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      Possibility to set Reservation Hierarchy and Unit Sequence group ID in Retail Hierarchy product categories

      Suggested by Luchezar KotzevCompleted 0
      Category: Product information management

      In AX 2012 there was a possibility to enter default Unit sequence group ID and Reservation Hierarchy on the Retail hierarchy product categories. In Dynamics 365 for Operations however, this possibility seems to be removed. 

      It would be great to implement the possibility to enter default Reservation Hierarchy and Unit sequence group ID on a product category in the Retail Hierarchy. This is really useful for retail customers utilizing Warehouse Management. 

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      Units, weight measurements and physical dimensions on product variant level or similar to the new default order settings

      Suggested by Frank LiebertUnder Review 2
      Category: Product information management

      Use case perfume: one product with different units (75ml or 100ml), comparison unit does not work for that and the unit cannot be transferred to purchase order and so on

      Use case sizes with varying weights: one can expect issues with intrastat or customs declaration, when there is only a weight on the product level

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      Improvement to product life cycle status

      Suggested by Frank PaaskesenUnder Review 4
      Category: Product information management

      I suggest to improve the new lifecycle status on released items with some extra toggle functions on the table .

      Stopped for sales       Yes/No

      Stopped for inventory  Yes/No

      Stopped for purchase  Yes/No

      When the product lifecycle status is changed the corresponding flags  in the default order settings (all combinations) will be "overwritten"

      This will enable full control over the products accesibility in the system. If a new combination is required a new product life cycle code can be created. 


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      'Production' unit vs 'Inventory' unit

      Suggested by Pierre GUILLEMOTUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      It is currently admitted that you can purchase or sell in 'pallets' and manage inventory in 'boxes' (assuming unit conversion is setup of course)

      Why couldn't you produce or report as finished  (or even plan) in 'Units' (e.g for production convenience) and manage inventory in 'boxes' (reflecting an accounting choice most of the time) ? 

      [enforced by the fact that it seems no longer possible to perform simple maths in a 'quantity' field]

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      Copy the Price models in different product configuration model

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      It should be possible to copy the Price models when product configuration model is duplicated.

      When price models are very complex (because of attributes and restrictions) and similar for different product models, it makes no sense to create the price models from scratch when you might copy it from a different model and just change prices.

      When you duplicate the product configurator model, there should be an option to mark to include also the duplication of the price models.

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      Better Product configuration Access for constraint based products

      Suggested by Frank PaaskesenUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      When a product has been configured in relation to a sales orders, the configuration details can be accessed through the sales order. This a however the only way in the system to access the configuration details.

      I my view the configurational details should be more accessible from other areas in the system e.g from the production orders or from the inventory.

      However i would like to suggest that the configuration can be accessed from the product dimension table. If the product is a contraint based product master there should be a menu item to open the "configurator".  It should even be possible to create a new configuration from this form.

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      Retail Kit versions

      Suggested by Peter HaoUnder Review 1
      Category: Product information management

      Suggest to have kit version functionality, similar to BOM versions, to allow user to setup multiple versions, approve the versions, deactivate old version and activate new versions, and with date and quantity ranges.

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      BOM line button on BOM version form is missing

      Suggested by Arnold van WageningenUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      1. Open Bills of materials form via ‘Product information management / Bills of material and formulas / Bills of material’
      2. Select BOM version D0001BOM:
      3. Open details by clicking BOM number D0001BOM:
      4. Select last BOM line, which is also a BOM item D0002.

      ***Actual results***
      There is no Lines or BOM Version button.

      ***Expected results***
      Customer would expect Lines or BOM version button to quickly navigate to the BOM lines of this sub BOM, just like when you open BOM version from the Released product form.



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      Translated attribute type value shoudl be shown when changing the user language.

      Suggested by Pradeep GUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management

      when updating the translated values for the attributes type values , the correct values are not shown or translated values are not shown accordingly when changing the user language. below are the steps ( Attached the document )

      All values there are displayed in the user language (enums, booleans), except text. Granted, enums and booleans are translated through the label system. But imagine if a company is based in Saudi-Arabia and enters their values in Arabic. And then another company they have in, say, the US, has to configure and view their product attributes based on the Arabic value. That’s completely un-user friendly in my opinion.


      As I stated, a lot of our customers use attributes in multiple languages, and it would greatly benefit them if they can configure and display values in their own language.



      1. We have default language for USMF , en-US

      1. Create the translated value for Attribute type Brand value

      1. Translated value in the en-GB language , i.e UK translated NORTH WIND

      1. Update attribute type to some products

      2. Now , change the user language to en_GB

      1. Seelct the product > Attributes

      Even for the en-GB language : the value is showing as Northwind Trackers instead of UK translated NORTH WIND

      Expected is : UK translated NORTH WIND


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      Financial dimension setup per product variant

      Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardUnder Review 0
      Category: Product information management


      For analytical and valuation purposes it is important that users have the ability to setup financial dimensions not only at the product level but also at the product variant level. This is currently not possible and should be fixed with the next releases. Many thanks and best regards,