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      Being able to save or play task guides as a user from a different tenant

      Suggested by Dennis ThieUnder Review 2
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      When implementing a customer project, you are not able to save or play task guides as a user from a different tenant. You are required to have a user account in the same tenant, where this is obviously often not the case i.e. as an implementation partner or external contractor.

      Please allow users from another tenant to view and save task guides to Lifecycle Services based on the fact they are LCS user, i.e. project member.

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      Provide Metrics on Task Guide Playback within Environment

      Suggested by Drew ForwardUnder Review 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      It would be nice to see if some kind of open/playback metrics were shown for task guides that were:

      • Opened

      • Played

      • Completed 

      The user account, date/time, and company, active form could also all be captured.

      These metrics could either be shown within LCS or as an inquiry form for the environment the task guide was played in.

      This suggestion is to gather metrics in order to monitor effectiveness of training plans, and whether or not task guides are used, top task guides that are used and guide future internal training for users of the system.  
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      Screen shots capture while using Task Recorder in IE/Edge

      Suggested by Dinesh GirdhardasUnder Review 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      During the initial AX7 launch there was functionality for screen shots being captured while running Task recorder. In the recent release we found that this functionality only works with Google Chrome extension. We need the screen shot capture functionality for IE/Edge.

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      License/configuration key documentation

      Suggested by Mark ElenbaasNew 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      Documentation of the license/configuration keys.

      In previous versions (AX2012) there is a detailed description which functionality is behind which license- and configuration key.

      This should also be available in D365fOEE.

      Now we have to assume and/or trial and error to find which functionality depends of which license- and/or configuration key.

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      Minimum system requirements for small customer (Current requirements are too large!)

      Suggested by Daisuke KobayashiNew 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      We have customers who want to use D365FO with on-premise, but they have very small transactions and low requirements. Such as,

      • One country, one company,

      • 25 users when go-live

      • Licenses: Operations: 13, Activity: 28, Team member: 10

      • Modules: Sales, Purchase, prod planning, production, invent, AP, AR, GL and little customize. Additionary, using MRP

      • No Power BI, no CRM, no MS Project

      • Master data volume: Customer: 500, Vendor: 1,000, BOM: 26,000, BOM lines: 9, BOM level: 9

      • Transactions: SO: < 600 lines / month, PO: < 2,000 lines / month, Prod: < 1,000 lines / month, Invent trans: < 4,000 lines / month, Invent Journal: < 2,000 lines / month, GL: < 7,000 lines / month

      • English and Japanese labels

      • Integration with other legacy system, with less than 500 lines per day.

      • Those numbers are on current system, not estimate number on D365FO.

      • No redundancy, no always on. Just need MSSQL Backup per day.

      Like those few system size, current requirements of D365FO on-premise are too large.

      Please publish minimum system requirements for very small customer.


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      Backup & Restore documentation missing for Sandbox Tier 1 (DEV) environment

      Suggested by Tsutomu YanagidaNew 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      There are couple of documentations about backup and restore for Sandbox Tier 2+ and similar documentation about database copy for Sandbox Tier 1 to Tier 2, and vice versa.

      It however doesn’t exit for specific to Sandbox Tier 1 environment backup and restore scenario. This is also important scenario for partners/customers to maintain their Finance and Operations database on DEV environment as their daily works.

      Please publish a guidance officially so that they can operate backup/restore even on Tier 1 DEV environment with no worry.
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      Ability to Link D365FO Task Recordings to VSTS Test Manager

      Suggested by Fia StobbeNew 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      Have the ability to link/upload task guides to VSTS as test cases. Currently, without this integration users are forced to manually copy/created the task recording in VSTS Test Manager. Users then run these test cases separate to the D365FO environment. 

      An integration that would allow users to upload and then run the task guide via the Test manager would allow for better tracking of test runs and would reduce the amount of rework/double work required when using the Test manager. 

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      Improve documentation about how to assign Device Licenses to Retail POS

      Suggested by Mirko BonelloNew 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      There is nowhere describes how a customer making use of Retail POS functionality can assign a Device License (e.g. deployed from CSP partner) to the service account assigned to the device license. This could get customers worried about compliance. We had to open a support ticket to get a reply on how to do this. Hoping to get a reply from that channel. Please update the Microsoft Docs documentation about this.
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      Update Localization and Regulatory features for Malaysia

      Suggested by Frederick KhongNew 0
      Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)

      Malaysia has recently change its taxation from GST back to Sales Tax.

      The documentation site is currently still detailing GST setup.

      This needs to be updated to reflect Sales Tax setup.