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    Customer group credit limit

    Suggested by Microsoft – Planned 4
    Category: Credit and collections

    Customer A1 and Customer A2 defined in company X.

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    Allow file location selection in print management setup when printing collection letters

    Suggested by Adriane SobkowichNew 0
    Category: Credit and collections

    Currently, we cannot enter a file location in print management setup when attempting to print collection letters by using Print Management.  Microsoft says this is working as designed but this is a poor design for those who send large volumes of collection letters.  It is inefficient to have to click save for each letter individually.

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    Dipute status and disputed amount should be visible in collection letter form

    Suggested by Gert-Jan BouwmanNew 0
    Category: Credit and collections

    Overdue invoices can have dispute for a partial amount. When running the collection letter these transactions are added, but you cannot easily see dispute status and disputed amount as on date of creating the collection letter.

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    Add Original Amount and Sales Tax Amount to Invoice Detail

    Suggested by Mark SchurmannNew 0
    Category: Credit and collections

    The collection letters show only the open amount on the invoice. This is fine, but would be more useful to inform the customer about the status of the invoice. It would be good to note the original amount of the invoice and the sales tax on the invoice.

    We have a lot of problems with customers shorting the payment by the sales tax amount. Generally, this is just an oversight. If the sales tax were displayed on the collection letter it would be a clue to the customer way the invoice is still open.
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    Allow Deletion of Cancelled Collection Letters

    Suggested by Mark SchurmannNew 0
    Category: Credit and collections

    If a collection letter is created but then cancelled before printing or posting, it does not have much use. It does not seem to impact the creation of the next collection letter. Perhaps there is a reason to maintain the cancelled letters, but to me they are needless clutter. Please provide the ability to delete these from the system after cancellation.
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    Add a Customer Balance filter to the Customer Account Statement report

    Suggested by Marian WriceNew 0
    Category: Credit and collections

    There is No ability to add a filter under 'Records to include' for the Customer balance - i.e. users may like to only print statements for customers with an account balance greater than $50.

    Repro steps:
    1. Credit and collections > Periodic > Customer account statement
    2. For the 'Customer balance' issue - go to 'Records to include' > click 'Filter' and use available tables or 'Add' to try and add/join other tables

    The Customer balance field is not available to be used as a filter.

    Customers would like to have this ability to allow easy filtering of customer statements on per balance basis
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    Dunning letter/Collection Letter to put customer account 'All' on stop

    Suggested by Yogesh PatelNew 0
    Category: Credit and collections

    In D365 for operations, dunning letter is keeping only 'Invoice' account on hold. Invoice on hold is still allowing the sales team to enter sales order and warehouse to pick orders. It will stop processing order on delivery note stage.

    our current scenario - we having customer with very large order and we would like to stop order to be processed completely if they have payment issue.