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    Warehouse workers should only see their warehouse details

    Suggested by Shirish DesaiPlanned 0
    Category: Inventory management

    In case advanced WMS is not used, there is no functionality where the users can be assigned to the warehouse.

    This should be available where the user can only see the stock, do receiving, picking only from the warehouse where he is assigned to.

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    Allow run consistency check in multithreading batch

    Suggested by Roman AbylkhatovUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory management

    We require a possibility to process On-Hand Stock consistency check in multiple tasks simultaneously

    Business problem: we're a global retail company with shops open 7 days a week posting millions of inventory transactions per month. Every day we run master planning to replenish item requirements. It happens sometimes that on-hand values are inconsistent hence we cannot close invetory at the month end. 

    In order to close inventory we need to run on-hand consistency check to fix any errors. The problem is that it now takes more that 48 hours. We can't afford it running for more than 20 hours because we do not want it to interfere daily MRP run, which takes in average 4 hours.

    Currently we found a workaround of splitting the consistency check into smaller bundles of items, but it requires effort of setting it up. 

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    Batch disposition code & On-hand list/inventory forms or batch number lookup list

    Suggested by Pierre GUILLEMOTUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory management

     when the user checks the on-hand inventory with 'batch number' tracking dimension displayed then the batch disposition code should be displayed too

    (feature available with AX2012)

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    Ability to update multiple picking list registrations at once

    Suggested by Adriane SobkowichCompleted 0
    Category: Inventory management

    Bring back the ability to update multiple picking list registrations at once.

    Inventory>> Output Orders>> Picking list registration.

    This was a feature in AX 2012.

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    System blocked inventory journals cannot be unblocked from Inventory journal form anymore.

    Suggested by Arnold van WageningenCompleted 1
    Category: Inventory management

    When inventory journal update fails, for example when posting the journal breaks, the journal header is set to System blocked. When this happens, user cannot update the journal anymore. In AX 2012, users could uncheck the System blocked field in the inventory journal header.

    In Dynamics 365 for Operations, this is not possible anymore. The user needs to open table browser (for example, find the journal and change the SystemBlocked field to false.

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    The workbench should support negative inventory

    Suggested by Ayako YamamotoNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    There are two method to create picking lists.
    One is the way to use the function of sales orders and the other is the way to use the function of picking workbench.
    However, when the inventory quantity is negative value, we can only create the picking lists by using the function of sales order.
    We wants to create picking lists by using the function of picking workbench in negative inventory situation.
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    Add transfer orders to quality associations form

    Suggested by Fatih GorkNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    Allow users to create setups for transfer orders in quality associations form to create automatic quality orders upon transfer order registration/receipt.
    It is possible to create automatic quality orders when items are received from purchase orders but there isn't such functionality for transfer orders.

    Some companies require monitoring items' temperature during transport and there is no way to block received inventory until quality department checks items and approve quality.
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    Warehouse items - mass creation

    Suggested by Darius BaciulisNew 0
    Category: Inventory management

    When product/item is released into legal entities you also need to create warehouse items for it for various inventory and warehouse management processes. It may be quite laborious exercise to create all those records. Warehouse reference is minimum default information that is usually needed and properly maintained on warehouse item records. Would be great to have batch process for mass warehouse item creation.
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    Date Range Parameter for Check Cost Prices

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Inventory management

    When performing the month end checking in Inventory management > Periodic > Closing and adjustment > Close procedure > Check cost prices, the report is taking too long to generate.

    Understand that this report is accumulative and showing all the history from day 1. It is not feasible in long run as the records will keep increasing.

    Thus, it is important to have a date range filter in Inventory management > Periodic > Closing and adjustment > Close procedure > Check cost prices instead of as at date.

    Please include the filter for this report to improve the performance in generating it.
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    Stop Site / warehouse parameter

    Suggested by mahmoud HakimNew 2
    Category: Inventory management

    Many customers need to stop working on a specific site or warehouse for all users.

    as a workaround, we can use this function to achieve that

    but it is very hard work.

    so, if we create parameter per warehouse /site (blocked) Yes or No.
    it will help users and save time.