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      Being able to save or play task guides as a user from a different tenant

      Suggested by Dennis ThieUnder Review 2
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      When implementing a customer project, you are not able to save or play task guides as a user from a different tenant. You are required to have a user account in the same tenant, where this is obviously often not the case i.e. as an implementation partner or external contractor.

      Please allow users from another tenant to view and save task guides to Lifecycle Services based on the fact they are LCS user, i.e. project member.

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      Item description is not showed on inventory movement journal form

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 3
      Category: Inventory management

      Actual result: When we create a Inventory movement journal, the item description is not showed in the form.

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      Be able to Schedule Deployable Package installation to Sandbox/Demo Environments.

      Suggested by Mattias LindgrenNew 6
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      Be able to schedule a time for deployment of a selected Deplyable Package for Sandbox Environments and Demo environments rather than it´s being applied immediately.

      Time saving for "off hours" when its usually deployed, since you got the status emails for the environments to check up on the progress.

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      Put away of a mixed license plate with the Warehousing APP

      Suggested by Laurens van der TangUnder Review 2
      Category: Warehouse management

      If the supplier delivers a pallet with mixed items, D365 for Operations assigns one license plate to this pallet. When you do the put away process, the warehouse app proposes the items which you have to scan. This is not handy in case of different items. Actually you would have the option to scan a random item of the pallet. 

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      Make Adding Worklow a 100% Customization via Extensibility

      Suggested by Tom HigginbothamUnder Review 0
      Category: Development

      Adding a new Workflow Type requires the addition of a number of new supporting artifacts. It also requires changes to existing artifacts, namely the form and the table that is associated with the record for which the workflow type is being created. There are properties that must be changed on the form to enable it for Workflow and you cannot make these changes via an Extension. Instead, you must customize via Overlayering.

      The Application is going to be sealed at some point which will prohibit customization via Overlayering. This request is to allow Form Property changes as extensions.

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      Location blocking for Inbound/Outbound

      Suggested by Nicholas CramNew 3
      Category: Warehouse management

      Could we have some sort of automation for configuration so we don't have to add extra lines to the Location directive action queries just to filter out locations that are blocked for inbound/outbound? e.g. a tick-box on Location directive actions "Use location blocking codes". Would just add a line to the query. Or alternatively a global parameter (or per warehouse) which enforces this.

      Simple but would save precious setup hours as we currently need to do this manually on ALL put actions.

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      Add charges to transfer order lines based on freight rates

      Suggested by Laura CojanNew 2
      Category: Transportation management

      The following scenario has been raised and should be considered subject to change:

      • Create a purchase order for item Y into warehouse X.
      • Receive the purchase order.
      • Crete a transfer order for item Y from warehouse X to warehouse Z. Both warehouses are warehouse-management-processes enabled.
      • In the transfer order header, select delivery terms that have the ‘Add transportation charges to orders’ parameter turned on.
      • Navigate to the load planning workbench and create a new load for the transfer order.
      • Click on ‘Rating and routing’ and open the rate route workbench.
      • Click on ‘Rate shop’ and make sure that at least one rate is returned without exceptions.
      • Select a rate and click ‘Assign’.
      • Reserve the inventory, release the load to the warehouse and perform all the transfer issue work.
      • Confirm the outbound shipment.
      • Although the following miscellaneous charges are set up, the transportation charges are not applied back to the transfer order line.

      The charges should be visible in the transfer order lines as these are visible in the purchase order lines.

      Currenlty the functionality is not as richly built in transfer order scenarios and many customer's would very much benefit from expanding this area.

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      Make #region available in X++

      Suggested by Mehrdad GhazvinizadehNew 5
      Category: Development

      It would be great to make #region ( also available in X++.

      It will make the code more readable, understandable and maintainable.


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      Extend cross company data sharing feature for more than 100 legal entities

      Suggested by Patrik LucaNew 0
      Category: System administration

      Currently the cross company data sharing feature is limited to 100 legal entities.
      Extend this, so more legal entities can be included in the sharing policy.
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      Support Direct Delivery with Advanced Warehousing

      Suggested by Zach GreenvossPlanned 6
      Category: Warehouse management

      Currently the direct delivery functionality is blocked on a warehouse that implements the Advanced Warehousing functionality.  Please remove this restriction and allow this functionality to work across all warehouses.