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      GS1-128 barcodes

      Suggested by Craig CameronUnder Review 9
      Category: Warehouse management

      Many AX / D365 customers have supply chain requirements that include scanning barcodes that are formatted to the GS1-128 standard. This includes barcodes that have multiple data elements where each element starts with an Application identifier and can either be fixed or variable length.

      1. For use with the D365 Warehouse App and WHSWorkExecute

      2. Parameters to signify special characters for "start of barcode", "end of barcode" and "end of variable length barcode segment"

      3. New table for GS1-128 Application identifiers e.g. 00 = SSCC (Licence plate), 10 = Batch etc.

      4. New table to map the Warehouse App fields to individual barcode segments e.g. 00 = Licence plate, 10 = Batch

      5. A single scan of a barcode that includes multiple data elements, each with its own GS1-128 Application identifier, will populate all associated fields, e.g. during Purchase receive, one scan will populate Batch + Batch date + Expiry date

      6. Scanning will include the removal of the Application identifier e.g. 00012345678012345678 will be processed as Licence plate = 012345678012345678

      7. Applies to all Warehouse App activities that involve the scan of a barcode

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      Advanced warehousing and Purchase order receiving

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 9
      Category: Warehouse management

      The purchase receiving process has an issue. Mobile client brings the PO line to 'registered' - Nobody in warehouse or office is willing to go to each PO and individually click a "Product receipt" for the registered lines - Batch program in advanced warehousing exists to bring PO lines to "received" status using a LOAD number - So we can auto-create Loads for each PO via a parameter in Transportation - then the batch program , filtering on "inbound" and "open" load status could theoretically handle this.. all PO lines become "received" after being "registered" within a few minutes. But then we still have a Load in status 'received' which is not the final status. somebody will have to manually go to each Load (and we have one load per PO) and say "confirm inbound shipment".. and only then will the load be 'shipped' and disappear from the radar screen. No batch exists to "auto confirm inbound shipments". What can be done to streamline the PO receiving process in advanced warehousing? We would like to request a batch program that processes "registered" PO lines to "received" and also confirms the inbound shipment. There is no business added value to have that last step as a manual step

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      Catch weight in WHS process

      Suggested by Simon BuxtonPlanned 14
      Category: Warehouse management

      Although there are third party solution for this, they come with a larger suite of code that over-layers the standard code. They are also expensive for what new customer sees that should come as standard.

      Customers that need to use catch weight cannot use WHS, and the change required is very hard to write without over-layering the standard product. 

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      Put away of a mixed license plate with the Warehousing APP

      Suggested by Laurens van der TangUnder Review 2
      Category: Warehouse management

      If the supplier delivers a pallet with mixed items, D365 for Operations assigns one license plate to this pallet. When you do the put away process, the warehouse app proposes the items which you have to scan. This is not handy in case of different items. Actually you would have the option to scan a random item of the pallet. 

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      Location blocking for Inbound/Outbound

      Suggested by Nicholas CramNew 3
      Category: Warehouse management

      Could we have some sort of automation for configuration so we don't have to add extra lines to the Location directive action queries just to filter out locations that are blocked for inbound/outbound? e.g. a tick-box on Location directive actions "Use location blocking codes". Would just add a line to the query. Or alternatively a global parameter (or per warehouse) which enforces this.

      Simple but would save precious setup hours as we currently need to do this manually on ALL put actions.

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      Support Direct Delivery with Advanced Warehousing

      Suggested by Zach GreenvossPlanned 6
      Category: Warehouse management

      Currently the direct delivery functionality is blocked on a warehouse that implements the Advanced Warehousing functionality.  Please remove this restriction and allow this functionality to work across all warehouses.

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      Warehouse processes for vendor returns

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezUnder Review 8
      Category: Warehouse management

      A vendor return is created (purchase order with negative lines) for an intercompany vendor in company A. This generates an intercompany sales return order in company B.
      Now it's required to ship to goods from company A using WHS processes, but in the purchase order there is no way to "Release to warehouse". Therefore all the capabilities of the warehouse processed cannot be used for shipping returned godos to vendors.

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      FEFO batch reservation for replenishment

      Suggested by Martin EggerPlanned 6
      Category: Warehouse management

      The FEFO batch reservation strategy for replenishment is missing. It should be implemented in the same way as the FEFO batch reservation for the sales order work order type in the location directive actions.

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      LP grouping for the Report as finished process AX2012/D365

      Suggested by Ørjan EideNew 3
      Category: Warehouse management

      There is no LP grouping support for the Report as finished process, as we know from purchase product receipt. That means that we need the parameter "License plate grouping" in the Mobile Device menu items for the "Report as finished" work creation prosess.
      This change will make us able to "bulk" RAF for many pallets. Now we have to RAF one pallet at a time. That is not fast and efficiently enough for our customers.
      Please apply this for both AX2012 and D365, thank you.

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      WMS App language mix in Android

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezPlanned 5
      Category: Warehouse management

      If one turns to the Android system in English, some labels in English are displayed and some continue in German.
      The language setting in the AX user does not matter.
      For example there is English/German mix at logon screen and also when you click on Replenishment menu.
      Application version: 7.2.11792.56024
      Platform version: 7.0.4565.16212