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    Sub-ledger access from Financial reporting

    Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerPlanned 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    The financial reporting does currently no allow access to subledger information. The following cases require access to sub-ledger for management reporting / financial statement purposes:

    1. In the balance sheet, receivables are stated on the debit side, payables are stated on the credit side. Hence, for accounts receivable/payable the accountant regularly needs to run a report for customer balances payable and vendor payables receivable, and repost them to the GL.

    2. Due Dates: According to IFRS, balance sheet items depend on due dates (long-term, short-term). This Information is stored on sub-ledger level. If there was access to that Information from financial reporting, These investigations and rearrangements were obsolete and reporting requirements could be directly covered by report definitions.

    3. This allows to create fixed asset balances with detailed Information.

    4. This allows to create any other management report using subledger data.

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    Financial Reporting using Chart of Accounts translated descripcions

    Suggested by Jose ChaconPlanned 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    WE have found sadly that Financial Reporting just print default account descriptions despite having translated descriptions; in different words, Financial Reporting does not check user language of preference or financial entity base language. So it will always show account description as entered during account creation. 

    This is nothing new, however, still to be solved as per this request from 7/13/2010.

    Due to our implementation nature (multi-country, multicurrency and multi-language) having Financial Reports without translation as per user preferences or entity base language is causing a lot of issues.

    We do not consider this as a nice to have.


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    Management Reporter - Report comment functionality

    Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardNew 1
    Category: Financial reporting


    We would like to see the MR comment functionality again in D365FO.



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    Allow copy/pasting on row modifier & CALC column to show details at transaction level

    Suggested by Lifia TamaraNew 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    My client is using FR to create Budget Planning summary report in D365. One of the limitation of FR is the ability to list all budget plan documents on a row definition. In order to work around this, we have to manually  create rows with document number filter on the row modifier. Since this is not the only filter that has to be applied (we also apply a book code modifier and budget plan priority), the process to create the report is very painful. Please consider allowing user to copy & paste row modifier from one cell to the next while retaining the filters.

    On another report, we created columns for budget year 1, budget year 2 and a calculated column for the biennium budget. FR doesn't seem to have the ability to show details for CALC column at the transaction level. Therefore, if we have a budget plan with 2 lines: budget year 1 for $1M and budget year 2 for $2 when user drills down to the transaction level, the CALC column will display $0 instead of $1M for the budget year 1 line and $2M for the budget year 2 line. However, the grand total for the CALC column displays $3M. This creates confusion to the users.



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    Allow analyzing data from different environments (TEST, DEV, PROD) in a single MR installation

    Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardUnder Review 0
    Category: Financial reporting


    Please allow the integration of different system environments, such as DEV, TEST, PROD in a single MR installation.

    Many thanks,



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    Cash flow Direct method application

    Suggested by Joseph EL-AshkarUnder Review 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    Are you interested in introducing the cash flow "Direct method" statement, by capturing and collecting directly from the accounting database records and that after scrutinizing, controlling, sequencing and classifying all the accounts records, for a better transperency of the captured figures?

    By using and adopting, the fastest, punctual and precise methodology ever.

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    Financial Reports: Import external data from Common Data Service (CDS)

    Suggested by Øystein Dahl GodøNew 1
    Category: Financial reporting

    In Management Reporter (AX2012 ->) you had the option to link to Excel sheets to consolidate data from external sources in the reports. This option is currently not available in Dynamics 365 Financial Reports.

    The request is to integrate Financial Reports into Common Data Service (CDS) to access various external data sources that can be included in the reporting.

    This functionality (import from extenal data) is highly valued for current customers using Management Reporter, and prevents them from purchasing 3rd party software in order to perform consolidations. We should have the same offer in Dynamics 365.
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    Financial dimension attributes

    Suggested by Sil de BoerNew 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    A lot of customer require to ability to report on financial dimension in hierarchies. To support this requirement users can build dimension hierarchies, use number sequence logic in the dimension code or use dimension totals. These options don't allow for easy reporting using PowerBI.

    The financial dimension value attributes (just like product attributes), would fit better with the PowerBI reporting strategy.
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    Restore "publish link to SharePoint" functionality in Management Reporter

    Suggested by April OlsonCompleted 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    Functionality to publish links to Management Reporter financial reports directly to SharePoint during report generation is not implemented in Dynamics AX "7".

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    Financial reports - Ability to set the default page size in Print Option

    Suggested by Yumi MiyoshiNew 0
    Category: Financial reporting

    When a user tries to print a Financial report, the page size in Print Option from is set to the default value Letter.

    It would be really useful that if the default page size for Financial reports printing can change to the page size, i.e. A4.

    Currently, a user needs to specify the page size in Print Option form for every single time.
    If the user logout, the page size specified in Print Option are back to the default value Letter.