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    LCS: Sync up actual LCS status of cloud-hosted environments with Azure

    Suggested by Khee ChanPlanned 2
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    When the VM in a cloud-hosted environment is stopped or started in Azure (e.g. via Azure automation run books), the status of the environment is not reflected in LCS. This is causing confusion on the part of users who navigate to these environments via LCS.

    Our customer is using the automation run books to manage their Azure VMs in order to optimize their Azure run costs. The Azure management portal shows the correct status of the VMs in these environments.

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    Automated upload of Build package to LCS

    Suggested by Victer ChristyPlanned 15
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    When the full build completes through VSTS the package should get  uploaded to the shared asset library of LCS for the subscription . So that deployment can happen to multiple environment at the same time on a click.

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    Be able to Schedule Deployable Package installation to Sandbox/Demo Environments.

    Suggested by Mattias LindgrenNew 5
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    Be able to schedule a time for deployment of a selected Deplyable Package for Sandbox Environments and Demo environments rather than it´s being applied immediately.

    Time saving for "off hours" when its usually deployed, since you got the status emails for the environments to check up on the progress.

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    Generic API for LCS

    Suggested by Stefan FrankenNew 5
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    Many tasks in Azure/365 can be automated. On.y in LCS is no chance to control with e.g. PowerShell. An API like REST would be very fine for automating LCS tasks.

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    Improve IP Access Restrictions

    Suggested by Thomas ZakNew 2
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    The new IP access restrictions are very cumbersome and hard to maintain. It takes over a minute for each IP address range to be entered and we have to enter an average of 3 ranges for about 3 environments per client and about 50 clients. That's nearly a full day of time for just data entry. 

    This could be greatly simplified by: 

    1. Making it possible to set the restrictions at the LCS project level instead of the environment level. 

    2. When saving an IP address range, do not take 35 seconds to save (presumably you are directly updating the firewall and getting an acknowledgement back). Instead just save the data and asynchronously change the firewall. In the 0.01% of the cases where setting the firewall rules is a problem, alert people via e-mail. 

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    Being able to delete assets in asset library

    Suggested by Geoffrey DelmeeNew 0
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    Once an asset has been deployed in an environment, it is no more possible to delete it. Even there is a new "version" (i.e. ISV package or ISV license codes), it is not possible to delete the "old" one.

    Being able to delete assets even if have been deployed will allow to keep a clear view of the assets.

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    Link LCS VSTS to a customized VSTS Template

    Suggested by Claus AndersenNew 1
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    The current integration of Work item types (and maybe other things) between LCS and VSTS is hardcoded, which means that you cannot link LCS to a customized VSTS Template (it is possible, but you're informed that i "May cause errors").

    Since the way of using VSTS is very much dependent on how the partner works with implementations and product development (probably different from partner to partner), it should be possible to setup the mapping yourself.

    So, the proposed idea is to allow for setting up the mapping instead of it being hardcoded.

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    Allow deploying DEV VMs to DevTest Labs

    Suggested by Martin DrábNew 2
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    Azure DevTest labs ( are intended for exactly this purpose; they simplify management of Dev/Test VMs, allow stopping and starting VMs on schedule (without writing any code) and so on.

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    An option to automatically shutdown newly deployed virtual machines

    Suggested by Tomi HureniusNew 0
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    At the moment LCS does not have a fixed duration for deploying new Operations environment virtual machines, aka. we don't exactly know how long it takes. An option in the deployment settings to enable shutting down the machine(s) when they are deployed would be beneficial cost wise.

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    Downtime Landing Page

    Suggested by Lane SwenkaNew 0
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    It would be great to support a downtime landing page.  This would go hand-in-hand with the downtime message that we can send to users in the system prior to the outage.

    During an outage, there is no way for users to understand that the system is offline on purpose.  A simple static page showing the downtime was planned would be helpful - not everyone reads their email or was in the system prior to the downtime notification.

    Something simple such as this elegant 404 page: