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    Add filter/query functionality in the alerts

    Suggested by Mikael AlgerothNew 1
    Category: Organization administration

    It's a good thing you finally got alerts back into the system with the spring release but you missed one very important feature on the alerts - the ability to add a query/filter on which records to apply an alert to. Now you can only set an alert for all records or the marked record, in 2012 it was possible to add a filter so you could restrict the alert to only apply for records relevant for the user, e.g. alert me for all purchase orders in a specific order pool missing which has passed confirmed date and not yet received.

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    Camt.054 credit notification summing bank transactions for camt.053

    Suggested by Mihaela UrsuNew 1
    Category: Organization administration

    When you receive a camt.054 file for customer payments, you will get as many payment
    journal lines created in the system as many transactions presented in
    the file. In some cases, it is requested to reduce a number of bank transactions in the
    voucher in a way of summarizing by the Account Servicer Reference (AcctSvcrRef)
    value for further reconciliation purposes (camt.053 Bank statement).
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    Re-instate securing the global address book by team as per 2012

    Suggested by David MoodiePlanned 3
    Category: Organization administration

    In 2012 you could secure the global address book by legal entity or address book. This seems to have been removed, and not documented anywhere.

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    Allow base calendars to have different working hours/templates from child calendars.

    Suggested by John WegenerNew 0
    Category: Organization administration

    Currently every calendar for different locations or different calendars within the same site (different departments) have to be setup separately. It would be ideal to have a Master Base calendar which has standard working days - including holidays. The working times on this calendar do not have to reflect the working times elsewhere. In reality they often do not.

    An example could be:
    Corporate base calendar - standard days off
    -Location base calendar - has Corporate base calendar as its own base and have its own working hours
    -Department Calendar - has Location base calendar as its own base and have its own working hours.

    This would allow for generalized changes on the "Corporate base calendar" to filter down to other locations. Of course, each location could modify for their own needs. Additionally, at a plant, multiple "departments might have different working hours (one department works two shifts and another works 1 shift), but be on the same daily schedule. This would also simplify setting up calendars for longer term planning.
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    Encrypted Document Management Feature

    Suggested by Ahmed UgurNew 1
    Category: Organization administration

    The idea is to have a global encrypted document management feature under organization administration module. This feature can be used on-demand at any given form or module. The feature will allow users to be able to encrypt the data that is been uploaded such as bids, project compliance documents, donor specific documents under project contracts, special products specs under product management, special recipes under BOM versions, customer confidential data, employee confidential data etc..

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    HTML editor with placeholders for email templates

    Suggested by Darius BaciulisNew 0
    Category: Organization administration

    D365 lost option to have proper HTML editor with available placeholders as it used to be in AX2012. 

    Would be great to get better version of such editor in D365 as currently there is no option to know what details can be exposed via placeholders when email template is configured (uploaded). 

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    Break up the street field to be composed of Street1, Street2

    Suggested by Chris SongUnder Review 0
    Category: Organization administration

    The Dynamics 365 street field is composed of a single 250 character street field (LogisticsPostalAddress.Street).  It would be beneficial to have a Street1 and Street2 field.  Most U.S. addresses are broken up by a street1 and street2 differentiation.

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    Number sequence formatting depending on dates

    Suggested by Geoffrey DelmeeNew 0
    Category: Organization administration

    Add a segment based on the date (YY, YYYY, YYMM).
    Also, having a number allocation per value on the date segment will be great.
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    Linkage cases & associated activities (tasks)

    Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardNew 1
    Category: Organization administration


    Case categories can be setup in a way that a task is automatically created. Making use of this functionality automatically creates an activity when the case is created.

    Gap: When the case is closed the activity (Task) is not automatically closed and vice versa.

    Would be great if this association of cases and activities could be fixed so that both are held synchrnonous.



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    Add Description as default filter in Excel Workbook Designer

    Suggested by Josh KnoxNew 0
    Category: Organization administration

    In the excel workbook designer of D365 for Operations, description is frequently the most useful field when searching for data entitites.  

    Add description to the filter field by default instead of having to reselect it every time the filter tab is opened and closed.