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      Metadata Download/Processing on Tablet or Phone should not block the user for 5+ Minutes

      Suggested by Scott SewellPlanned 2
      Category: Mobility

      Currently, any configuration publish in CRM will trigger all users of the MOCA client to download the updated metadata. When the user accepts the download, it will block the user from using their phone or tablet for 5+ Minutes while the configuration is downloaded and processed.

      The product should either take care of this significantly faster - or handle it in the background without interrupting the user.

      As it is, this is a blocker for adoption since users will either always reject the download and constantly work using outdated metadata, or just not use the app at all.

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      Views shared to an individual are not available on the Mobile Client (iOS / Wind)

      Suggested by Scott SewellPlanned 4
      Category: Mobility

      System views and view shared to a Team are available on the iOS tablet/phone - but views shared to an individual are not.

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      Expand the multiple-lines-of-text field's read/edit window on Tablet Application and fix the word-wrap.

      Suggested by Scott SewellPlanned 0
      Category: Mobility

      We have memo fields in CRM (including the native OOB fields like contact/account/case/opportunity description, email body, appointment body, etc.) that are severely limited by the way the two mobile apps currently render the text (It's far too small a window in the Tablet app - and the word wrap is broken in both the Phone and Tablet app.) – Is there a chance of incorporating an option to open up to a full-screen read/edit window - rather than remaining constrained by the column width in the current design?

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      Support Filtered Lookups for Mobile Apps (iOS/Win)

      Suggested by Scott SewellCompleted 0
      Category: Mobility

      Lookup field filtering behavior in the tablet app is not consistent with the browser.
      If you configure field properties to filter a lookup field in form customization, the field will be filtered when using CRM in browser, but the filter will not apply when using CRM via tablet app.
      As an example if you tie a state/province field to a corresponding 'country' field - In the Web if you select 'Canada', the Province lookup would be filtered to only Canadian Provinces - however, in the Mobile client, that filtering isn't taking place.

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      Associated records are displayed with the 'Associated' view in the web and the entity default view on the Mobile clients. (iOS/Win)

      Suggested by Scott SewellPlanned 1
      Category: Mobility

      The ‘default’ view in an associated view on the mobile device is not the Associated View like it is in CRM – it’s the entity default – leading to confusion between the clients.

      e.g. When I view the opportunities associated with an account in the web - I see all associated opportunities, but when I view the opportunities associated with the account in the tablet - I only see "my open opportunities" since that's the entity's default view. (I can switch views with a few additional clicks.)

      The configuration should be consistent between the web and mobile.

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      Appointments Created in Web or Outlook are Read-Only in the Mobile Applications. (Status = "Scheduled")

      Suggested by Scott SewellNew 0
      Category: Mobility

      Appointments created in the iOS App get a status of “Open” and are editable in the App and the web.
      Appointments created from the Web or Outlook clients get assigned a status of “Scheduled” and are non-editable in the tablet, but are editable in the Web Client.
      The behavior should be consistent on both editability and status.

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      URL Fields in Mobile Should open Browser

      Suggested by Scott SewellCompleted 1
      Category: Mobility

      The current behavior is that if you click on a field formatted as a URL in the mobile client, it opens to edit the field. - and several times that has resulted in the data in the field being overwritten/cleared with no ability to 'undo'. -
      The behavior should be to make it easier to click-through and open the URL - and a secondary, more deliberate effort would have to be made to edit the field.

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      Case sensitivity in view name labels on iOS app (tablet)

      Suggested by Shannon SpearsPlanned 1
      Category: Mobility

      We have a few views that contain abbreviations, such as "Contacts: LA800 Contacts". When you press Select View and see the list of views, the case of the view name is correct, but when you select the view it changes the case of the view name in the label to "Contacts: La800 Contacts" (the "a" is now lowercase). The case should be maintained as entered to allow for the possibility of abbreviations.

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      Dynamics 365 for phones | Web resource placed on the dashboard

      Suggested by akina iisakaNew 0
      Category: Mobility

      Users of Dynamics 365 for phones,
      Such as "what's new (PersonarlWall)" which exists in the sample dashboard,
      When you can display the Web resource on the iPhone and operate it
      The business scene will spread more.

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      Collaboration of Dynamics CRM mobile apps and Yammer

      Suggested by Karen SmithNew 0
      Category: Mobility

      Lost sales related to this feature not being available. embeds their social collaboration tool, Chatter, with their mobile experience. CRM Mobile and Yammer are two separate apps that do not work together.

      Other issues:
      - From the browser experience, when you want to search yammer for a particular conversation, you need to go to Yammer and search. It can’t be done from within Dynamics CRM. Statistics show 40% of productivity is lost when users toggle back and further between applications.
      - From the browser experience, a users Is not able to include a document as part of a post; you need to go to Yammer to do that.

      There is a $1.1M opportunity on the table asking for this functionality, and will be lost if we do not have any plans to update.

      Add the following functionality to Dynamics CRM:
      - Embed the Yammer collaboration experience from within Dynamics CRM mobile app, MOCA.
      - Provide the ability to search yammer for a specific conversation from within CRM browser and MOCA.
      - Provide the ability to include a document as part of a post from within CRM browser and MOCA.