post grid. This displays email activities in Modified date order. We have noticed that if you open an existing email, for example which was created and last modified several days in the past, and action a reply or forward, then the modified date of the original email gets updated to todays date. This means that when views activities in the grid, they are no longer in chronological order.
      Please advise what is being updated on the original email when the reply or forward is made and why and more importantly how we can stop this as it is affecting the accurate visibility of client interactions.

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      Activity Rollup Cascade Behaviour

      Suggested by Rhett ClintonUnder Review 5
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      New cascade behaviour to enable rollup of activities for parent entity relationships. This would allow a parent entity to view activities of its children in the same way Account and Contact offer this feature. This would allow custom entities to obtain the same richness as built in features.

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      Ability to default related Activities "Filter on" to All

      Suggested by Craig CrossRejected 1
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      I would like the option to default related Activities "Filter on" to ALL instead of NEXT 30 DAYS.

      A related issue was closed as of 2010 with a note that it was going to be resolved in the next release. It has never been resolved.

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      Enhance the E-mail editor

      Suggested by STEPHANE SEGUINPlanned 7
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      The CRM E-mail editor is very weak. Doesn't support properly the HTML e-mail. The format of the e-mail always changes and gives a bad end result.

      The signature doesn't look professional.

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      Make Social Pane Activities/Tasks more cusomizable

      Suggested by System AdministratorPlanned 2
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      The social pane would be infinitely more usable if there was the ability to change the activities sort or based on whatever date/time field we choose, currently modified date. We need to be able to have it be the created on date-time.

      Additionally It would be nice if we could choose to present the entirety of the text of the activity in the social pane and not have to click on the activity to open it and read the whole thing.

      Lastly, It would be great if we could choose what fields are presented in the social pane activities.

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      Activity Pane displays Modified On Date in the records instead of the Created On date

      Suggested by Pranay KarkeraPlanned 8
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      Scenario 1 :-

      1. Import an email record into CRM Organization with the Created Date set to 5 days ago. For example current date is 10/30/2015, the email's Created On date would be 10/25/2015. Make sure that you "Set Regard" it to an contact record.
      2. Post importing of the email record, open the Regarding contact record.
      3. In the Social Pane, select the Activities tab.
      4. Here you will see the date mentioned below the Email record is today i.e. the date when the record was imported to the organization and not the original email creation date.

      Scenario 2 :-

      1. Open an older email in the CRM organization under Sales -> Activities -> Emails -> All Emails
      2. Set regard it with any Account, Contact, Lead record (Record that contains Social Pane on the form).
      3.Once you set regard it, you will find that the date mentioned under the email is of Today instead of the older date.

      Conclusion :- The Social Pane grabs the date when the record was modified or imported into the organization. It seems to be that the latest date of the record from the ActivityBasePointer table is rendered in the Social Pane and the Created On date is disregarded.

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      After upgrade to CRM 2013 when you create a telephone call activity from "Notes and Activities" subgrid of contact "information form", the "phone number" and "call to" field is not populated

      Suggested by DEEPIKA DESINGHPlanned 7
      Category: Activities and Activity Feed

      +After upgrading to CRM 2013 online, I navigate to sales --> contacts -> (in the information form) --> scroll down to "Notes and activities" section
      +click on the (+) sign to add an activity and then select "phone call" activity.
      +the "phone number" and "