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      Financial dimension based on transaction type / posting type (cross-module)

      Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerPlanned 4
      Category: General Ledger

      Transaction-based financial dimension:

      There was an easy-to-implement possibility to largely improve GL reporting and analysis capabilities by extending the ledger integration by financial dimensions.

      In several setups, a posting integration is defined by ledger account defined in the posting profiles and some additional set-up tables (i.e. item postings, resources postings, fixed asset postings, indirect cost postings, project postings, bank postings, customer/vendor postings, automatic postings, etc.).

      The idea is to add financial dimensions to the main account entries. The filled dimension depends on the posting type / transaction type and brings all types of transactions together (cross-module) and hence makes it easier to run reports on GL postings on general level.


      1. Quite easy to implement since the framework is already there.

      2. Separation of quantity values from transaction values in the GL - more transparancy

      3. Enables cash-flow statement according to the direct method as required in financial reporting of many groups of companies

      4. Enables standard reports (tax development, provision development, cash development, fixed asset balances, inventory changes) or makes it easier to create from GL (using financial reporting)

      5. Reduces number of required GL accounts

      This kind of "movement" or "flow" analysis is almost always required by customers but so far hardly supported by D365. The extension brings big improvements by low effort.

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      direct view of main account postings

      Suggested by Kristi WeekleyPlanned 3
      Category: General Ledger

      When looking for an GL-account, for example in General ledger > accounts > main accounts there is no possibility in Operations furthermore to directly have a look on the postings. Instead a time consuming trial balance has to be run (for all accounts) before the account can be selected to view the transactions. From the technical point of view this may be ok. But from the view of an accountant not. An accountant needs the possibility to quickly access the transactions of a main account like he could in former Ax-Versions.

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      Option to set financial dimension values automatically for items, customers, vendors, project, etc.

      Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardPlanned 8
      Category: General Ledger


      D365 ships with a lot of automatic financial dimensions such as the customer, vendor, project, etc., which are automatically crated at the time a new customer, vendor, project, etc. is created.

      Quite unfortunate is the fact that those financial dimensions are automatically created but not automatically assigned. That is, even though a financial dimension for a customer, vendor, Project, etc. is created, users have to assign that value manually to the customer, vendor, Project master.


      Create new parameters that allows setting those financial dimensions automatically without any user interaction.

      Thank you and best regards,


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      Currency revaluation: IFRS IAS 21 not fulfilled in Dynamics

      Suggested by Cristina CarcelenUnder Review 9
      Category: General Ledger

      When running the currency revaluation for the general ledger, it is only possible to separate the accounts to which the currency profit/loss is posted to is only able to control per ledger or per currency.

      However, it difficult to fulfil the IAS 21 requirements on how to handle exchange differences. 

      The IFRS (IAS 21) states that you should report exchange differences differently depending on if they arise from monetary or non-monetary items. Furthermore, exchange differences they should even be posted to different accounting classes (equity vs profit or loss) depending on the source (monetary/non-monetary).

      The only way to control this would be if it was possible to set the unrealized/realized profit/loss accounts for currency revaluation on an account level but as this is not possible in D365 for Operations the only advice we can give the customer is to either treat revaluation manually for one of the item types, manually reverse and re-post part of the transaction or run the revaluation multiple times and between the runs change the setup on the ledger/currency back and forth.

      However, due to the massive manual work this will cause the customer and the fact that it is an IFRS requirement driving this, this should be consider as a new funciotnality for future versions.

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      Intercompany transactions recognation with dimension not just with main account

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 5
      Category: General Ledger

      Customers Group structure includes many companies e.g. 20 companies in one or many countries. Intercompany transactions need main account at least for IC accounts receivables/payables, sales, purchases. In this scenario with current standard functionalities customer would need to setup many intercompany main accounts. Worst case this might mean many hundred intercompany main accounts. We have not done this but created just few intercompany main accounts and use with this one dimension to separate transactions inside main account. So we have dimension with values of legal entity e.g. in contoso USMF, USSI etc. We would like to have this dimension option to be available in needed intercompany functionalities in AX/Operations e.g. creating intercompany invoices (customer/vendor) and in adjustment. We have faced modification needs in Project accounting but this concerns many other modules too.
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      Be able to change the names of the custom posting layers

      Suggested by Henrik JaegerPlanned 1
      Category: General Ledger

      7 additional posting layers have been added in Dynamics 365 for Operations - I would like to suggest that the names of these additional posting layers can be changed to reflect what the individual posting layer is used for (preferable with the ability to provide language specific descriptions)

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      Ability to put default financial dimensions on the grid control

      Suggested by Hendy BudionoNew 0
      Category: General Ledger

      I would be great to have the ability to show and edit and filter the financial dimensions on the grid. This will help clients to easily identified the dimensions of the records across the system.

      Before AX2012 we have ability to put financial dimensions on the grid, without any modification. This was one of the most common requests that we received from our clients.
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      Configuration Enhancement of Default Descriptions

      Suggested by Bjarne MikkelsenNew 1
      Category: General Ledger

      Organization administration -> Setup -> Default descriptions

      Description: Vendor - payment, ledger

      Description: Vendor - payment, vendor


      As in Ax2012 it is not possible to configure new Optional variables unless they are publish in the Reference table in Parameters section. These can be published by extension, but specific in Payment, it would be great to have more reference tables by default. (And not something we need to extend for each customer) :)

      For the Description "Vendor - payment, vendor" only "Vendor Transactions" is available. 

      Needed: Vendors


      For the Description "Vendor - payment, ledger" no reference is available. 

      Needed: Vendors & Vendor Transactions


      For the Description "Customer - invoice, ledger" reference Customer invoice journal and Customer free text invoice is available. 

      Needed: Customer free text invoice lines



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      Support multi-ledgers - Transalate reporting currency from transactions currency,

      Suggested by Mohamed AamerUnder Review 11
      Category: General Ledger

      Companies who works with a double ledger : one statutory in EUR (= accounting currency) , one IFRS in USD (= reporting currency).
      Their mandatory need is to be able to obtain, in real time, a direct valuation in their reporting currency (USD) of all their inputs entered in transaction currency (whichever it might be).

      Example  : If the transaction currency is GBP, the accounting currency is EUR and the reporting currency is USD, we need to convert GBP to EUR and GBP to USD.
      Of course, all foreign currency revaluation processes (customer, vendor and general ledger modules) have to follow the same rule of accounting.

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      Dimension Segments to be displayed in separate columns

      Suggested by Arun KoyuNew 2
      Category: General Ledger

      In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Trial Balance (General Journal > Inquiries and reports > Trial balance) is displayed with Main accounts and Dimension segments in separate columns. This is enabled by the parameter "Display segments in separate columns". Hence, when the Trial Balance is exported to excel, all segments are exported into separate columns in Excel too.
      Similar functionality is also required in all other places where we view financial transactions viz. Voucher transactions (General Journal > Inquiries and reports > Voucher transactions). Currently, when Voucher transactions (posted data) are exported into excel, segments and main account is combined into a single column, and hence not understandable which segment value belongs to which Segment.