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      Number of decimals on prices

      Suggested by Herre SchopPlanned 8
      Category: Inventory management

      We see a big requirement for prices in 3 or 4 decimals. This is across the board for the purchase prices, sales prices and cost prices. The market prices and surcharges demand pricing in multiple decimals.

      The totals can remain in 2 decimals.

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      Modern Grid

      Suggested by marc dubusUnder Review 3
      Category: User Experience

      New Modern friendly Grid, … the current Dyn365op grid have more or less same features/look than a … Axapta grid !

      Should be great …

      • To freeze first(s) column (user expect to see code/description when scrolling horizontally )

      • To group/ungroup in a grid (hierarchical view, let‘s imagine a sale order header grid with a group by sale status..:) )

      • More readable heading label in 2,3 lines, (User spend many time to resize column to understands check box label per example)

      • Allow sub-grid in grid


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      Improvements of "Find references"

      Suggested by Martin DrábUnder Review 4
      Category: Development

      Evaluation of cross-references is very important with such a large code base (for understanding the current solution, for impact analysis and so on). Unfortunately the experience is worse than in previous versions of AX; here are some suggestions:

      1. Allow filtering and sorting.

      2. Add filtering options similar to those in Application Explorer (by type, model etc.).

      3. When I get a list of references, I often want to look at where some references are used. Please make it possible directly from the same window. For example, I could click on a reference and use "Find reference on it". Or I could be able to expand the node and see a hierarchy of references.

      4. Re-introduce "Reference" field, such as the information where a field is written into. I know it was dropped consciously, but it was really useful. If the standard "Find Symbol Results" doesn't support things like this, it's probably time to move from it.

      By the way, when you later decide to switch to SQL Server 2017, wouldn't DynamicsXRefDB form a nice graph database?

    • 86

      Generic API for LCS

      Suggested by Stefan FrankenNew 9
      Category: Lifecycle Services

      Many tasks in Azure/365 can be automated. On.y in LCS is no chance to control with e.g. PowerShell. An API like REST would be very fine for automating LCS tasks.

    • 82

      Export Data from all companies withiin the same job

      Suggested by Milinda VitharanaUnder Review 7
      Category: Data Management

      Exporting entities should be done per company. In case of exporting Entities for building a data mart (BYOD) or for an integration scenario, this limitation causes multiple export jobs to be defined for the same entity.

      Enable a single job that can export data for all the companies.


    • 81

      Drag and Drop functionality not available in Dynamics 365 for Operations

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 2
      Category: User Experience

      Drag and drop was not on the list of deprecated features for Dynamics 365 for Operations, but it currently isn't available. We have been told that it will be implemented, but isn't currently schedule for a release. We are using dynamics AX to integrate with of 3rd party document management solution called Egnyte. Users require the ability to drag and drop files to an AX form that will then push the document to our document management system. Since drag and drop currently isn't available, we are not able to meet our users expectations. Drag and drop was available in AX2012 R3. We started our implantation using Dynamics AX2012 R3. The Microsoft product team helped us upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Operations. Drag and drop was being used in our AX2012 R3 version of the solution. After the upgrade we became aware that drag and drop wasn't available. Please implement drag and drop in one of the next updates.

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      Customer collaboration portal or workspace

      Suggested by John MawbeyUnder Review 6
      Category: Sales and marketing

      Develop ability for a Customer collaboration portal or workspace similar to the Vendor collaboration that was released.  I could not find any mention of a customer portal for Dynamics 365 for Operations to be released.

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      Units and conversion for Physical Dimensions and weight

      Suggested by Christian GöbelPlanned – Long-Term 3
      Category: Product information management

      there is a special need for having different weight and length units on the Released Products level (Released Products / Manage inventory). The products at some customers are very light (Inventory Unit pieces and Pairs, stockings weighing 20g) There is a big demand have separate units.
      D365 itself has no unit on those fields and Microsoft is currently not planning this functionality.We should have the possibility to chose the unit for the weight and dimensions on the item sheet and on the packing list for both side purchase and sales.


      On the item sheet the fields unit would be required for the weight measurement and for the physical dimensions

      In the parameter of account receivables and account payables, the default unit for packing slip would be entered

      On the packing slip/ Product receipt the unit is defaulted from the parameter, but can be changed.

      The default weight and dimensions are defaulted from the calculation from the item sheet and the unit conversion. The weight and dimension can be manually overwritten.



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      'Vendor balance list' with wrong main account

      Suggested by Maria E.Planned 7
      Category: Accounts Payable

      The report ‘Vendor balance list’ (Accounts payable > Reports > Status) display the wrong main account, if the vendor Group was changed. Then the ‘Vendor balance list’ do not display the ‘Vendor balance’ of the vendor transactions. Instead, the main account from the ‘Vendor posting profil’ will display.
      The same issue arises with ‘customer balance list’ too.

    • 75

      Ability to make a field mandatory by personalizing form

      Suggested by Renato GattaiUnder Review 0
      Category: User Experience

      Add a new feature to the personalize form functionality to allow users to make fields mandatory where they are not. This would allow users to streamline processes and avoid customization.