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      Number of decimals on prices

      Suggested by Herre SchopPlanned 7
      Category: Inventory management

      We see a big requirement for prices in 3 or 4 decimals. This is across the board for the purchase prices, sales prices and cost prices. The market prices and surcharges demand pricing in multiple decimals.

      The totals can remain in 2 decimals.

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      Item description is not showed on inventory movement journal form

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 1
      Category: Inventory management

      Actual result: When we create a Inventory movement journal, the item description is not showed in the form.

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      Add transfer order creation to the Sales order line pull down menu "prod and supply"

      Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 5
      Category: Inventory management

      For distribution companies it would really make a lot of sense to have the option of direct creation of a transfer order form the sales line. One can create a production order from the sales line, which is exactly right for make to order manufacturing business. The important thing there is that this prod order is guaranteed marked against the sales line. we need exactly the same thing for Transfer orders. When I would open the "create transfer order" screen from sales line, the TO warehouse would be filled in with the warehouse on sales line and I get to choose the FROM warehouse, which I have deciced upon after consulting the ON HAND screen. This would fit perfectly the distribution companies that we have encountered. It would also fit as a perfect enhancement in the "Delivery alternatives" where we can see the on hand in other warehouses and the sales person could decide to use inventory in other location, get it here and ship to the customer. An option in Delivery alternatives "Create transfer order" would be great. In some cases the sales user would modify the warehouse on the sales line and a transfer is not needed, we are going to ship from that other location. But both scnarios exist.

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      Transfer order line numbering

      Suggested by McKenzi GebhardUnder Review 7
      Category: Inventory management

      When adding transfer order lines manually to a transfer order, the line numbers should update and sequence automatically. In the current design, the first line is line number 1 as expected. However, when the second line is added, the line number for the second line is -1 instead of 2. It is also possible to get a line number that is a decimal. I have been told this is intended functionality. The idea is to update the transfer order line number to match the functionality of purchase order line numbers, where the numbers are auto sequenced based on when the line is added using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...etc

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      Inventory Ownership and batch controlled items

      Suggested by Sylvain MenardPlanned 0
      Category: Inventory management

      In the current version of D365, when you create a tracking dimension group for released products, you cannot activate both the Owner and the Batch dimensions.

      We deal with many food customers that manage supplier consignment inventory which needs to be batch-controlled since the consigned materials may come in contact with the food product.

      The system should allow both the Owner and Batch dimensions to be activated

      Also, during the receiving of the consignment materials and when the ownership is changed, there should be a quality association enabled that would allow companies to do some quality checks on the incoming materials.





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      BOM of serial numbers / batches

      Suggested by Ronny HeulePlanned 0
      Category: Inventory management

      There should be a way to register serial numbers (as well as batches) in a kind of a BOM structure to fulfill tracking requirements by item. With standard D365fO, it’s only possible with PO of quantity 1, which is a no go for customers.

      The functionality should work without the need of registering serials on every logistics step (tracking dimension serial number is set to “active in sales process”).

      There should be a separate table where child/parent relations of serial numbers and batches can be entered and manually edited at any time. Ideally there is a functionality of scanning GS1 barcodes which recognizes the item and records the serial number and/or batch information. Often there are external systems which deliver the information of serial numbers and batches, so an interface to external systems should exist.

      Item tracing should also include the information of child/parent relations.

      Kind Regards,

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      Inbound consignment inventory - support of all inventory models

      Suggested by Ronny HeulePlanned 1
      Category: Inventory management

      The functionality of inbound consignment inventory should also work with other inventory models than standard costs or moving average.

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      Workflow or Simple Approvals missing from all Inventory Journals

      Suggested by Drew ForwardUnder Review 3
      Category: Inventory management

      Although all Inventory journal postings have a financial impact, there is not the same level of configurable approvals as the journals within general ledger.

      I would expect that the same approval framework be either:

      • Simple approvals (report as ready > approve > post)

      • Workflow based approval (submit > approve via workflow > post)

      Are there plans to put inventory journal approvals / workflow templates in place?

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      Inventory Transactions Report

      Suggested by Arianna PopovicsUnder Review 2
      Category: Inventory management

      Please provide a report or inquiry that shows all inventory transactions for all items (similar to the one in 2009). Also it would be helpful if there could be a date parameter so you can view all transactions within a certain period (e.g. 90 days or 9/1/17-12/1/17). It's inefficient having to go through the item record to view its transactions, especially when you need to compare transactions of multiple items

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      Intrastat transfers between EU countries not being Domestic

      Suggested by Marialecia Guada SuarezPlanned 0
      Category: Inventory management

      In all cases below, the arrivals should also be included and of course in the last scenario, we should also have the dispatches.




      Transfer from Domestic (BEL) to EU (FRA)

      1. Dispatches are included

      2. Arrivals are missing

      Transfer from Domestic (BEL) to EU (DEU)

      1. Dispatches are included

      2. Arrivals are missing

      Transfer from EU (FRA) to EU (DEU)

      1. Dispatches are missing

      2. Arrivals are missing


      Any company can have different warehouses under one legal entity but located in different countries.

      This does not mean that they are a different company in the organizational structure or use different ledgers, that would require a lot of high maintenance.

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