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      T&A / Undo "calculate" when "approve" is checked

      Suggested by Laura CojanNew 0
      Category: Time and attendance

      There is a scenario which would need to be considered to have it changed. Hierarchy is not taken into consideration during the calculation/approval and transfer step.
      In Time and Attendance, the calculation Is performed by a team leader or supervisor. A calculation group can be set up in order to be sure that the team leader/supervisor can view information about the workers in his/her team. However, the approval step is performed by a different person, the payroll administrator, for whom an approval group can be as well created. If the payroll administrator has approved, after thorough analysis the registrations, it is not desired that the team leader/ supervisor, would be able to override the approval, by undoing the calculation.
      By doing so, the team/leader, supervisor would go over the authority of the next manager in the hierarchy.
      Whenever a change would need to be made in the registration, before undoing the calculation, the change would need to be prior agreed with the next level manager.
      Currently this is not possible, as the system, allows the users to undo calculation.
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      Punch clock app - To solve timeout issues at time registation terminals

      Suggested by Preben Amilcare MortensenNew 2
      Category: Time and attendance

      We have a  PC which functions as a terminal for clock-in and clock-out is logged on with the user The pc is set up with autologon and in startup there is a shortcut to the interface for clock-in/clock-out.

      This is working fine, but when authentication timeout occurs this will leave the terminal in a non-operable mode until someone clicks the login again and the page refreshes.


      We would suggest that Microsoft creates a "Punch Clock App" to be used for terminals clock in/out. Solve the issues with timeouts and the interface would be created for a touch screen.

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      Migration the JmgWorkPlanner form

      Suggested by ERIC FRESNEAUNew 0
      Category: Time and attendance

      As we can read it in the depreciated features list, the code has not been removed but the form JmgWorkPlanner, was not migrated cause you guess that this form isn't really used onto the 2012 AX version. We don't agree at all.
      This is a very very user friendly interface !!! We need it to convince our customers to migrate under D365.
      From our point of you, it'sn't a big effort for you - 99% of the functionnality is in place - so please finish the job, add the entry point and check security.
      I really thank you !!!!
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      Time Attendance / Calculate Approve / Default project Category

      Suggested by Gualtiero DellaroleNew 0
      Category: Time and attendance

      Working with Calculate and Approve in Time and Attendance , it should be fine to have the same inhereditance rule for PROJECT CATEGORY when inserting new line by PROJECT or PROJECT ACTIVITY for actual/planned work made.

      The rule  should be the same when inserting line in a PROJECT HOUR JOURNAL (category is inheredited from Employe, i.e. in the employee project setup, or from ACTIVITY PROJECT, i.e. Work Breakdown Structure and so on).

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      Flex overview report should have a parameter for page break per employee

      Suggested by Preben Amilcare MortensenNew 1
      Category: Time and attendance

      In the "Flex overview report" employees are printed on separate pages. When printing the report for a specific day, we get one line per page. That is not a good solution to get an overview of the currenct flex balances. 

      It would be great to have a parameter in the report saying if you want the result printed as a list or separated on one page per employee. 

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      Intercompany timesheet posting in the Lending company requires the Ledger Posting type of All to allow the posting

      Suggested by Marian WriceNew 0
      Category: Time and attendance

      On posting the timesheet created in the lending company, an error will be thrown saying that no account exists for the account type Cost. This is because in the existing logic the ledger dimension is searched based on project account type ‘Cost’ and not based on any project Id or category id. Hence the ledger dimension is searched for all the default values(All projects, all category record) other than for project account type in the posting profiles of the lending company. As there is no record present for All projects, all category in the posting profiles of the lending company (i.e. GBSI), on posting the timesheet the error will be thrown saying “no account exists for the account type Cost”.

      Our customer would like to have the ability for the Lending company to use the account seutp for either the Category or the Project.

      Feedback from the partner and the customer:
      I can see issues with having to use an All option for posting of inter-company transactions. I don’t know why they haven’t allowed using the project/ project group and category/category group from projects in another company when doing the cost postings in the lending company. There is nothing stopping a company from setting other company project/category group to control posting cost on inter-company postings – they chose to do it to control their postings. This is just normal posting behavior, if the specific doesn’t exist, fall back to group or the all. Not allowing it, limits users ability to control postings and potential mix intercompany cots postings with other normal project postings for the company. Anyway feels like someone has put blinkers on for this and taken a very small view.
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      Add detail to Project stage Closed does not allow recording in this project message

      Suggested by Mark RossonNew 1
      Category: Time and attendance

      The scenario is if a user creates a timesheet & add multiple lines when all project have an open status, save the timesheet which leaves it in draft

      If you then update one of the projects status to closed & attempt submit timesheet to workflow/post the timesheet this results in the message 'Project stage Closed does not allow recording in this project' been displayed.

      As there is no reference as to which project is closed when this scenario occurs it is difficult for the user to identify easily which one is closed.

      Can the message be enhanced so the project id is also mentioned.
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      Possibility to create payroll periods that begin in a middle of a month and end in the middle of the following month

      Suggested by Adam DziewieckiNew 0
      Category: Time and attendance

      Possibility to create monthly payroll periods that begin in a middle of a month and end in the middle of the following month, e.g. from 16/1 to 15/2.
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      Ability to select a US State on Project Timesheet Entry

      Suggested by Shyamala SivalingamNew 0
      Category: Time and attendance

      The US working law requires the ability to track whether work was performed in the worker's home state or within a different state. This is required in order to establish whether a worker would need to be registered for tax within the state where work was performed. In order to achieve this, there needs to be an easy way to select the state where work was performed when a worker enters their timesheets.

      Work location. The state in which the worker performed the timesheet line entry.