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      Currency revaluation: IFRS IAS 21 not fulfilled in Dynamics

      Suggested by Cristina CarcelenUnder Review 9
      Category: General Ledger

      When running the currency revaluation for the general ledger, it is only possible to separate the accounts to which the currency profit/loss is posted to is only able to control per ledger or per currency.

      However, it difficult to fulfil the IAS 21 requirements on how to handle exchange differences. 

      The IFRS (IAS 21) states that you should report exchange differences differently depending on if they arise from monetary or non-monetary items. Furthermore, exchange differences they should even be posted to different accounting classes (equity vs profit or loss) depending on the source (monetary/non-monetary).

      The only way to control this would be if it was possible to set the unrealized/realized profit/loss accounts for currency revaluation on an account level but as this is not possible in D365 for Operations the only advice we can give the customer is to either treat revaluation manually for one of the item types, manually reverse and re-post part of the transaction or run the revaluation multiple times and between the runs change the setup on the ledger/currency back and forth.

      However, due to the massive manual work this will cause the customer and the fact that it is an IFRS requirement driving this, this should be consider as a new funciotnality for future versions.

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      Job Card Device is missing functionality to manage Process Manufacturing and other functions included with Job Card Terminal

      Suggested by Tim SatromPlanned – Long-Term 1
      Category: Production Control

      The touch screen functionality of the Job Card Device and ease of use provides enhanced application needed for Shop Floor, however, the current design is limited and will need further enhancements to meet very important business requirements.

      Customer has identified the following requirements (most available with job card terminal which is meant to be replaced):

      -Ability to RAF

      -Ability to change batch disposition status / inventory status when RAF

      -Edit job list


      -Assistant/Assist resource

      -Ability to print pick list

      -Non conformance creation

      -Quality order creation

      -View Balance and Log Book

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      XSD from Data management

      Suggested by Stefffen Daugaard PedersenUnder Review 2
      Category: Data Management

      Is should be possible to generate a XSD file for a standard Data Entity.
      I need this on a D365O project using standard entities and the XML is just fine, but the XSD is needed for the external system.
      Steffen Daugaard Pedersen

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      Allow Azure SQL as Data source in DMF

      Suggested by gijs WalravenUnder Review 2
      Category: Data Management

      In order to support more complex data migration and integration scenario's, i would like to have the option to use a Azure SQL database as data source for importing data via DMF (Data Management Framework).

      In the current situation, AzureSQL databases can only be used for export scenarios. The option of using an ODBC connection as a source is also not yet supported/working...

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      Provide an entity for transferring usersettings between environments

      Suggested by Manuel SchöpfUnder Review 1
      Category: System administration

      Hi all,

      as there is currently only a very circuitous way to transfer usersettings between environments, it would be nice to have an entitiy to do this via the datamanagement menue in D365.

      By now we have to export every single setting via the personalization form (system administration -> setup -> personalization).

      So I think providing an entity would be a useful step.



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      LP grouping for the Report as finished process AX2012/D365

      Suggested by Ørjan EideNew 3
      Category: Warehouse management

      There is no LP grouping support for the Report as finished process, as we know from purchase product receipt. That means that we need the parameter "License plate grouping" in the Mobile Device menu items for the "Report as finished" work creation prosess.
      This change will make us able to "bulk" RAF for many pallets. Now we have to RAF one pallet at a time. That is not fast and efficiently enough for our customers.
      Please apply this for both AX2012 and D365, thank you.

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      Make the product category property defaulting available for non Retail users

      Suggested by Conrad VolkmannPlanned – Long-Term 9
      Category: Product information management

      Released Product properties can be defaulted by a selected category from the Retail hierarchy. This has recently been extended with most of the properties needed to create a released product.

      This functionality should be made available for customers that are not using the Retail configuration key and therefore cannot use the functionality.

      This approach should replace the item templates.  

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      Workflow history - comments fact box

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 2
      Category: Workflow

      When reviewign an invoice or approving an invoice there is no quick way to view the history and comments of previous workflow history. Whilst multiple clicks can see each particular comment 1 by 1 it woudl be more user friendly if a 'Workflow Fact Box" was availabel on the Right Hand Side that could be enabled to see all the history and comments with a scroll bar

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      WMS App language mix in Android

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezPlanned 5
      Category: Warehouse management

      If one turns to the Android system in English, some labels in English are displayed and some continue in German.
      The language setting in the AX user does not matter.
      For example there is English/German mix at logon screen and also when you click on Replenishment menu.
      Application version: 7.2.11792.56024
      Platform version: 7.0.4565.16212

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      Correct Budget Consumption on Projects for Purchase Orders with a Discount

      Suggested by Gertjan van der LindenPlanned 4
      Category: Project management and accounting

      When a discount is added to a project purchase order with a posting profile main account, other than the main account of the item used, the discount is ignored in the consumption of the related project budget.

      This idea is to ensure that the discount is taken into consideration when consuming the project budget to prevent a data inconsistency between the project budget and actual spend.

      An example of a scenario that is happening now: A purchase order with a line of 1250 dollar and a discount of 250 dollar (total of line is 1000) is consuming 1250 dollar from the budget while the actual spend on the project is 1000 (and correct). In this case, the idea is that the consumed budget should be identical to the total amount of the purchase order, taking the discount into consideration.