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      Email editor lacking most features expected and required by customers

      Suggested by Trond AarskogPlanned 13
      Category: Marketing

      With the latest releases of Dynamics CRM Microsoft is focusing on Service and have delivered several improvements on SLA, USD, Social, Experience HUB, etc. This is all great and a multi-channel strategy is exactly what we need to have. However, for many customers the fact remains that a huge share of the communication still require email and will so for years to come.

      Working as a customer service representative (CSR) in a busy call center the need to work efficiently is extremely important. Current situation for customers using Dynamics CRM in their service department is that they either have to context-switch between Outlook and CRM or accept the fact that their e-mails will look like they were created decades ago (including handling frustrating issues caused by auto-save and faulty HTML).

      Some of the challenges customers face are:
      • Not possible to attach images inline.
      • Adding attachments require multiple clicks per attachment – no drag-and-drop.
      • Related to the previous point adding attachments from document libraries such as SharePoint/OneDrive is a very common requirement (we all know CRM have the integration but it is not exposed where the user needs it nor with the required functionality).
      • Lacking sufficient text styling (just the very basic options are provided).
      • No real support for email signatures.
      • Sender should be set automatically based on case/email queue association or using a default sender set per user/role (important for service orgs working on a common mailbox that the sender address is a common email address).
      • Difficult to read large emails as the windows is too small. Need dynamic sizing of email content window.
      • Often customers of CRM users exist within several records, such as multiple contacts or accounts, as they have more than one relationship with the company. Tracking emails from these customers is troublesome as CRM has no way of knowing which records to track against. In such situations a UI for overriding/guide tracking would have been great.
      • The email form provides no functionality to add the new KB articles to an email. The old (and mostly never used) article button is still part of the UI. Wanted functionality is to be able to search for and add the new KB articles both as inline text in the email and as a PDF attachment.

      The optimal and most requested solution is to bring the Outlook Web Access (OWA) editor into Dynamics CRM. A tighter integration could potentially also enable tracking of emails directly from within the CRM web client.

      Would like to stress that the user should/must still work within CRM having the OWA client as the email editor. As we are progressing towards a real multi-channel solution it is not viable to embed the full CRM experience into OWA.

      As a final note I want to stress that this is the single most important issue I face meeting customers when selling and delivering Dynamics CRM. We are losing customers due to this single issue.

      There are several feedbacks on connect related to email and the need for a rich text editor. A quick search returned:

      It is my hope that PG understands the urgency and that my fellow connect users help me show the priority this issue require by voting.

      (keywords: email, e-mail, rich text, editor, OWA, exchange, outlook, RTE, tinymce, ckeditor, rich-text, tracking, KB, service, CSR)

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      Ability to select custom 'email enabled' entities for marketing list member types

      Suggested by Robert BOYERSRejected 13
      Category: Marketing

      Currently, marketing list members must either be contacts, accounts, or leads. With the introduction of email enabled custom entities, it makes sense to be able to utilise these email enabled entities when creating marketing lists.

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      Rich E-mail Template Editor

      Suggested by SIMON HUTSONPlanned 2
      Category: Marketing

      The CRM e-mail template editor is restricted to a few basic functions such as changing fonts, colours, bullets and text alignment. We need an editor that allows us to imbed image links, hyperlinks and other rich HTML formating, in order to create templates that can be adhere to corporate branding rules. In adition, many organisations use agencies to design HTML templates in tools such as Dreamweaver, and CRM should also have the ability to import these as well..

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      Convert Lead dialog box no longer appears during lead qualification

      Suggested by Joel FrickerPlanned 7
      Category: Marketing

      After the Polaris update, when qualifying leads, the dialog box is no longer available to select the creation of Account, Contact or Opportunity. When the qualify button is pressed, CRM Dynamics assumes that the user wishes to create an Account, Contact and Opportunity. When we covert leads, our standard practice is to covert leads only to Account / Contacts. This automatic assumption now will create opportunities within our system that will have to be deleted as the recently qualified leads might not be ready for an active opportunity within CRM yet but our sales team wants their contact info available in Email and on their Phones.

      In addition, we use Campaign Reponses to create opportunities from Leads/Contacts. We usually will covert the lead first then convert the Campaign Response to an Opportunity under that Contact. This allows us to tie our marketing campaigns to the opportunity which can't happen now as the lead conversion is automatically creating an opportunity.

