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    Online calculation in decimal fields (amounts/quantities)

    Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 8
    Category: Tax

    In previous versions of Dynamics AX (AX 2012 and before) it was possible to enter a calculation in decimal fields. e.g. 1000*1.21. The result was an amount : 1210. In the current version of Dynamics 365 this is not possible anymore. This is a much requested feature by namely accounting users. They use it a lot for calculating amounts to add or subtract Sales Tax.
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    Update County of Origin automatically for intercompany Sales Orders

    Suggested by Lina BalandeNew 0
    Category: Tax

    Currently when you generate automatically intercompany Sales Order country of origin will always be blank even if value is populated on the item master. This means Intrastat for EU countries will be missing correct Country of origin or end-user needs to go and update every single Sales Order line with the correct country of origin before relevant Purchase order is created. It would be great improvement if this value could be transferred from the original order or copied from the item master.
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    EU Sales list Swedish file format

    Suggested by Ylva SjögreenNew 0
    Category: Tax

    The file EU Sales list is currently available in Electronic reporting repositories for a number of countries. In Sweden we need to use the EU Sales list by columns report, manually modify the file for the Swedish tax authority, and save to CSV. Our customers are asking for a standard file format for Sweden.

    Swedish tax authority's file specification (in Swedish)




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    Intrastat Generation Form

    Suggested by Gonzalo Martinez Garcia de CastroNew 2
    Category: Tax

    All the Intrastat functionality is available for all the EU countries as it is an European tax requirement. But the "Transfer" button on the top menu of the form which allows the user to bring all the EU trade transactions based on the criteria specified on the dialog window of the process, it isn't available for countries with no support by Microsoft on local requirements, such us Republic of Ireland or Portugal. As this process it's not a local requirement or country specific, it is just a easier and comfortable way to fill the Intrastat form (common functionality for all EU countries), companies from Republic of Ireland or Portugal should be able to use the functionality and the filter of the button should be changed as blank to allows every EU country.

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    FIN/Finland: Need new feature to report VAT electronically from D365

    Suggested by Trude NjaaNew 1
    Category: Tax

    Customers in Finland request to be able to report VAT information to their tax authorities electronically straight from the system. Therefore, they require the possibility to export the Finnish VAT report from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as xml format or other format which the Finnish tax authorities will accept for upload.

    While in Finland there still are other ways to report companie's VAT to the authorities, since the country is one of the world's leading countries in online services, it is only a matter of time for VAT electronic reporting to become mandatory.. Recently, all new prospects and customers in Finland require this functionality to avoid manual work and risks related to manual reporting. 

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    VAT Groups - legal requirement

    Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardNew 1
    Category: Tax


    Some countries in the European Union have a special legal requirement related to VAT that is not covered in the standard application. The requirement is about VAT groups which requires that one company files the VAT on behalf of other companies. As this is a legal local requirement for example in Germany and Austria, a standard functionality for VAT groups shoul be available in the standard application.

    Thank you,


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    Withholding tax payment should consider vendor account from tax authorities

    Suggested by Annaick BoudinNew 1
    Category: Tax

    Vendor account is set on Withholding tax authorities. But when withholding tax payment is generated, no transactions is posted on vendor account.


    Withholding tax payment should be working as tax payment. Transactions is expected to be posted on vendor account.

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    Suggested by Izabelle MazeteNew 0
    Category: Tax

    Conforme IN Nº 1701/2017,  foi instituído a Escrituração Fiscal de retenções e outras Informações Fiscais (EFD-Reinf) a partir de  1º de janeiro de 2018.

    Temos aproximadamente 15 clientes que precisam dessa obrigação no AX.

    Aguardamos um retorno quanto a disponibilização dessa funcionalidade no sistema.


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    sales tax list does not show incoming tax values from vendor invoice journal

    Suggested by Susanne FiedlerNew 0
    Category: Tax

    (AX2012 R2) General ledger / Reports / Transactions / sales tax list does not Show tax value and Details of invoices that have been created in vendor invoice Journals. It Shows their sales tax Charge though.
    The Report Shows all values propery for invoices that have been generated in purchase orders.
    I think the Report should Show all taxes on incoming invoices, no matter which source they have.
    Currently, tax reconciliation is not possible with this Report as soon as there is one invoice not posted via purchase order.

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    New feature for applying the tax percents through values

    Suggested by Luis Miguel Lobo JiménezNew 0
    Category: Tax

    I miss a new tax feature in the 'Sales tax codes' (ex. Values applied over Invoice date - Yes/No), to decide if the dates assigned over the 'Sales tax code values' are applied using the 'Date' (standard) or the 'Invoice date' (new feature), both dates assigned to the invoice journal line entry.


    This new feature would permit us to decide which % will be applied over de invoice journal line entry depending of this new field.


    Thank you all and kind regards.