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      Support for NuGet packages in X++ projects

      Suggested by Martin DrábNew 0
      Category: Development

      NuGet packages are extremely useful for adding and updating dependencies to .NET projects, especially in complicated cases. It would makes sense to be able to add NuGet packages to X++ projects in the same way as to C# projects, for instance.

      I can recognize several scenarios:
      - Traditional NuGet packages with compiled code and other resources, such as resource files and images. For example, let's say I want to add WindowsAzure.ServiceBus to my X++ project. It should support all existing packages with appropriate requirements (version of .NET Framework). It must resolve all packages, copy files to the modelstore and add appropriate references to AOT.
      - Packages including source code / metadata ("content"). For example, the package will add an X++ class with a default implementation that can be changed by developers as needed. NuGet supports this scenario. It could also support source code transformations - I don't have any good scenario for it in the moment, but making sure that this NuGet feature doesn't get broken will give us some extra options.
      - Deployable packages created from X++ code. For example, an open-source extensible control (in its own model+package) could be distributed as a NuGet package, therefore everybody would be able to add it to their solutions and receive updates from the same source. Installation scripts of the NuGet package would install the deployable package in the usual way. What needs to be addressed are requirements such as a specific minimum version of AX platform.

      The implementation should utilize the existing integration to Visual Studio whenever possible, such as respecting custom package sources (Options > NuGet Package Manager > Package Sources).

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      Ability to embed an external web page inside the existing D365FO UI (like an 'iframe')

      Suggested by Shane OHaraUnder Review 3
      Category: User Experience

      Proposed new functionality:  a form control in D365FO that can be used to embed an external web page inside the normal D365FO UI, like an "iframe".  (Or a decent workaround beyond just providing a link to an external web page)

      Ideally, we want something like an embedded iframe, side by side with existing content, similar to what we can do now with PDFs with the recent vendor invoice attachment feature.  I figure it would be a common request for customers/partners who already have an existing web application they want to integrate with.

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      Intercompany transactions recognation with dimension not just with main account

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 5
      Category: General Ledger

      Customers Group structure includes many companies e.g. 20 companies in one or many countries. Intercompany transactions need main account at least for IC accounts receivables/payables, sales, purchases. In this scenario with current standard functionalities customer would need to setup many intercompany main accounts. Worst case this might mean many hundred intercompany main accounts. We have not done this but created just few intercompany main accounts and use with this one dimension to separate transactions inside main account. So we have dimension with values of legal entity e.g. in contoso USMF, USSI etc. We would like to have this dimension option to be available in needed intercompany functionalities in AX/Operations e.g. creating intercompany invoices (customer/vendor) and in adjustment. We have faced modification needs in Project accounting but this concerns many other modules too.
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      Over pick raw material picking (production orders)

      Suggested by Laurens van der TangNew 3
      Category: Warehouse management

      It is currently not possible to do an over pick for raw material picking (production order). We have scenario's that the bill of material is not correct and in that case you want to have the option to pick additional items with the warehousing app. Dynamics suggest that this scenario is possible with the warehousing app (parameter allow over pick on mobile device menu item) but it doesn't work.
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      Crossdocking for production order requirements

      Suggested by Laurens van der TangUnder Review 2
      Category: Warehouse management

      The current WHS functionality doesn't have functionality to cross dock production requirements. 


      • A production order for assembly of a finished product with 100 parts

      • 90 parts are on-stock

      • 10 parts are not on-stock

      • Production order is released to the warehouse (allow partial release)

      • Wave is created, but not fully processed due 10 parts are not on stock

      • Pick & Put work is created for 90 parts

      • Supplier delivers the 10 remaining parts

      • 10 remaining parts will be registered on the inbound location

      Solution Idea

      • An automatic put away proposal of the 10 parts from inbound to the input location of the production order.

      • D365 should consider the open production wave lines for the put away from inbound to the input location

      • An automatic split up of put away work to central warehouse location and input location in case when more parts arrives then required. 

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      Production pool on planned orders form

      Suggested by Cristian petcuNew 4
      Category: Master planning

      Please consider adding the production pool to the planned orders form. One of our customers is requesting this feature.

      The production pool is equal to the buyer group – it is the same idea – buyer group for purchase items - production pool for manufacturing items.

