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      Document Routing Agent as a multithreaded service, and multiple instances

      Suggested by Rich BlackNew 1
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      The Document Routing Agent (DRA) should support multiple instances of the service on a single machine, should process multiple jobs (to different printers) in parallel, and should run as a service for precision documents.


      These are the current design constraints:

      1. The DRA currently runs as a Windows service only for documents that do not have custom margins (aka "precision documents") so this means that all precision documents must be printed through a DRA that is running as an application in a user session on a server.  If the server ever restarts, a user has to go in and manually start the DRA.

      2. Also, the DRA processes print jobs, even those to different printers, in serial, causing delays to print jobs at different locations and different printers.

      3. Additionally, only one instance of the DRA can run on a single server.

      The workaround for these constraints is to install a DRA for individual printers or locations on individual servers, and for precision documents, to run them as an application.  This is untenable for customers requiring concurrent printing capabilities for precision documents across tens or hundreds of individual locations.


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      Financial Dimension on Warehouses

      Suggested by Zeeshan HaiderPlanned 16
      Category: Cost management

      All retailers track their inventory physically and financially by retail stores. Setting up general ledger in Dynamics 365, we mostly setup account structure with 'retail channel' financial dimension (we can call it profit center, responsibility center etc. if it is setup as custom financial dimension) and that financiail dimenion is assigend to Retail Channels in Retail and Commerce Module. Setting up retail store also requires assigning a warehouse that tracks inventory for that store. All sales transactions that flow from Point of Sale System uses financial dimensions defined on the retail store. Sales, cost of sales, discount etc. are all posted using retail channel financial dimension in GL. 

      However, when purchase order is created or inventory is adjusted for that retail store usiing inventory journals, financial dimensions are updated manually on these transacitons at line level (purchase order, inventory journals). It is required since inventory is tracked financially at warehouse (store) level. It takes considerable amount of time for the users to manually update financial dimensions on purchase order or inventory journal lines.

      Historically, we have done a customization and assigend financial dimension to the warehosue that are defauled over to purchase order lines when the warehouse is selected or inventory journal lines as we select the warehouse.

      Just like financial dimensions are setup on Vendors, customers, retail channels and other master data entities in Dynamics 365, it will be great to have same financial dimension framework extended to warehouses. These dimensions would then be defaulted on all inventory transactions that uses warehouses.

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      Emailing a Purchase order to a vendor

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 1
      Category: Procurement and sourcing

      With the "EDIT" button in the printer set up screen I have three ways to let the system find an email to send a Purchase order to a vendor. But the most logical way, what the user expects, using the email on the contact that is linked to the Purchase order, is not available. Because the email address of the contact chosen on the PO header is copied to the PO header, the user is perplexed to find out that this email is not the one the Purchase order is sent to unless this same email is defined again in the contact info of the Vendor. I suggest a fourth way to email is added under the EDIT button of the print set up of a Purchase order, being 'Use the contact email address".
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      Option to easily ad table to data log

      Suggested by Andreas MörkerNew 1
      Category: System administration

      When in any form and going to "Options - Record info" it would be a neat feature to add a button (activate data log) for easily logging the tables present within the form.

      Now it's a struggle to figure out, which tables are present in a form and then log them.
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      Foreign currency revaluation cash and bank management module

      Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardPlanned 7
      Category: Cash and bank management


      Please make a foreign currency revaluation feature available in the bank module for all countries/regions.

      This was a painpoint in prior systems and currently still is an issue in D365fO.

      Some additional information especially about the related 'pain' and how a lot of companies resolved this in prior versions can be found here:

      Best regards,




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      Customer group credit limit

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 4
      Category: Credit and collections

      Customer A1 and Customer A2 defined in company X.

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      Automatic Product Receipt generation in PO Contractors once the Timesheet is posted

      Suggested by ELENA SANZ MARTINEZPlanned 2
      Category: Project management and accounting

      Contractors for projects will submit their timesheets and once they are approved and posted, a receipt will be automatically generated in the PO related to that particular contractor. Then, when the invoice comes in, there will be a matching between the time that has been approved for that contractor and the invoice that the business receive for that service. Therefore, there the invoice will match not only the product receipts accrued but also the time that has been approved, and the costs will be allocated to each project precisely. Additionally, if the contractor rate is set as zero, the timesheet will not create any entry in ledger and project, so the cost will be allocated only once with the invoice, avoiding the cost duplication.

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      Option to set financial dimension values automatically for items, customers, vendors, project, etc.

      Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardPlanned 8
      Category: General Ledger


      D365 ships with a lot of automatic financial dimensions such as the customer, vendor, project, etc., which are automatically crated at the time a new customer, vendor, project, etc. is created.

      Quite unfortunate is the fact that those financial dimensions are automatically created but not automatically assigned. That is, even though a financial dimension for a customer, vendor, Project, etc. is created, users have to assign that value manually to the customer, vendor, Project master.


      Create new parameters that allows setting those financial dimensions automatically without any user interaction.

      Thank you and best regards,


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      Export/Import possibility for Solver Value (Product Configurator)

      Suggested by Andreas MörkerPlanned – Long-Term 1
      Category: Product information management

      So far it is unknown to me (and also the involved MS Support Engineers) how to export and import the Solver Value for the Product Configurator. I'm speaking of bulk operations for several attribute types with multiple values. Life would be easier for anyone using the product configurator if bulk operation would be possible.

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      Warehouse processes for vendor returns

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezUnder Review 8
      Category: Warehouse management

      A vendor return is created (purchase order with negative lines) for an intercompany vendor in company A. This generates an intercompany sales return order in company B.
      Now it's required to ship to goods from company A using WHS processes, but in the purchase order there is no way to "Release to warehouse". Therefore all the capabilities of the warehouse processed cannot be used for shipping returned godos to vendors.