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    CRM 2013: Add new custom PriceListItem View

    Suggested by O. MüllerUnder Review 17
    Category: Core Sales


    it would be very handy to allow adding a new view to price list elements.
    In our case we need to show the price list items like this:

    ProductName | Price | Unit

    But for whatever reason the views are not customizable at all, neither I can add my own view.


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    Automatically republish duplication detection rules whenever an entity is published

    Suggested by ALICIA LINHARDTUnder Review 3
    Category: Core Sales

    According to this** blog: "By design, whenever any entity metadata is changed all duplicate rules associated with that entity are unpublished."

    Please, please change this design.

    I'm dealing with a client now that has 9MB of -open- leads because they (seem to) constantly tinker with the Lead form and weren't aware that the duplicate detection rules weren't active.


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    Convert Lead dialog box - we want it back!

    Suggested by Thomas ThyenPlanned – Long-Term 10
    Category: Core Sales

    After applying the latest Product Update related to the December 2012 Service Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, users may notice that the lead Qualify button no longer presents the Convert Lead dialog box. A new Opportunity is being created an opened, there is no chance to get the old behavior:-(

    Described in KB-Article KB 2808201 (

    We - and much more important our customers - want this functionality back!

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    Automatically republish duplication detection rules whenever an entity is published

    Suggested by eric labashoskyUnder Review 4
    Category: Core Sales

    Our duplicate detection rules keep unpublishing themselves. I'm assuming it happens when a solution is deployed ->

    So my suggestion is that system automatically re-publish the duplicate detection rules when a solution is published. Or give the admin the option to automatically republish the rules.

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    MVP Bug: Cannot add process stage name to Outlook views

    Suggested by Joel LindstromUnder Review 3
    Category: Core Sales

    If you have a view that has business process flow enabled and you add the related process stage name to a view, the view will display that column in web client, but will not display it in Outlook.

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    Automatically re-enable duplication detection rules when the imported customizations are published

    Suggested by Sapan TipnisNew 2
    Category: Core Sales

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 disables the Duplicate detection rules at the start of importing the customizations but does not re-enable them whether the Import succeeds or fails.

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    Introduce lead conversion options and make dynamics better for B2B-sales >> User can chose how he wants to convert a lead - only into a contact, into an opportunity and a contact, ...

    Suggested by Holger LöbelPlanned – Long-Term 10
    Category: Core Sales

    Dynamics is focused on a 1:1 relation between a lead and an opportunity. This is not very helpful for B2B-sales. I give you two examples, why this is very inconvenient:

    1) Frequently, I have multiple persons (=leads) in an potential customer organization that I try to get in contact with. If an opportunity arises from these leads, usually its only one opportunity, but more than one of the leads are involved in the same oportunity! Thus, I want to qualify one of the leads to create the opportunity, and want to convert the other leads into contacts to assign them to the opportunity - as it is not possible to assign leads to opportunities.
    2) Very often I have the case that I cannot qualify a lead, as no opportunity arises. However, I want to keep the person in my database for e.g. mailing purposes. Then, I don't want to have this person not as a lead anymore, as there are no sales activites and leads should be used to prioritize sales. However, I want to have him as a contact. Thus, I need a way to convert a lead into a contact without

    Suggested solution: when qualifying a lead, it must be possible to chose which entity is created from this lead. Here, two options are enough: a) opportunity and contact b) only contact.

    The forced creation of an opportunity is not useful for B2B-Sales with many persons involved.

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    Enhance/Re-enable Duplicate Detection

    Suggested by Anne StantonUnder Review 2
    Category: Core Sales

    Keeping Data viable, clean and free of duplicates is one of the most challenging issues for any sized business running a CRM system. Add Soundex ( and add "Merge" when a duplicate is found so that the user can quickly either merge what they have just entered field by field with the existing contact or make changes. CardScan IP had an incredible field by field merge and perhaps InsideView also has some IP. Leverage the advanced awesome that exists instead of reinventing from scratch.

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    Allow customizations to "Close Opportunity" form

    Suggested by Thomas McKinnieUnder Review 6
    Category: Core Sales

    Allow customizers ability to add/remove attributes on the "Close" form just like on the regular opportunity form.

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    MVP Bug: CRM for Tablets requires quick create be enabled for system entities

    Suggested by Joel LindstromUnder Review 1
    Category: Core Sales

    If you disable quick create on standard system entities in CRM 2013 SP1, you will intermittently receive the following error when creating records:
    "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again, or restart the app. Error Code: 0X0."
    Microsoft support confirmed that this is due to quick create forms being disabled in support case #114061711542708.

    this is bad for several reasons:
    1. This limitation is not documented, and there is potential for many users to find themselves with this error with no explanation of what is causing it and nothing showing in the trace logs.
    2. There are some very valid reasons to disable quick create. Biggest one is if you have an entity like opportunities where you need to create the record and then immediately add related records. with quick create enabled, you have to close the record then reopen it to add related records like opportunity products. By enabling quick create for the tablet app, you force users of all interfaces to use quick create, making it more cumbersome to create complex records with relationships.