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      Social pane does not show all activities

      Suggested by Kathrin FalsettUnder Review 7
      Category: Social Integration

      The social pane does not show all activities but only those where the current record is set in the regarding of the activity. This causes e.g. a phonecall with a lead in regarding to a campaign activity not to be shown. This is a critical limitation because it's not possible to see the complete activity history of the current record. All activities should be shown by default, an option to filter the list would be great.

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      Customize Phone call and Task form in Social Pane

      Suggested by Omkar KiniNew 2
      Category: Social Integration

      There are two activities in Social Pane, Phone Call and Task, that opens an inline form within the social pane sub grid. We cannot customize these two forms. These are Quick View Forms in which customizable = False.

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      Bug Upgrading CRM 2013 to CRM 2015 - "Activity Feeds is not available while working offline."

      Suggested by Ben KlopferNew 9
      Category: Social Integration

      When upgrading an on-premises CRM 2013 environment to CRM 2015, we receive the following error trying to view Activity Feeds in the "What's New" area in a web browser: Activity Feeds is not available while working offline.

      This seems to be a bug where CRM thinks it is offline when it is not. Posts seem to work fine inside of records, but the consolidated feed refuses to show up on "What's New" and on dashboards that utilize it.

      Please provide guidance to resolve this issue!

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      Ability to customize the Social Pane, specifically to add fields

      Suggested by ALICIA LINHARDTUnder Review 7
      Category: Social Integration

      Scenario: I am a Marketing Manager and I want my subordinates to use the Social Pane on the Lead entity to log their Phone Calls. I'm glad there's a "Left Voicemail" check box. But I also want a Disposition field (Interested, Not Interested, Wrong Number, Bad Contact Info, etc.) as well as a Next Steps field (Call back later, etc.)

      Other departments may or may not need these fields. So multi-form would be nice.

      Right now, there is no way to customize these "screens" (flyouts) because they don't even use the Quick Create form. But even if it did use the Quick Create form, other departments don't necessary need the fields that I need.

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      Remove Yammer from Activity Feed

      Suggested by Juri TakashimaNew 1
      Category: Social Integration

      Once customer integrate Yammer with CRM Online, there is no way to remove it from the Activity Feed. It would be great to have the ability to remove it and bring it back to the original CRM Online Activity Feed.

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      Activity Feed "Follow" record creation with workflow when one already exists

      Suggested by Joel LindstromUnder Review 3
      Category: Social Integration

      I’ve found some weirdness around creating activity feed follows with workflow. If one already exists, the workflow will not be able to complete because there cannot be duplicate follow records; however, it doesn’t make the workflow fail, it sticks in waiting status.

      My scenario is pretty simple—when an account gets assigned to a user, I want the user to automatically follow the record. However, there is a chance that user is already following the account, so there may already be a follow for that user/record combination already. If there is, as it works now, the workflow runs and sticks in wait because it can’t create a duplicate follow.

      I would prefer that the workflow fail in this condition—otherwise it will be indefinitely waiting, and that gets pretty untidy.

      Alternatively, it would be great to have the ability to check to see if a record already exists.

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      For Yammer Integration--ability to set default group by user or by entity

      Suggested by Gretchen OpferkewUnder Review 1
      Category: Social Integration

      Rather than having the user select the group every time they post on the social pane of a record, it would be great if you could default the group based on the user and/or the record type.

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      Enhance Yammer Integration to Show Related Record on the Dashboard Feed

      Suggested by Gretchen OpferkewUnder Review 1
      Category: Social Integration

      Currently when a user posts in the social pane of a record, this goes into Yammer referencing the CRM record the post is related to. However, in CRM, the feed on the dashboard does not show the record it is related to. This makes it very difficult to get benefit from the feed in CRM.

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      Activity Feeds Do Not Support Entities Whose Ownership Level = Organization

      Suggested by Heather ReynoldsCompleted 2
      Category: Social Integration

      There is a documented limitation in the activity feeds that says only those entities that are user or team owned can be used in activity feeds. This presents a challenge for those implementations where there is a large amount of data being sourced from other systems and is read only. When the data is ready only, many times, the ownership of the record is not relevant. For example, I have a list of STCC codes in the transportation industry. No one owns the STCC codes, but there is a person(s) that closely follow the commodity. They want to post something on a STCC code that might be relevant to the sales person, but unless that record has a dummy owner they cannot.

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      Follow or Subscribe To button on contact records

      Suggested by Scott MillwoodUnder Review 2
      Category: Social Integration

      Provide a button (on the ribbon) that allows a user to "follow" or "subscribe" to specific records. For example a user could "follow" a contact record and then have that record become part of the users My Contacts list view or Contacts I Follow list view (similar to following Tweets except that the user follows contacts). This makes it easier to follow more contacts and to have those contacts synced with Outlook. It is easier than going into Outlook and creating a Sync filter. Most normal business users don't know how to create these filters. They get the filter wrong and dont understand why they cant get a specific contact included in the sync results. The Follow or Subscribe To button solves this problem.