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      After application of UR12, Notes now show new owner / modified by instead of how it has worked previously (ANOTHER BUG)

      Suggested by DANIEL DUFFYRejected 3
      Category: Marketing

      yet another nasty surprise after the application of UR12 (don't do it!) - now we find that MS has arbitrarilly chosen to display the modified by and modified on for the notes section instead of what it previously was which was created by and created on.

      this is a diversion from how every previous version of CRM has worked, and from how CRM 2011 has worked. This worked just fine prior to UR12, and nobody asked MS to change it without at LEAST giving users the CHOICE in controlling this, and leaving the default setting as it was. In fact in the past it used to display both the created and the modified info so I cant understand why anyone should ask for the created info to be removed.

      If something works why did MS need to break it?!

      Here is supporting documentation - MS obviously is not listening:

      The CRM Team really dropped the ball once again with this update, I don't know what happened over there but maybe getting a new boss was the wrong direction for them to go.

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      Marketing List Query Issue: Ampersand (&) in associated record name causes error when searching in associated view.

      Suggested by Gareth PriskRejected 1
      Category: Marketing

      In CRM 2013, an issue has been noted when attempting to search the results of a Marketing List using the associated record view.

      The Marketing List is dynamic and the query includes an associated record that has an ampersand (&) in the name field (i.e. Account Name). The query will execute and return the correct members for the Marketing List. However, when toggling to the associated view to search within the list of members, a non-verbose error occurs. This also occurs if a lookup on the returned entity type (i.e. Contact) includes a value with an ampersand in the name.

      This issue was discovered in a client's environment (online UR2), and replicated in an internal, non-customized environment (UR1).

      To replicate in non-customized environment:

      1. Install the CRM sample data
      2. Create a new dynamic marketing list, targeted at Contact
      3. In the query, select 'City Power & Light (sample)' as the Company Name value
      4. Alternatively, select 'City Power & Light (sample)' as the Account value for a related Company Name (Account) record
      5. Attempt to search within the associated view of Marketing List Members (Contact associated view)

      The current workaround is as follows:

      1. Update the associated record name to exclude the ampersand
      2. Update the query; specifically, you have to unselect and then reselect the same value ** (see below) **
      3. Save the Marketing List and attempt to search the Marketing List Members

      ** Marketing List Query Quirks **

      - The name used when the query was created maintains the ampersand until explicitly changed, and does not appear to update when the name is updated. In other words, the query also has to be manually updated to resolve this issue, and not just the name of the associated record.
      - Once the query value has been set with the associated record (which excludes the ampersand), the actual associated record name can be reverted back to include the ampersand and the Marketing List Members are still searchable

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      Add a Filter Option - Older than X Days

      Suggested by Rick HinchCompleted 3
      Category: Marketing

      Currently the only older than filter option is by month. This would be a nice addition and would allow escalation views to be created that could be user to improve service levels on cases or other sales entities that need follow up after a certain time frame.

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      Dynamic Marketing List support for not-in queries

      Suggested by Jonas RappRejected 1
      Category: Marketing

      The top Connect item for MSDynCRM requesting NOT-IN functionality is resolved, if you consider coding/development requirements as user friendly enough.

      Using tools such as FetchXML Builder (google it if you don't know it) you can alter views to introduce not-in behaviour.
      However - when you select a not-in view as source for a dynamic marketing list, CRM removes everything related to the not-in behaviour from the query.

      So not even coding / query injecting works here.
      That really should be fixed, even if it is not possible to render the "UI" for the query, it should at still keep the query that is retrieved from the selected view, possibly with a message that "This query is too complex possible to display in the query designer, would you like to use it anyway?"

      There is really no reason the Dynamic ML should not work with complex queries.

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      Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premise & Online: Email advanced editor that can handle CSS/HTML

      Suggested by LECKRAJ JHUMUN – Planned 3
      Category: Marketing

      Dear Team,

      Grateful if you could include an advanced editor for email that can handle CSS/HTML in MS Dynamics CRM 2015 (on-premise & online).

      That would help us, marketing professionals a lot while designing our email for campaign, etc.

      Thanking you for your consideration.

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      Should be possible to import members to marketing lists

      Suggested by Thomas Nørregaard RathPlanned 0
      Category: Marketing

      If a user has a list of Companies (that may already be in CRM) from an external source it should be possible to import these Companies as members to an existing marketing list. Same goes for contact and lead members on marketing lists.

      I saw another similar feedback item in this forum which was rejected by the product team because MS is focusing on Dynamics Marketing. That is a really weak arguement. First of all tons of CRM customers will NOT be implementing Dynamics Marketing due to it's high price and/or complex functionality. Secondly the Marketing List functionality is at the core of the CRM product. It is used in many scenarios that is not necessarily "marketing" related. So to stop focusing on this feature because of Dynamics Marketing is not acceptable to most customers and partners.