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      Unified Service Desk - Prevent "X" out.

      Suggested by Neil ParkhurstNew 3
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      In Unified Service Desk we have actions like SessionCloseRequested that are commonly used to validate the content of a session before the user closes it.

      The problem is if the user opts to "x-out" of USD, it closes immediately without any events being triggered. Meaning all open sessions are instantly closed without any of this carefully crafted validation being applied!

      Can we have an event that is triggered if the user tried to close USD. So that actions could be added to prevent the close when required. Something like "USDCloseRequested".


      I have had this issue in several projects and have had it raised by many other USD "fans".

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      Upgrade the CCA HAT Software Factory to be compatible with Visual Studio 2012

      Suggested by SCOTT BERRYCompleted 3
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      The HAT Software Factory is required to create CCA automations.

      Currently the installer (Microsoft.Uii.Tools.Inspector.vsix) only works on VS 2010?

      Could this please be upgraded to work with VS 2012?

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      CTI between CRM and LYNC

      Suggested by Roland HubbelingPlanned 1
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      If you have LYNC then Presence (availability) of users is shown. With CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) it is possible to dial numbers from CRM, have Screen-pop's (number of caller is recognized and related record is shown) and automaticaly create activities (eg Phone Call inbound).

      As they are both Microsoft products this should be easy to build.

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      System Hang During Load of Business Rules in Forms (Spinning Wheels)

      Suggested by ZHENYU WANGNew 0
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      When a form is loading, it sometimes hangs and shows a spinning wheel.
      If we go back to previous page and open it again, it will work.

      In F12 Developer Tools, we can see this error
      Uncaught TypeError: Mscrm.TurboForm.Control.CustomScriptsManager.$1g.contentWindow[$v_0.$77_1] is not a function

      We tried to use 'Legacy Form Rendering', but it did NOT fix the issue.

      These is another similar issue here,

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      Ability to have "Open in a new tab" when right-clicking in a CRM list

      Suggested by ALICIA LINHARDTRejected 1
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      Scenario: I am a System Admin. My IE browser settings are set so it does NOT switch to new tabs when they are created. When writing workflows, I forgot to check the "Automatically delete completed workflow job (to save disk space)" checkbox on the Administration tab in my workflows. I want to make this change to all my (relevant) workflows and immediately reactivate them.

      It would nice if I could right click the workflows (or any item that appears in a list), have them open in a new tab (since my settings don't automatically switch to the new tab). That way, I could narrow my scope; 1] I don't want to accidentally activate a workflow that is currently in draft status (and needs to remain so) and 2] it's easy to lose my place in the list when the focus auto-switches to the new tab.

      Currently the only options when I right-click a record are: Open, Copy a Link, Email a Link, Print, and Refresh List.

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      Ability to start Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics 365 after changing credentials

      Suggested by Akira HommaNew 0
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      On Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics 365, change credential and sign in with different user in same tenant.
      Then Unified Service DESK does not start.
      This behavior is inconvenient.
      It would be much better if Unified Service DESK starts with no problem after changing user.
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      USD - Run program with session variables in argument with ShellExecute function

      Suggested by Aymeric MouilleNew 1
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      This suggestion has been discussed with Jayme Pechan and is implemented in CodeBox code http://codebox/usd.

      We are unable to run an application with session parameter in argument because ShellExecute in Global Manager does not accept parameters.
      On top of that it has a show value set to 0, when it should be 1.

      Is it possible to modify ShellExecute function to accept the following parameters :
      - file=the file name of the program to run
      - parameters=whatever parameters you want to pass to it
      - directory=a working directory, if you wish

      This can be done with the following method :
      void ShellExecute(Uii.Csr.RequestActionEventArgs args)
      List> parms = Utility.SplitLines(args.Data, CurrentContext, localSessionManager);
      string file = Utility.GetAndRemoveParameter(parms, "file");
      string parameters = Utility.GetAndRemoveParameter(parms, "parameters");
      string directory = Utility.GetAndRemoveParameter(parms, "directory");

      NativeMethods.SHELLEXECUTEINFO shellexecuteinfo;
      shellexecuteinfo = new NativeMethods.SHELLEXECUTEINFO
      lpVerb = "open",
      lpFile = file,
      lpParameters = parameters,
      lpDirectory = directory,
      nShow = 1,
      fMask = 0x440,
      hwnd = System.IntPtr.Zero
      shellexecuteinfo.cbSize = System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SizeOf(shellexecuteinfo);
      args.ActionReturnValue = NativeMethods.ShellExecuteEx(ref shellexecuteinfo).ToString();

      Thanks a lot for your help!
      Best regards,

      Aymeric Mouillé
      Consultant | Microsoft Consulting Services
      M: +33664406819 | P: +33157752026 |

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      CRM 2011 doesn't have ALERT functionality

      Suggested by White SpaceNot Planned 2
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      In Call Centers/Out Bound TeleMarketing, it is important to get Alerts flashed about a Customer/Lead on the respective record when opened to drive effective decision making during the discussions. This is extremely useful in Banking/Insurance domain to give good visibility of the track record of a given customer. Need to build configuration capabilities of defining Rules on a given entity for raising Alerts along with the Alert Categorization and Visualization aspects of each Alert category.

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      Skype integration

      Suggested by VENKATTA PIDIKITINew 0
      Category: Unified Service Desk


      would be good for business ,if USD integrate with Skype as CTI provider? 

      This will help Microsoft stack business customers.


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      CRM 2016 boolean field shown as false/true not yes or no

      Suggested by Katharina OloarteNew 0
      Category: Unified Service Desk

      all boolean fields which are not set to yes or no yet, are shown as False or true (it depents which is the default value) instead of Yes or no.
      Thats confusing for the users.