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      Item requirements included in the service order margin report

      Suggested by Allan PoulsenPlanned 0
      Category: Service Management

      The service order margin report should also include item requirements. If item requirements are attached to a service order, the margin calculated is wrong and can cause losses due to faulty information of total cost and revenue for a service order.

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      Add sequence as a sorting criteria for dispatching

      Suggested by Henrik OxlundNew 2
      Category: Service Management

      Add sequence as a sorting criteria for dispatching

      Business case: Customer re plan batch orders on daily basis to align with late changes of demand or equipment disturbance.

      Issue with current support: Sequence concept is only supported on planned order level


      Sequence as sorting code in dispatching from

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      Tracing functionality should be linked to Service orders

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezUnder Review 0
      Category: Service Management

      A finished item that is serial number controlled is produced including a raw material that is batch controlled. For example BOM serial S01 contains COMPONENT batch B01. This BOM is sold.

      Later, a Service order is created for BOM serial S01 and the Component B01 is replaced with batch number B02.

      At this point there is no way to trace that now BOM serial S01 contains Component B02 and not B01, all tracing shows as it has B01.


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      Mobile Application for Service Management and Documentation on Docs

      Suggested by Nancy PhillippiRejected 0
      Category: Service Management

      There is nothing on any of the Roadmap anywhere for Service Management.  It is in D365E though.  There is nothing in the Docs site either.  This all needs to be updated and we need a mobile app for Service Management.  



      Nancy Phillippi

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      Mobile Application

      Suggested by Nancy PhillippiNew 0
      Category: Service Management

      Are there plans for a mobile application for service management?