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      Workflow history - comments fact box

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 2
      Category: Workflow

      When reviewign an invoice or approving an invoice there is no quick way to view the history and comments of previous workflow history. Whilst multiple clicks can see each particular comment 1 by 1 it woudl be more user friendly if a 'Workflow Fact Box" was availabel on the Right Hand Side that could be enabled to see all the history and comments with a scroll bar

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      Workflow Workspace

      Suggested by Josh KnoxUnder Review 2
      Category: Workflow

      Create a workspace where all workflows in the system are available at once (instead of clicking into each individual module to view the applicable workspaces).

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      Mobile approval workspace portal for all pending Workflow items for user

      Suggested by Mesut BOZTASNew 0
      Category: Workflow

      Create a new built-in workspace where all workflows in the system assigned to me are available at once in MOBILE app page.

      User can do invoice, expense and purchase order approvals only and they are seperate pages in mobile.
      I want an one page to manage pending worklows on mobile app like workflow item assigned to me listpage in client side.
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      Auto approve step if assigned user has already approved WF in a previous step

      Suggested by Nancy HobeckNew 0
      Category: Workflow

      When a WF step is approved by a user and a following WF step is generating the same user as approver, it would be great if the system automatically auto-approves the current step.

      This is handy if you work with dynamic assignments such as Expenditure participants.

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      Workflow approval task for project manager as well as business unit manager

      Suggested by Nancy HobeckNew 0
      Category: Workflow

      For the Workflows for Purchase orders or purchase requisitions we would like to have the project manager to approve the document as well as the business unit manager. In the current situation this is not possible. Well: you can set it up in the steps of an approval task using the expenditure reviewers options but the Workflow returns an error.
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      Have the ability to setup workflow Escalation for a Work Item queue

      Suggested by Marian WriceUnder Review 1
      Category: Workflow

      In Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, there is an ability to setup the workflow and escalate if needed.

      In the current design, the users can only select to escalate the workflow to the following options:

      Hierarchy, Workflow user and users.

      If users are using the Work Item queue, they would like to be able to escalate the workflow to a specific queue instead.

      This option is currently not available in the application and will be nice to see as part of the standard workflow feature.

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      Integration between Workflows and Microsoft Flow

      Suggested by Gertjan van der LindenNew 1
      Category: Workflow

      More and more workflow approvals need to be gathered from people not using D365fO on a daily basis. Of course we can send out e-mails, but people still have to log in to approve or reject workflows tasks.

      It would be great if we can integrate the workflows of AX with the Microsoft Flow approval system, including the ability to share data to Flow on the entity involved (like totals of a PO, quotations details, hour journal totals and so on). In this way we can use all the richness and functionality coming to Flow with Dynamics 365 for Operations as well.

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      Pending Invoice (Invoice Journal) and Free Text Invoice Workflow Validation

      Suggested by Julia SimpsonNew 1
      Category: Workflow

      When a user submits a Free Text Invoice (through AR) or a Pending Invoice Journal (through AP) it should validate the Account & Dimension Combinations prior to submitting.

      If the combinations don't validate the user should not be able to submit.

      This behaviour exists for Purchase Orders and Employee Expense Reports.

      Having to withdraw the Invoice, change the dimensions and resubmit through the workflow can take a lot of time, especially if the workflow is quite complex, this process could be missed if the invoice is not able to be submitted without valid dimension/account combination.
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      Ability to delete a document if the workflow status is 'Unrecoverable'

      Suggested by Biju JohnNew 1
      Category: Workflow

      If the workflow for a document (eg: Journal) turns to 'Unrecoverable', user cannot edit / Delete the document. System also does not allow user to resubmit the document. There should be provision to remove/delete the document which are unrecoverable.
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      Missing "Test" functionality in workflow designer

      Suggested by Fatih GorkNew 0
      Category: Workflow

      In AX 2012, it was possible to test a workflow condition using existing records. This functionality does not exist in D365FO.

      Missing this functionality forces users to save the workflow and test it afterwards by submitting records to WF. And it is costing much more time.