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      Alerts functionality missing in Dynamics 365 for Operations

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 46
      Category: System administration

      Alerts are not on the list of deprecated features for Dynamics 365 for Operations, but they are currently not available. We've been told Alerts will be delivered at some point, but currently aren't scheduled for a specific release. We are using Dynamics 365 for Operations as a platform for building an operational construction project management solution. Alerts are a key foundational element of the solution. We initially started development using Dynamics AX2012 R3, but the Microsoft product team helped us upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Operations during the summer of 2016. Alerts were used pervasively in our AX2012 R3 solution. After the upgrade, we became aware that alerts are no longer available. We have a pilot scheduled for June 2017 and need alerts functionality. Please include alerts in the next update.

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      Attachments Indicator - In Dynamics 365 for Operations we have lost the lit-up functionality of the paperclip. This is a big loss. Users have no idea whether there are notes or documents attached to transactions.

      Suggested by Microsoft – Completed 14
      Category: System administration

      In Operations we have lost the lit-up functionality of the paperclip. This is a big loss. Users have no idea whether there are notes or documents attached to transactions. We request strongly that something is invented to bring this functionality back like we had it. A color change, or even better, an entirely new picture instead of a paperclip that really draws attention to the user.

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      Extend cross company data sharing feature for more than 100 legal entities

      Suggested by Patrik LucaNew 0
      Category: System administration

      Currently the cross company data sharing feature is limited to 100 legal entities.
      Extend this, so more legal entities can be included in the sharing policy.
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      Option to easily ad table to data log

      Suggested by Andreas MörkerNew 0
      Category: System administration

      When in any form and going to "Options - Record info" it would be a neat feature to add a button (activate data log) for easily logging the tables present within the form.

      Now it's a struggle to figure out, which tables are present in a form and then log them.
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      Infolog maximum length and no possibility to filter/ export

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 1
      Category: System administration

      Since MS Dynamics 365 for Operations there is new Info Log design available. The info log itself has a Maximum length of 1000 entries and Shows Information and Errors without the possibility to filter by Default on Errors only. Also it's not possible to Export to e. g. MS Excel and do any filtering there. (which was possible in AX 2012 and before)
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      Provide an entity for transferring usersettings between environments

      Suggested by Manuel SchöpfUnder Review 1
      Category: System administration

      Hi all,

      as there is currently only a very circuitous way to transfer usersettings between environments, it would be nice to have an entitiy to do this via the datamanagement menue in D365.

      By now we have to export every single setting via the personalization form (system administration -> setup -> personalization).

      So I think providing an entity would be a useful step.



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      Allow an attached documents to be opened, edited and saved

      Suggested by David MoodieUnder Review 0
      Category: System administration

      It is useful when holding additional information against a record by means of an attached document/excel to be able to open the document, update, then save back again. In D365, opening the document downloads it, and you have to re-save, then re-upload. 

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      Batch delegation of workflow items

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 4
      Category: System administration

      When a user leaves or is on annual leave the systems adminstrator needs to delegate workflow items to an alternative user. Whilst all new items can be setup to automaticaly delegate existign workflow items need to be delegated 1 item at a time. It woudl be beneficial for the system adninistrator to have the ability to highlight a batch of workflow items and delegate work items based on a user and/or Entity. This should be for all workflow items, POs, Invoices and journals.
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      Azure AD User group authentication

      Suggested by Mahesh RajputUnder Review 5
      Category: System administration

      In AX2012, there was a nice feature to give access to AD user group, which was very useful. Similar feature does no exists in dynamics 365 for operations. 

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      Default "Send notifications by email" workflow setting to Yes upon creating a New User

      Suggested by Drew ForwardUnder Review 1
      Category: System administration

      When a new user is first added to Dynamics 365 and Workflow is enabled to the company, there is an extremely purposeful step that needs to be done.  For any user that wants to receive workflow notifications via email, this boolean flag needs to be on otherwise they will not get emails as expected.


      Why is this parameter not set to "Yes" by default?  Given that the business world is very email centric, wouldn't a default of Yes make more sense?  Having this set as no, and ensuring a system administrator sets this to Yes for all new users seems to be a drain of time on multiple users in the system:

      - The System Administrator to ensure this is set upon new user setup

      - The participants in the workflow (the one waiting on approval, and the individual who requires to approve the business document).  Without email notifications, one party could be waiting for a while, while the other will be unaware that a document requires approval.

      - IT support to troubleshoot why workflow participants are not getting emails


      To recap, the suggestion is to ensure that the User Options setting to receive workflow notifications is set to Yes by default instead of No upon User creation.