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      Customer collaboration portal or workspace

      Suggested by John MawbeyUnder Review 5
      Category: Sales and marketing

      Develop ability for a Customer collaboration portal or workspace similar to the Vendor collaboration that was released.  I could not find any mention of a customer portal for Dynamics 365 for Operations to be released.

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      Customer record of type “Person” should create contact automatically

      Suggested by Samantha SaidPlanned 1
      Category: Sales and marketing

      When creating a customer that has a type of person, the expectation is that the customer contact automatically creates a corresponding contact record.

      This was raised to the Product Team via Dynamics 384579.


      Replication steps:

      1. Accounts Receivable> Create a new customer record with Type: Person
      Customer account: 222111
      Type: Person
      First name: Firstname
      Customer Group: 10

      2. Accounts> Contacts> View Contacts
      No contact is created

      Given the customer is of person type, the expectation is that the customer contact automatically creates a corresponding contact record.

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      Ability to automatically set "To Date" on any active Trade Agreement

      Suggested by Renato GattaiNew 5
      Category: Sales and marketing


      I'd like to suggest a feature to the Trade Agreements functionality. Sometimes Trade Agreement lines are created without specifying a value in the "To date", meaning that these prices will be active indefinitely. I suggest that a check box is available in the Trade Agreement Journal Line and if such option is set to 'Yes' the system will then retire any existing active trade agreement for the given scenario.

      The objective is to allow users to deactivate existing active trade agreements by posting a new one. The new feature (if developed in form of a checkbox/option) must also be available in the data entity "Open Sales Price Journal Lines".

      This feature should also be extended to all Trade Agreement relations:

      Purchase Price and Discount
      Sales Price and Discount

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      Deduction Workbench - Allow the matching of credits on the customer account

      Suggested by Stacy BlackNew 2
      Category: Sales and marketing

      This idea includes process in both Accounts receivable and Sales and Marketing modules.


      When a Deduction transaction is made in Accounts receivable there is no method to match this deduction to a credit on the customer account without using the Settle transactions function on the Customer record.


      By allowing the Customer transactions to be seen in the lower screen and allow the Deduction to be matched to the available credit in the Deduction workbench adds incredible value to this functionality and improves the experience for Collection managers.


      Please make this option available in your next release.

      Thank you,

      Stacy Black

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      Ability to search released products by customer/vendor External Item Number on SO/PO line

      Suggested by Laura MedberyNew 5
      Category: Sales and marketing

      A frequent requirement for business processes is the ability for sales and procurement to search on the sales/purchase order line by an external item number. Customization is required on every implementation to accommodate the client. 

      There are translations available through the EDI process, however, EDI is not used by many mom & pop shops which submit their orders via email or fax.

      The ability to search by a customer's or vendor's external item description offers greater productivity to our clients via increased speed of order entry and minimizing errors.

      Likewise, this functionality allows Microsoft clients greater flexibility and efficiency in serving their customers, creating an enhanced user experience for all parties involved.


      Laura Medbery

      Business Analyst

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      Derive sales tax group form project in Project Free Text Invoice

      Suggested by Bart VermeulenNew 0
      Category: Sales and marketing

      In project you have the option to derive the sales tax group from the project or via a waterfall method (Project-Project Contract-Customer Account-Search)

      This option only applies to project sales orders and not to project free text invoices. In the project free text invoices you only have the option to derive the sales tax group from the customer.

      in case the project must overrule this salex tax group (project is leading over customer), due to specific types project work, you can always manually change this on the project free text invoice.

      This is a very time consuming job, specifaclly if the project free text invocies are being created via an interface

      De facto we have al the needed information in the system.
      a) setup in Proj & Accs setup to derive the sales tax group from the project
      b) project is linked to a sales tax group
      c) customer is linked to a sales tax group
      d) project, project category and possibly activity is selected on free text invoice line

      so when creating a free text invoice without project : sales tax group from customer
      when creating a free text invoice with project and setup a) to d) is completed we will derive the sales tax group from the project

      Both flows exist next to each other and will be triggerd via an existing config parameter
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      Entity Sales process

      Suggested by Sam AudooreNew 4
      Category: Sales and marketing

      I'm currently working on a D365 FO project and have to create a lot of new legal entities.
      I am setting these new LE's up via the data management functionality of D365.

      For the moment there is no entity available to upload the sales processes and the underlying details.

      Idea and general business requirement is to create legal entity to upload sales process and underlying details.

      Kinds regards
      Sam Audoore
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      Contact person data entity

      Suggested by Ola TrættebergNew 1
      Category: Sales and marketing

      The scenario is that you need to import contact persons for customers.

      The information you have is information on the contact person (like name and phone) and the customer number it is related to.

      In 365, the relation from contact person to customer is based on the customer’s partynumber. This partynumber is unknown for the external part, there we only know the customer number.

      So, how do we handle this scenario? Is it is right now, it is not possible to use the customer number as part of the import file, since there is no convert from customer number to party number in the smmContactPersonEntity.

      Our request is the possibility to have i.e. customer number as part of the data to import and have a method in the smmContactPersonEntity to use this number to set the AssociatedPartyNumber in the entity.

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      Customer Collaboration Workspace

      Suggested by Sachin GandhiRejected 2
      Category: Sales and marketing

      Implement a customer collaboration portal to allow customers to check on status of their orders, download quality test reports, etc. 

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      Improved support for unit of measure conversions for trade agreements

      Suggested by Nicholas CramNew 0
      Category: Sales and marketing

      Companies often setup general pricing in "ea", but may also sell to some customers in "cartons", "pallets", or other units of measure.

      If sales orders are entered in both "ea" and "cartons" then prices (trade agremements) needs to be duplicated to hold the unit price in both "ea" and "cartons".

      I suggest that a function to automate conversion of trade agreements. The system will auto-generate "child" trade agreements for different units of measure, for any qualifying trade agreement. Any updates to the trade agreement will automatically filter through the child agreements.