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    Make D365O breadcrumb clickable as in Windows Explorer

    Suggested by Zoltan BertaUnder Review 12
    Category: User Experience

    Hi All,

    It would be great if the angle brackets (<>) of breadcrumb in D365O would be clickable the same way as in Windows Explorer.

    For example, the user navigates to this path: Sales and marketing>Setup>Opportunities>Probability

    If the user clicks the bracket before Probability the menu elements under Opportunities would be shown (list of Probability, Prognosis, Reason, Sales process).

    That would speed up the navigation in D365O as far as I am concerned.



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    Ability to view a form in D365O as another user

    Suggested by Zoltan BertaUnder Review 7
    Category: User Experience

    Hi All,

    Facebook has a "View as" feature which lets users to view their profile as another person:

    This feature in D365O would greatly improve testing the security role configurations. Security/System administrator would be able to click on a "View as" button on any AX form and select a system user from a dropdown to view the form as that particular user.

    It would be great if you can add this to the road map.



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    Infolog messages must support links opening related menu items (SysInfoAction)

    Suggested by Kirill VybornyPlanned 1
    Category: User Experience

    SysInfoAction support was not in the list of deprecated features, but it currently isn't available. API is still in place. Where Infolog invocation is supplied with corresponding action it has no effect in the user interface. 

    Without this feature, where certain document is created, that is serving as an input for following operation in a business process, user have to manually navigate to respective menu item and search for specific document by its identifier. Having direct link to a form pre-filtered on required document would significantly improve user experience and speed up execution of business processes, where this feature would be implemented.

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    Modern Grid

    Suggested by marc dubusUnder Review 3
    Category: User Experience

    New Modern friendly Grid, … the current Dyn365op grid have more or less same features/look than a … Axapta grid !

    Should be great …

    • To freeze first(s) column (user expect to see code/description when scrolling horizontally )

    • To group/ungroup in a grid (hierarchical view, let‘s imagine a sale order header grid with a group by sale status..:) )

    • More readable heading label in 2,3 lines, (User spend many time to resize column to understands check box label per example)

    • Allow sub-grid in grid


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    Publish personalization as an admin to a group of users or all users

    Suggested by Gertjan van der LindenCompleted 4
    Category: User Experience

    The personalization options in the application are very strong, limiting the need for customizations while enabling users to simplify their user interface.

    A simpler user interface improves the usability and acceptance of the system. It would be great that an administrator (/ consultant) can create the optimal personalization for the forms in use and easily share or deploy this to all users. This limits the need for customizations to hide and change form objects and increases the maintainability.

    One of the most heard requests during an implementation is around simplifying these fields. With this option, we can stay away from customizations / code releases and functional designs while quickly helping the new users to adapt to the system.

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    Drag and Drop functionality not available in Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 2
    Category: User Experience

    Drag and drop was not on the list of deprecated features for Dynamics 365 for Operations, but it currently isn't available. We have been told that it will be implemented, but isn't currently schedule for a release. We are using dynamics AX to integrate with of 3rd party document management solution called Egnyte. Users require the ability to drag and drop files to an AX form that will then push the document to our document management system. Since drag and drop currently isn't available, we are not able to meet our users expectations. Drag and drop was available in AX2012 R3. We started our implantation using Dynamics AX2012 R3. The Microsoft product team helped us upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Operations. Drag and drop was being used in our AX2012 R3 version of the solution. After the upgrade we became aware that drag and drop wasn't available. Please implement drag and drop in one of the next updates.

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    Grids - Improvements to functionality and performance

    Suggested by B GueUnder Review 2
    Category: User Experience

    The  Dynamics grid  (d365f0 ListView component) lacks many of the features that our users expect, based on their experience with other web-based applications.


    In particular, it isn't at feature parity with the Office 365 components. Through the life of the new Dynamics, we haven't seen the grid improve through the update process yet. 


    Performance of scrolling is the major deficiency that concerns us.

    • When scrolling a large dataset (more than a few dozen rows), the client-side control loads a fixed number of records from the server. When these records are exhausted, the UI is pre-empted to load the next set of records.

    • Developers have no control. Missing API features are: the page size (number of records to load at a time), and the number of pages to load ahead of time (buffering).

    • The scroll bar resizes with each new set of data. This means it cannot be used to navigate a dataset -  its primary purpose.


    Major missing features that our users have voiced their concern about include:

    • A simple column selector.

      • Users have to go through the personalization UI. Most controls provide a context menu available on right-click to select columns.

    • Wrapped headers.

      • Text in headers cannot wrap, leading to truncated labels where there are more than a trivial number of columns.

    • A functioning scrollbar.

      • Current scrollbar resizes every time a new data page is loaded (as the user scrolls down). As a result, the scrollbar cannot be used to navigate a dataset - it's primary purpose.

    • Hierarchical presentation of records.

      • Many controls allow nesting, providing a visual indication of hierarchical lists. We're limited

    • Frozen (pinned) columns

      • Allowing user-specified collumns to remain visible on the left side while the control is scrolled left-to-right.

    • Grouping and summary. 

      • Grouping by user-selected columns, and providing a summary row below.

    • Functioning paste or fill-down.

      • Selection works at a record-level initially, rather than providing focus to the cell a user clicks in (or keyboard navigates to).

      • Users therefore cannot copy/paste a value from a point (x,y) in a grid to a point (x, y+1).  This is a very common operation when working with tabular data, and moving the to Excel and back is not feasible in many scenarios. 

    • Programmatic formatting of the contents of single cells. 


    Microsoft grid controls that implement most of these features:

    Other common grids that have managed to implement the features above include:

    Generally, the grid started off incomplete in AX7, and since release, has fallen farther behind most other business applications. Please evaluate these (and other!) gaps for inclusion in platform updates.

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    Ability to make a field mandatory by personalizing form

    Suggested by Renato GattaiUnder Review 0
    Category: User Experience

    Add a new feature to the personalize form functionality to allow users to make fields mandatory where they are not. This would allow users to streamline processes and avoid customization.

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    Keep dynamic filter when browser is refreshed

    Suggested by Karina JakobsenUnder Review 1
    Category: User Experience

    Refreshing browser either manually or automatically because the session timed out, will loose dynamics filters on form. End-users do not understand this and you risk that the user update data, they did not intend to update. Below is an example, the behavior is the same all over the application: Go to Project management and accounting > Projects > All Projects in the action pane click Plan > Item requirements > Item requirements. You now see the item requirement for that specific project. Now refresh the browser. You see all item requirements for all projects. User expects the dynamics filter is still on after refresh of browser.

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    Allow addition of Helptext to Images and Reference Controls

    Suggested by Drew ForwardUnder Review 0
    Category: User Experience

    Helptext that you assign to fields is an extremely handy feature as it is helps the user get more information themselves instead of searching for particular training material.  It can help explain detailed business rules or the details of why/how a field is used.


    We have found that two types of controls, images and reference controls do not have this capability.  Images can be used to provide some sort of visual indication to the user to do something, and reference controls are references to another table (ie. an explanation for Vendor, on the Purchase Order table. Helptext can be assigned within Visual Studio, but no helptext actually appears on the UI.


    As a suggestion, we believe all helptext should be supported if assigned within Visual Studio, including Image and Reference Controls.