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      Tracking Icon is not available when Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is configured

      Suggested by Anuj DeshpandeNew 29
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      When we configure CRM Client for Outlook and track records in Outlook configured in CRM we see tracking icon which helps us to understand that the record is tracked in Dynamics 365 organization.

      However when we configure CRM App for Outlook, we do not see tracking icon when we track records from Outlook desktop or Outlook Web App (OWA).

      This makes the user difficult to understand if the email is already tracked in CRM and have to manually check the details on each record in outlook.



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      Give more options for e-mail address resolution

      Suggested by Joel LindstromCompleted 5
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      In late crm 4, email address resolution behavior was changed. In earlier versions, if you had an e-mail address on multiple records (account, contact, lead, user), it would only resolve to one of them. This behavior was changed so that if there are multiple records with the same address, when an e-mail comes in with that address as a recipient, CRM will resolve to all of the records with that address, creating multiple activity parties.

      Some implementations have duplicate email addresses by design, and this multiple resolution can cause problems in some situations, such as confusing users when they see 10+ recipient activity parties for the same address, and can cause emails to get linked to the wrong records.

      Please add additional system settings to make CRM work better in these scenarios. Additional options that would be good:
      Ability to turn off email address resolution

      Ability to turn off email address resolution to inactive records

      Ability to select (control) record types for email address resolution

      option for Track None for incoming mail

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      CRM 2011 Connector Crashes Outlook All Day Long

      Suggested by DANIEL DUFFYRejected 8
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      Can't believe nobody's posted this yet. I just searched for the word 'crash' and found only two references to Outlook, with only 1 vote each. Maybe this is unique to our environment so if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. But I haven't found one yet so I'm posting here.

      We're running a combination of Office 2007/2010 on Windows 7 SP1 x64 systems. The Outlook clients all worked fine, with or without the CRM 4 clients. Then after upgrading to CRM 2011/RU5, we've had nothing but complaints from users who have their Outlook sessions crash at various times throughout the day, without any apparent pattern of usage to begin to isolate the problems.

      All we get in the event logs are Outlook app crash errors, event ID 1000 - nothing specific. As soon as we remove the CRM client, no more crashing.

      It's pretty important that this work without crashing the client all day - it's deterring users from wanting to use the product.

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      Provide improved email / email template editor

      Suggested by Justin MarshallPlanned 8
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      The builtin html editor used to edit emails and email templates is very restrictive and troublesome when using copy/paste.

      Troubles include:
      - Font end up different for pasted text
      - Formatting options are minimal (eg. no tables, etc)

      The current workaround that most people use is to copy the email text from the template into notepad/word, edit it there and paste it back. The Problem then is that formatting is lost altogether along with hyperlinks (if done in Notepad to avoid font issues).

      Please consider including an already accepted standard editor like Telerik's RadEditor or CKEditor to provide users with a more workable emailing method.

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      64-Bit Outlook 2010 CRM Client

      Suggested by MICHAEL PELLETIERCompleted 11
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      I'm surprised this isn't listed on here yet. I searched the open suggestions, but didn't see it. Title is self explanatory.

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      Pin App for Outlook

      Suggested by Mark CarringtonNew 22
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      Users that track the majority of their email using the App for Outlook find it very time consuming and frustrating to keep having to click the "Dynamics 365" button in the Outlook ribbon to re-open the App for Outlook after selecting each email.

      If there was an option to "pin" the app so it stays open between emails this would much improve the UX of this feature.

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      Rooms get removed from appointments

      Suggested by CHRISTOPHER DODGSONPlanned 5
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      We have an issue where when we add a room to an appointment and sync it with CRM, the room gets removed. It is getting changed from a resource to a required attendee.
      We have employees that are constantly late or miss meetings because they do not know where to go.
      I opened a case with Microsoft and they said that this was working as designed.

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      Remove the "Wrapping up" message from Outlook client when syncing mail

      Suggested by Matthew JohnsonRejected 5
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      Every time an item (email/appointment etc) is tracked within Outlook using the Outlook client for CRM 2015 a dialog with a progress bar pops up saying, "Contacting CRM", followed by "Wrapping up". This takes away focus from the Outlook window (and anything else you're doing) and nothing can be done until the messages go away. If you're tracking large emails or have a lot to track this can take some time. It has only been introduced with the 2015 version of the client and it needs to be taken away. The user should not be informed that a background track is happening. Why do they need to know? More to the point, why should it stop them doing anything else while it does it's thing.

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      Add Subfolders to Server-based SharePoint Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online

      Suggested by RYAN SMITHPlanned 11
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      As explained here:

      CRM online no longer requires you to use the list component in SharePoint for document integration. You can upgrade to this new feature called Server Side integration. The new server side integration no longer allows SharePoint folders/subfolders to be listed in CRM under Documents. Instead it only displays documents. Folders used to be available/viewable in the CRM document location when the list component was being used. Customers who upgrade to the new server side sync lose this functionality. This is a huge pain point for people who are accustomed to organizing their documents and having them displayed in CRM. Please re-add the ablitiy to display folders sub folders within CRM through the server side sharepoint integration mechanism as it was before with the list component. Or, please allow CRM customers who have upgraded to server side sharepoint integration to revert back to be able to use the list component.

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      Enable the E-mail Router to process e-mails sent to distribution lists or aliases

      Suggested by PATRIK PALMRejected 0
      Category: Microsoft Office Integration

      Currently e-mail messages sent to distribution lists or aliases are discarded by the E-mail Router with the warning "NoRecipientMatch" because the list or alias address is not known to CRM. We suggest implementing an additional setting on the Mailbox entity to specify whether the E-mail Router should skip/omit the recipient address check for this User/Queue and instead just copy the message into CRM. This would enable the E-mail Router to import all incoming messages to CRM regardless of the e-mail address(es) in the message (note that this also includes BCC messages!). This solution obviously does not work when using a Forward Mailbox with the E-mail Router, but it does enable more comprehensive incoming e-mail handling for critical mailboxes that are directly monitored by the E-mail Router.

      For reference, there already exists an earlier, similar suggestion:
      E-mail router should be able to handle E-mails sent via distribution lists