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    Vendor bank account workflow

    Suggested by Mahesh RajputPlanned 4
    Category: Vendor portal

    Currently, there is no workflow related to changes in the vendor bank accounts. This is a very common scenario in the business to validate and approve bank accounts, before they are used.   

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    Workflow to approve the creation of vendor

    Suggested by Robert RuddPlanned 7
    Category: Vendor portal

    The creation of vendors can lead to expenditure being spread over more vendors thus increase managements costs and decreasing the concentration of expenditure, reducing bargaining power.  To overcome this, I am proposing a feature to add workflow to the creation of a vendor.

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    Vendor portal - fonts, logos, color schemes.

    Suggested by Douglas MorencyNew 5
    Category: Vendor portal

    Please add the ability to define fonts, logos, and color schemes for the Vendor portal that are unique/independent from the D365FO setups. So that when the vendor logs into the portal, their UI is different from internal users accessing D365FO application.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to define separate fonts, logos, and color schemes per legal entity within D365FO.

    Thank you,
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    Allow for batchable late selection for 'Send purchase order for confirmation'

    Suggested by Dennis ThieNew 0
    Category: Vendor portal

    The vendor collaboration functionality allows for purchase order confirmations. For a vendor to be able to see and confirm a purchase order, a user of the organisation should manually send one or multiple purchase orders for vendor confirmation.

    Sending purchase orders for vendor confirmation allows for the late selection functionality, but lacks a batch functionality. This limits an organization to setup a recurring batch job that automatically sends purchase orders in a specific state for vendor confirmation. Please allow this to be batchable.

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    Allow vendors to reply to quotes in the Vendor Collaboration Workspace

    Suggested by Michelle MonninNew 0
    Category: Vendor portal

    We had this functionality in AX2012.  If we publish an RFQ to a Vendor Collaboration enabled vendor, and log in as the vendor, there is no way for the vendor to now enter a RFQ response.

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    Vendor collaboration functionality to allow for master data management

    Suggested by Dennis ThiePlanned 2
    Category: Vendor portal

    I would suggest to extend the vendor collaboration functionality to allow for external users of vendors to manage the vendors' master data and addresses, contact details, etcetera.

    It would be required that the organization has control over which master data can be changed. Some changes could also require approval, both from the vendor and within the organization using Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, so any form of (simple) workflow would extend the possible use of this functionality

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    France: ISO20022 Credit transfer - Structured payment information

    Suggested by Timo TenniNew 0
    Category: Vendor portal

    French banking organization and standardization committee (CFONB) recommendation is to use Unstructred payment information for payments based on pain.001 format. The current design of generating pain.001 files in Operations is based on this recommendation.

    The suggestion here is to allow user to choose wheather to use Structured or Unstructed payment information when generating the paymen file. If structured is chosen and the payment id is available, the payment id is transferred to the payment file as Structured payment information.
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    Vendor cannot see invoice details after invoice is approved

    Suggested by Smriti BhattacharyaNew 0
    Category: Vendor portal

    As a vendor user I should be able to see the details of the Invoices even after approved and unpaid/paid by company in the Vendor Collaboration Portal
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    Allow direct Skype communication between Orderer and Vendor

    Suggested by Jörg MeyerNew 0
    Category: Vendor portal

    I like to see a feature allowing direct communication between an Orderer and an external vendor portal user.

    This could ideally be via Skype for Business from within D365 or via electronic mail, by clicking e.g. the contact/user of the respective other party.