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    Add external reference in excel add-in on Sales Order

    Suggested by Maria HögsanderNew 0
    Category: Reporting and Analytics

    In excel add in it takes maximum of one minute to make changes to an entire order.
    If I do that in Dynamics 365, it takes about 15 seconds for each line!
    Then you can figure out what it would take for an order that has 1000 lines, for example?!

    You can not change the category in the excel add-in, only on the product in Dyn 365
    and as in this case, order lines must match the category on the product (released product) in order to make updates to it in the excel add-in.

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    Total Debits and Credits in Voucher Screens

    Suggested by Andrea MorleyNew 0
    Category: General Ledger

    It would be useful if the journal debits and credits reflected the debit and credit amounts cumulative. Mine always show 0.00 however the actual debits are 999.95 and credits are 999.95 (for example). The voucher debit and credit amount populates, but the voucher debit and credit does not.
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    When performing the revaluation, the reporting currency amounts should be calculated using the accounting currency amount translated to reporting currency.

    Suggested by Mile EliseevNew 0
    Category: Accounts Receivable

    The companies with an accounting currency different from NOK (i.e. SEK, DKK and EUR), issue and receive invoices in NOK. When revaluating these invoices (AP and AR), the NOK invoices are not revaluated in reporting currency, only in accounting currency. This means that when you do the reporting across companies using the reporting currency, there is a deviation between the figures in accounting currency and reporting currency on the main accounts used for unrealized gain and loss, as invoices issued/received in NOK are left out in the reporting currency calculation.

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    Add transportation charges to order by item value

    Suggested by Teh Yih AnnNew 0
    Category: Transportation management

    Current standard behavior only allow to charge the transportation back to multiple order based on the weight and volume. At the Shipping carriers form, there is no rate engine that used item value. This requirement should have, because even the purchase order form, the allocate charges has the option to select by amount, but not at transportation management.
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    Fix on FormTreeControl class's method: getNextSelected.

    Suggested by Ivo GNew 0
    Category: Development

    When you have selected multiple tree items on a FormTreeControl and try to loop through them with the getNextSelected method, provided from the FormTreeControl class, it always return 0. In the same time if you try to get count of the selected items you correctly get the actual count from the getSelectedCount method on the same class.
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    Average cost calculation only when the full financial quantity is available

    Suggested by David DehaudtNew 0
    Category: Cost management

    This was the case up to AX 2009 if I'm correct.
    When stock closing is run, it appears now that a partial financial quantity is used to calculate a partial average cost. It is then not a real average cost, but looks more like a FIFO.
    Would be sufficient a checkbox on the item model group to select whatever way.
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    Improve error message for "voucher do not balance" when there is a difference in transactions currency

    Suggested by Kjell OtterleiNew 0
    Category: General Ledger

    When you create general ledger journals that do not balance on credit and debet by, for example 0.01, you get an error message stating that "the voucher do not balance".

    If the journal contains multiple currencies, your accounting currency may still balance due to roundings, and the balance field at the bottom of the screen in the general journal will state that the journal balances in the accounting currency. This is correct, but the error message is very confusing.

    Say you have a large general journal with 500+ lines and multiple currencies. The accounting currency amount can balance, even though there is a difference between debet and credit of a minor amount. Therefore, your only option is extract the general journal to Excel, sum the debet and credit columns, to see how much the difference is.

    The difference should be stated in the error message in any case, but in some cases the difference is not clear or present in the error message. Message should for example be something like "voucher do not balance by 0.01 in the transaction currency".

    A much more clear error message is needed to be able to work effeiciently when posting large journals.
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    Error when transferring WBS lines to forecast - “ProjForecastTransferFromWbs-transfer. The current employee is not associated with a project

    Suggested by Maharaja Govindaswamy KrishnamoorthyNew 0
    Category: Project management and accounting

    Internal bug id 174880

    Description of problem:
    Facing issue when transferring WBS lines to forecast (ProjForecastTransferFromWbs-transfer. The current employee is not associated with a project resource.")In spite of doing necessary setups and configurations system is prompting same error message.When Resource ID & Name is specified at the WBS level during the transfer process cannot get to see resource name in the form. (missing required details)When a new project is created and a user is getting selected from the drop down system is giving as error ”record already exists”.

    Error message:
    "The current employee is not associated with a project resource"
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    Intercompany transaction to more than 3 companies

    Suggested by Mohamed AamerNew 0
    Category: General Ledger

    Intercompany transactions to more than three companies. The current design will allow the user to post intercompany transaction between company A and B, but will not allow you to post transaction between company B and C, if the user is logged in company A.
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    warning when the user receives a subcontract PO

    Suggested by Evert BosNew 0
    Category: Production Control

    A production order has to be started in order to post any journals.
    But when I have parameters for auto post Picklist and auto post Route card after receiving a subcontract PO, there is no warning. The PO is received but no postings for the prod order of any kind are possible. we need a warning up front. The system should make it impossible to receive that PO or have a warning like this ;"Prod order not started, cannot create Journals" or something.