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      Print / Export organization structure

      Suggested by Riyad BakerNew 1
      Category: Human resources

      We should have a provision to print / export the organization structure as this very basic feature in any HR solution.


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      New conditions and placeholders for Leave and Absence workflow

      Suggested by Gareth JonesNew 1
      Category: Human resources

      The Leave and Absence workflow would be made stronger with the addition of :

      1) The leave and absence type to the conditions

      2) The leave and absence type as a placeholder for notifications

      3) The leave and absence to date as a placeholder for notifications

      4) The leave and absence from date as a placeholder for notifications

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      Duplicate check when creating Personal contacts.

      Suggested by Ellen LippensNew 0
      Category: Human resources

      Currently there is no check for duplicates when adding contacts as we is done when hiring new worker.
      This causes data contamination and a lot more effort from the user since data (like addresses, contact information) will have to be entered once again.
      Since functionality, to Check for duplicates and to Merge records manually, already exists in the Globall address book, it seems to be a small step to automate this in the exact same manner as is already done for Hiring new workers.
      I can assure that this would improve the user experience a lot ;-)
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      Date effective worker name changes

      Suggested by Gareth JonesNew 4
      Category: Human resources

      For compliance provide functionality to enable HR users to change the 'valid from' date for a worker name change 

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      Enable XDS policy HcmWorkerLegalEntity by parameter

      Suggested by Majken TouborgNew 0
      Category: Human resources

      Please add the parameter 'Restrict access to worker information by legal entity' to Human recources shared parameters in D365FOEE as has been done in Talent - to be able to enable XDS policy HcmWorkerLegalEntity through a parameter

      When overlayering is no longer possible, we will otherwise loose the ability to enable this XDS policy, as it cannot be enabled as an extension.

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      Provide the ability for employees to refer candidates

      Suggested by Robert RuddNew 0
      Category: Human resources

      Provide the ability for employees to refer friends and former workmates for open positions in the Human Resources via the Employee Self Service portal

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      Automatically change as-of-date when creating an employee with a future start date

      Suggested by Majken TouborgNew 0
      Category: Human resources

      Typically a new employee (or worker in general) is created with a future start date.

      When the new worker has been created via the dialogue, you are automatically taken to the worker details form. But i.e. the terms of employment is not accessible before you change as-of-date to a date within the employment.

      This is very cumbersome. Why not automatically change the as-of-date to the first date of the employment, making every information on the new worker accessible and editable without extra steps?

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      Display employee image in Position Hierarchy

      Suggested by Pavan DronamrajuNew 1
      Category: Human resources

       As an application user, this may not be a big requirement, but in my three consecutive implementations, customer have asked us for this facility. So I feel if you think in HR user shoes, this seems important functionality + Exporting the hierarchy either as an image or a word file or a ppt file or a visio file from out of box buttons instead of manual work arounds. This is infact a basic thing in many HR applications such as workday, successfactors etc,.

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      Employee Leave Request - Absence Management

      Suggested by Ziad YehiaNew 0
      Category: Human resources

      Leave Request Form feature to be submitted by employee or employee managers (ideally to be an activity license user) and have a leave balance tracker for employees with an automated work flow for approval and delegation of approval.

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      Automated offer acceptance with e-signature capability

      Suggested by Robert RuddNew 2
      Category: Human resources

      Automate job offer acceptance with e-signature capability via integration to providers such as Docusign