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      Consolidation period control for modification

      Suggested by Annaick BoudinNew 1
      Category: Consolidations

      When consolidation process is run twice on same period, there is no control or indication that new transactions have been transferred.

      Period statut does not work on consolidation company so no blocking can be done.

      The idea will be to have some warning or control before process is completed to identify new transactions when process is run several times.

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      Consolidation, exchange rate adjustment and dimensions

      Suggested by Mohamed AamerNew 0
      Category: Consolidations

      When running consolidation process where business unit and department dimensions are activated, exchange adjustments do not take correctly financial dimensions from transaction. It brings values from last transaction.


      Transaction generated for exchange rate adjustment in consolidated company is wrong so consolidated accounting will not be correct.



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      Consolidation drilldown

      Suggested by Adrian BlakeNew 0
      Category: Consolidations

      There seems to be 2 camps on consolidations:

      1. Those that are happy to use the Management Reporter consolidation and elimination functionality

      2. Those that feel that the Management Reporter consolidation is either: not static enough to be audited or have complex elimination and translation requirements. This camp prefers to run a consolidation in D365 Fin and Ops

      To help those in the camp 2. it would be a great benefit to be able to drilldown from the Consolidation Company's transactions (ie. from Voucher transactions form) back to the Source Companies' transactions that make up the balance.

      At the moment the easiest method to achieve this to write a Management Reporter report that includes data from the Consolidation Company and the Source Companies - this report is horrible to look at because the sum of the Source Companies' balances does not come back to the Consolidation Company's balance due to translations, eliminations, and roundings.


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      consolidation on range of cost centers over multiple companies

      Suggested by Sim FrantzenNew 0
      Category: Consolidations

      Currently it is possible to select cost center as dimension, for consolidation, that means all values of that dimension are consolidated, however there are customers who want to consolidate over multiple companies a selection of the chosen dimension.


      For example cost center R&D is available for legal entity A, C, D, one would prefer then to consolidate all R&D costs of that particular cost center over all legal entitities and also run elimination after consolidation on dimension level.

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      Consolidation for statutory Chart of accounts

      Suggested by Nathalie CourtoisNew 0
      Category: Consolidations

      Currently, when an account is not mapped in the Additional consolidation accounts, the Consolidation on line creates the account from source company in consolidation company, and completes consolidation. It polutes the CoA in the consolidation company. There should be a parameter in the Consolidations module to configure this function: Allow, Warning, Error.
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      Elimination Rule Entry

      Suggested by Regina MyerNew 0
      Category: Consolidations

      When entering Fixed Amt elimination rules, the screen should have two columns for debit/credit entries instead of one column where user inputs dollars amts as positives or negatives. These entries are attached to G/L accounts so it seems more intuitive to an accountant entering them that the entries should be debits/credits and not positives/negatives.