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      Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+/ does not work with Swiss German Keyboard

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 3
      Category: Globalization - Translation

      With US Keyboard Ctrl+/ (the / key left to shift) toggles the search field. Ctrl +/ (on numeric keypad) does not work. With non US Keyboard (e.g. Swiss German, / is shift+7) it does not work at all. Suggestion: enable numeric keypad "/", it then works for all

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      Multilanguage support on Analytical workspaces/Power BI content

      Suggested by Arttu VuorinenNew 0
      Category: Globalization - Translation

      Currently content on Analytical workspaces is available only in 'en-us' language. Support for multiple languages is very important for user experience and user adaptation of intelligence features. Best option would be to have support for labels inside Power BI content, so that multiple versions of reports won't be needed. Or at least option to automatically generate different language versions based on "master template report".

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      Multilanguage desciptions

      Suggested by Ellen LippensUnder Review 1
      Category: Globalization - Translation

      Currently most of the standard description fields are not multilanguage and extensibility doens't allow us to change this.
      For Belgium this is a critical issue since we have 3 official languages and the goverment dictates us to provide communication to employees (so Employee self service, reports based on Dynamics data, ...) in those 3 languages. On top of that our customers expect there managers, HR & Payroll administrators to be able to work in the system in their own language.
      Is there any chance that Microsoft will provide multilanguageness for Job description, Position description, Education degree, Education discipline, Tasks, Responsibilities, Earning code description, ... in the near future
      or is there a simple and neat workaround?
      This question applies to Dynamics 365 for Operations, Dynamics 365 for Talent & Dynamics 365 for Retail.