      The Buyer group can be added to the planned purchase orders – the production pool is not available.

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      [Data management] Integration configuration (Recurring data jobs/Queues) movement across environments

      Suggested by Hari Kiran VarreUnder Review 4
      Category: Data Management

      Issue description:


      Integration (Data projects/Source formats/Recurring data jobs) configuration is the key element for successful data exchange between the application’s. Configure once and move it across environments which reduces lot of manual effort and time for every environment changes/repointing, it also reduces possibility of mistakes due to manual intervention.


      There are three important configuration objects from data management perspective are really crucial for successful integration/data exchange with external applications.


      Form Name

      Form Navigation


      Source data formats

      Dashboard -> Data management -> Configure data source (Tile)


      Data projects

      Dashboard -> Data management -> Data projects (Tab/Grid) -> Select any data project

      A feature required to carry/move mapping, default values/Auto generate settings, Sequencing, Sample files etc. that are setup as part of it in the source system.

      Recurring data jobs

      Dashboard -> Data management -> Data projects (Tab/Grid) -> Select any data project -> Manage (Action pane) -> Manage recurring data jobs -> All data jobs for the data project.

      A feature required to carry/move recurrence setup done on the batch jobs as part of recurring data job and authorization policy data that is setup as part of it in the source system.


      Source data formats: This is simple and straight forward tables hence we can develop data entity’s to move this data.


      Data projects: There is a Download button on the form that downloads the settings into a zip file. It also includes a shell of the Excel sheet (or XML). It stores the maps, sequencing, autogenerate settings, filters, etc. Open the Manifest.xml file in the attached zip. You will see what is stored.  It was updated in platform 7 and more was added in platform 11 for the new Copy into legal entity feature.

      After you import or export, you can do a Download package from the execution summary page. That will export all of the sequences, etc plus the data that goes with it.


      Recurring data jobs: There is no option or feature to move this data across environments which is a key gap/feature missing would add great value to customers and partners implementing D365FO.


      Potential solution/design:


      Recurring data jobs: This is really important from D365FO and Integrator (Ex: BizTalk) perspective, else both party’s will end up spending days just to create this jobs and update the GUID’s for every environment change/repointing, until all interfaces promoted to production. As Data projects and Recurring data jobs go hand in hand it would be great if the “Download” option can download Data projects and recurring data jobs which can be moved across environments.

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      Line discounts on project item transactions and project invoice

      Suggested by Geir EftelandPlanned 2
      Category: Project management and accounting

      There should be line discounts on project item transactions and project invoice in order to invoice items with use of projects item transactions. You often invoice item transactions which originate from project item journals and project purchase orders instead of using a project sales order.

      You have trade agreements with discounts, and use for example both retail/sales orders and projects to deliver/invoice items to the customers. But since discounts are not fully supported in project module, then you need extra manual work to support both scenarios.

      As-is there are discount fields on some project business documents, but you need discount fully implemented on all documents in order do fully support discounts in same way as using standard sales order, including transfer from project quotation to project. For example there are now no discount on item requirement, WBS, project invoice report, project adjustment etc.

      There are also different behaviour when discount is used as-is, either the net amount is reduced with discount or the unit sales price is reduced with discount on the project item transactions. It should be consistent with net amount reduced with discount, with discount field in addition as on sales order. I have submitted this to Microsoft and it has been postponed - LCS link:

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      Enable postings from bank statement

      Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerPlanned 3
      Category: Cash and bank management

      In the bank management, the Central European way of posting payments is not supported at all.

      In Central Europe, instead of performing bank reconciliation, all bank transactions are posted directly based on bank account statement lines. However the possibility to import and post statements to the GL is dismissed (finally the import method "Finnish Basic").

      We need a link from bank statement to GL posting functionality (all ledger/sub-ledgers, mainly customers). According to what we heard in the TechConference 2016, this was already "high priority" but nothing has been released since then.


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      Allow deploying DEV VMs to DevTest Labs

      Suggested by Martin DrábNew 3
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      Azure DevTest labs ( are intended for exactly this purpose; they simplify management of Dev/Test VMs, allow stopping and starting VMs on schedule (without writing any code) and so on.