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      Document Routing Agent not usable with secure printing solutions

      Suggested by Lukas MichelNew 2
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      This refers to Premier Support case no. 117030115391796.

      As Premier Support could not give us a solution they recommended to post the idea here:

      After discussing it with Microsoft D365FO CAT team they asked me to insert my comment into this forum as well - please check Connect to find other customers facing the exact same problem as we do (and I assume that number of customers having this problem will increase in near future).

      We are trying to print documents e.g. reports directly from Dynamics 365 for Operations. The routing agent within Dynamics 365 for Operations is changing the owner of the printing document to the service account name of the sever that the printing agent is installed on making it impossible to use with a secure printing solution where a document within a centralized print queue has to be identifiable per user. The user identifies himself with a badge at the printer and can select his document to be printed out. This applies to >4'000 users across the country.

      We tried to install routing agent as a service and as an application, plus run service under a dedicated account but what we know by now from Microsoft is, that we can not configure it to work as expected within our environment.

      Please advise if Microsoft is planning to enhance the bulk printing solution for D365FO to be capable to work with a secure printing solution.

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      Need to be able to filter on FROM warehouse when in planned transfer orders

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 1
      Category: Master planning

      This is an enhancement that resolves a current showstopper, but it seems to be "as designed. When firming planned transfer orders to multi-line transfer orders, attempting to fill a truck, we need to filter on planned transfers with the same from-to warehouses. That is currently not possible. I cannot filter on the FROM warehouse.

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      Add printer defaulting to allow a user to choose their default network printer among the list of available printers.

      Suggested by Damien MasperoNew 3
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      Add printer defaulting to allow a user to choose their default network printer among the list of available printers.

      Microsoft internal reference : Dynamics 3738235

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      Unit of measure conversions per Product variant

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezCompleted 5
      Category: Product information management

      Unit of measure conversions are set up per Variant in a product. When adding a purchase line or sales line, an error is shown saying "Product variant unit conversions are not supported for this process". This should be possible.

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      Keep dynamic filter when browser is refreshed

      Suggested by Karina JakobsenUnder Review 1
      Category: User Experience

      Refreshing browser either manually or automatically because the session timed out, will loose dynamics filters on form. End-users do not understand this and you risk that the user update data, they did not intend to update. Below is an example, the behavior is the same all over the application: Go to Project management and accounting > Projects > All Projects in the action pane click Plan > Item requirements > Item requirements. You now see the item requirement for that specific project. Now refresh the browser. You see all item requirements for all projects. User expects the dynamics filter is still on after refresh of browser.

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      FEFO batch reservation for replenishment

      Suggested by Martin EggerPlanned 6
      Category: Warehouse management

      The FEFO batch reservation strategy for replenishment is missing. It should be implemented in the same way as the FEFO batch reservation for the sales order work order type in the location directive actions.

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      Allow addition of Helptext to Images and Reference Controls

      Suggested by Drew ForwardUnder Review 0
      Category: User Experience

      Helptext that you assign to fields is an extremely handy feature as it is helps the user get more information themselves instead of searching for particular training material.  It can help explain detailed business rules or the details of why/how a field is used.


      We have found that two types of controls, images and reference controls do not have this capability.  Images can be used to provide some sort of visual indication to the user to do something, and reference controls are references to another table (ie. an explanation for Vendor, on the Purchase Order table. Helptext can be assigned within Visual Studio, but no helptext actually appears on the UI.


      As a suggestion, we believe all helptext should be supported if assigned within Visual Studio, including Image and Reference Controls.

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      Rename the "Estimates" for fixed-price project to "Recognise Revenue"

      Suggested by Kofi FolsonPlanned 7
      Category: Project management and accounting

      The word 'Estimates' have always been confusing for clients when is introduced to them first time. In addition a lot of clients use 'estimate' to actually mean the 'quotation'. 

      Now that the fasttab which holds the estimate have been renamed to 'Revenue recognition' it will be appropriate to start extending the renaming of the underlying objects as well. 


      • On the MANAGE tab, the 'Estimates' link can be renamed to 'Recognise revenue'

      • Once clicked and the 'Estimates' form itself is open, that 'Estimate' form can also be renamed to 'Revenue recognition'. 


      Then maybe we can explore making the following changes as well:

      • Estimate date > Revenue recognition date

      • Estimate status > Revenue recognition status

      • Estimate project > Revenue recognition project


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      Infolog maximum length and no possibility to filter/ export

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 1
      Category: System administration

      Since MS Dynamics 365 for Operations there is new Info Log design available. The info log itself has a Maximum length of 1000 entries and Shows Information and Errors without the possibility to filter by Default on Errors only. Also it's not possible to Export to e. g. MS Excel and do any filtering there. (which was possible in AX 2012 and before)
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      Enable the material availability check for production orders that are operations scheduled

      Suggested by Conrad VolkmannPlanned – Long-Term 5
      Category: Production Control

      At this stage, the material availability check is only available for production orders that are job scheduled. There is not really a good reason why operations scheduled orders would require a different process. Please enable the functionality for the operations scheduled production orders.