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      Provide customers with a real time read only copy of the Dynamics 365 for operations database

      Suggested by Jason LamUnder Review 58
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      I have a need to access a ready-only copy of the AX business database that is sync'd in real time. We can then sync this database to our own azure sql database for reporting purposes.

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      Modern Document Formats and Print Management

      Suggested by Joel LeichtyUnder Review 24
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      Every external facing document needs to be professionally formatted in standard D365FO using the new Modern formats framework, and these formats should ship with the product. Documents should include the typical fields most customers want. These documents should either be extensible or there should be a documented process for copying the standard document and modifying it. Print management needs to be improved so all modern forms of document transmission are supported.

      Every document means:

      • Any document I might transmit to a Customer or Vendor, pretty much any document covered by Print Management.

      • The documents are part of D365FO when it is deployed, without any modifications.

      Professionally formatted means:

      • The document was reviewed by a graphic designer.

      • Acceptable logo sizes and ppi are documented.

      • The document works with both Letter and A4 paper sizes.

      • The margins on the document are even and consistent.

      • Multi-page documents are tested, don't leave extra white-space on the page, and have appropriate minimalist headers and footers.

      Typical fields means:

      • Microsoft has surveyed the user community for what fields they include on each document type, and have included the ones that are common to a majority of customers.

      • Global requirements have been considered (i.e. Banking, Tax fields, Dates that are clear no matter what country is viewing the document).

      Print management improvements means:

      • Ability to transmit a document using Exchange, SMTP, or Local Outlook.

      • Ability to use GER to transmit a document.

      • Ability to have a "Modern" formatted email template with wildcards from the Source journal record.

      • Ability to control the file name in an Email or File.

      • Ability to use some concept of Print archive, so the actual PDF that was sent is always recorded in a way the user can easily retrieve it.

      Please add your comments with any additional requirements not listed above.

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      Ability to define "Body" in print management email settings.

      Suggested by Mahesh RajputUnder Review 9
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      On print management settings to send commercial documents via email, system only gives an option to specify "Subject". System should allow users to specify generic body for the email. Ideally, this should be linked to email templates to specify dynamics variables in the body. 


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      Restriction while exporting large data from Dynamics 365 Operations

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 9
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      When we export large data from Dynamics 365 Operations to an excel, the data is not copied completely and is restricted to 2000 rows only. We have to export the remaining rows once again to the excel to get the whole data. It will be good, if there is no such restriction and the data can be exported to an excel completely at a time.
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      Document Routing Agent as a multithreaded service, and multiple instances

      Suggested by Rich BlackNew 1
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      The Document Routing Agent (DRA) should support multiple instances of the service on a single machine, should process multiple jobs (to different printers) in parallel, and should run as a service for precision documents.


      These are the current design constraints:

      1. The DRA currently runs as a Windows service only for documents that do not have custom margins (aka "precision documents") so this means that all precision documents must be printed through a DRA that is running as an application in a user session on a server.  If the server ever restarts, a user has to go in and manually start the DRA.

      2. Also, the DRA processes print jobs, even those to different printers, in serial, causing delays to print jobs at different locations and different printers.

      3. Additionally, only one instance of the DRA can run on a single server.

      The workaround for these constraints is to install a DRA for individual printers or locations on individual servers, and for precision documents, to run them as an application.  This is untenable for customers requiring concurrent printing capabilities for precision documents across tens or hundreds of individual locations.


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      Document Routing Agent not usable with secure printing solutions

      Suggested by Lukas MichelNew 2
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      This refers to Premier Support case no. 117030115391796.

      As Premier Support could not give us a solution they recommended to post the idea here:

      After discussing it with Microsoft D365FO CAT team they asked me to insert my comment into this forum as well - please check Connect to find other customers facing the exact same problem as we do (and I assume that number of customers having this problem will increase in near future).

      We are trying to print documents e.g. reports directly from Dynamics 365 for Operations. The routing agent within Dynamics 365 for Operations is changing the owner of the printing document to the service account name of the sever that the printing agent is installed on making it impossible to use with a secure printing solution where a document within a centralized print queue has to be identifiable per user. The user identifies himself with a badge at the printer and can select his document to be printed out. This applies to >4'000 users across the country.

      We tried to install routing agent as a service and as an application, plus run service under a dedicated account but what we know by now from Microsoft is, that we can not configure it to work as expected within our environment.

      Please advise if Microsoft is planning to enhance the bulk printing solution for D365FO to be capable to work with a secure printing solution.

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      Add printer defaulting to allow a user to choose their default network printer among the list of available printers.

      Suggested by Damien MasperoNew 3
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      Add printer defaulting to allow a user to choose their default network printer among the list of available printers.

      Microsoft internal reference : Dynamics 3738235

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      Update D365-embedded Power BI service to Premium

      Suggested by Kim BuiNew 0
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      Our business have been utilising the embedded Power BI in D365 functionality to create our own reports using Entity Store as the data source. It has worked well, but there have been a few struggles developing Power BI reports mainly stemming from the fact that the D365-embedded Power BI service is on an out of date version compared to Power BI Desktop and the service.

      This raises the issue that the only way to develop Power BI reports is on Power BI Desktop, which is running the current version, but when you deploy it to D365, it is deployed to the embedded engine which is running an old version. This creates risk around development as you will only see incompatible elements once you deploy them to D365.

      The other issue that this creates resolves around the fact that D365-embedded Power BI uses Direct Query mode, which had major performance improvements in the way that it generated it's SQL queries in early 2018 on the premium Power BI service. This results in many elements returning a "Greater than 1 Million rows" error when deployed to D365, despite the data being sliced not being close to 1 Million rows, and not erroring when testing the report in Power BI Desktop.

      It would be great to have the D365-embedded Power BI service in line with Premium Power BI to make this great functionality perform better and make development simpler.
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      Enable company selection/cross-company views in each inquiry and report

      Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerNew 0
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      The standard inquiries and reports are still very much restricted to the current companys where the user is currently working in.

      Since in the accounting departments, functional responsibilities are replacing more and more the responsibilites by company, the user increasingly requires global reports and cross-company inquiries.

      Hence, it would be perfect to check all reports and inquiries in each module if cross-company views and company selections are enabled and add according to this all missing filter functionalities.

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      The ability to define an e-mail body when sending output documents by e-mail

      Suggested by Gertjan van der LindenUnder Review 0
      Category: Reporting and Analytics

      When sending output documents per e-mail, it is possible to define a subject of the e-mail, but not to define the body. Sending out output documents like purchase orders and sales order confirmations is still very common, but currently we have to send out an empty e-mail, which is often ignored by the recipients or seen as SPAM.

      It would be great if we can apply e-mail templates when sending output documents, and influence the output to the body by using variables from the output document, like document numbers, names, addresses and so on.