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      Enable the material availability check for production orders that are operatoins scheduled

      Suggested by Conrad VolkmannPlanned – Long-Term 5
      Category: Production Control

      At this stage, the material availability check is only available for production orders that are job scheduled. There is not really a good reason why operations scheduled orders would require a different process. Please enable the functionality for the operations scheduled production orders.

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      Job Card Device is missing functionality to manage Process Manufacturing and other functions included with Job Card Terminal

      Suggested by Tim SatromPlanned – Long-Term 1
      Category: Production Control

      The touch screen functionality of the Job Card Device and ease of use provides enhanced application needed for Shop Floor, however, the current design is limited and will need further enhancements to meet very important business requirements.

      Customer has identified the following requirements (most available with job card terminal which is meant to be replaced):

      -Ability to RAF

      -Ability to change batch disposition status / inventory status when RAF

      -Edit job list


      -Assistant/Assist resource

      -Ability to print pick list

      -Non conformance creation

      -Quality order creation

      -View Balance and Log Book

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      manufacturing execution: stop working indirect activity

      Suggested by Christian RothnerPlanned – Long-Term 8
      Category: Production Control

      You could take a break and log back in immediately to bring back to System Waiting. So there's no Standard solution to stop indirect activity and start a new production Job or Project Job  directly.

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      Print BOM information option when releasing production orders.

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned – Long-Term 1
      Category: Production Control

      Some of the manufacturing companies require the possibility to print BOM information when releasing production orders, similarly as route card information can be printed. After printing on paper, this documentation is then sent to production floor. The production BOM will provide an overview of the parts and the afferent quantity needed to assembly finished goods. This overview is used as information by production workers to assembly the main products.

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      Report scrap quantity from mobile device

      Suggested by Juergen WeberPlanned – Long-Term 1
      Category: Production Control

      It would be great advantage to be able to not only report a good quantity as finished with the mobile device menu items "Report as finish" and "Report as finish and put away", but also be able to report a scrap quantity at the same time. The handling/posting of the material for the scrap quantity should then be executed exactly in the same way as it is already done when you report as finish from the Client and enter the scrap quantity there. To say it in simply words, what works from the client should also be supported from the scanner! Thank you very much! Best Regards Juergen

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      Return from Line / unpick

      Suggested by Henrik OxlundPlanned – Long-Term 2
      Category: Production Control

      In the proces industry we are often using the flushing principle "Avaliable on location". We also use staging concept and pick complete LP´s to the prod in location. However due to yield and over and under production we are not always consuming according to work and we want to return from line and "unpick" the quantity from the prodution order. I image a new mobil menu item "Retur from line" and then being able to key bin the LP and quantity and then have the system suggesting the original pick location. Once the return fro line has been ended, the pick list will have a inverser pick list with correct set of dimensions. We see this as a mobile app feature because this is not done in the back office.

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      Extend picking route status functionality to production control

      Suggested by Uwe SchlagmuellerRejected 3
      Category: Production Control

      In accounts receivable there is a parameter "Picking route status" is set to "complete" it will perform the pick as part of the "Generate picking list" function.

      A function is required on the picking list form in production orders to perform the same functionality.

      E.g. I have 70 lines on the production order and I do not want to pick each line separately.

      The business requires that all items are configured with an item model group where "picking requirement" is ticked. 

      Exceptions in the process will be handled by un-picking a line.

      The suggestion will improve productivity.

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      Porduction Order estimation - Take sub-contracting value from Purchase

      Suggested by Uwe SchlagmuellerPlanned – Long-Term 0
      Category: Production Control

      The current estimation process takes the cost of sub-contracting items from the manage cost tab of the released product card.

      In scenarios where the sub-contracting cost fluctuates significantly from one production order to another this feature becomes non-manageable. It would be more suitable to take the sub-contracting cost from the related purchase order for the sub-contracting item when estimating the cost of a production order.


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      Mobile deice users should not be allowed to post Pick Journal

      Suggested by Franck DOULETPlanned – Long-Term 1
      Category: Production Control

      This idea concerns mobile device in Manufacturing context, in particular the ability to record Picking list through mobile device application included in ADWMS Module. It deals about D365 mobile device menu called Register consumption which enables to record Batch order Pick list. Mobile device->production menu->register rm consumption It would be nice to have the ability to remove the Done action after journal creation in register rm consumption to prevent journal posting.

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      CLose the loophole for Prod orders and RAF on the handheld

      Suggested by Evert BosPlanned – Mid-Term 0
      Category: Production Control

      This is a rather serious flaw that needs to be addressed. We know that you can create and process a production order all the way without having a BOM. So you can make something out of nothing. Not sure whether I would allow that if it were my ERP system but we have accepted that for years. Now we have a new situation with the handheld app for advanced warehousing. the issue is the RAF transaction. The following scenario is possible. My flushing principle is "available on location" (the only sensible choice when you use advanced warehousing. It makes sure you only flush what you have picked. "start" or "finish" do not care about what you have picked) 1.After creating picking work for the prod order, for some reason forget to complete it. 2. Start the prod order. do your labor etc. 3.Do an RAF transaction on the handheld . The handheld RAF is different logic then the other ship RAF, which you will soon find out. It is hard coded to "finish" flushing. I don't have any finish flushing . But the mothership RAF would warn me that I "have not released all materials". The handheld does not. It lets me quietly RAF and even END my prod order. Result: I have created something out of nothing but now with a Prod BOM in place. Accounting is not happy. This loophole should be closed. We need the same check on "any remaining quantity in the prod bom "? as we have in the mothership RAF. That can't be hard. Right now this is a big risk.