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    Bank statement reconciliation report

    Suggested by Annaick BoudinPlanned 5
    Category: Cash and bank management

    Advanced bank reconciliation has been designed but no bank statement report provides clear information.

    Bank statement report is required base on cutoff date. This report should have option to detail

    * reconciled transactions

    * Un-reconciled transactions

    Customer should be able to have a statement at date of what is in his bank account for Audit, cash management, management decision.

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    Foreign currency revaluation cash and bank management module

    Suggested by Ludwig ReinhardPlanned 7
    Category: Cash and bank management


    Please make a foreign currency revaluation feature available in the bank module for all countries/regions.

    This was a painpoint in prior systems and currently still is an issue in D365fO.

    Some additional information especially about the related 'pain' and how a lot of companies resolved this in prior versions can be found here:

    Best regards,




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    Enable postings from bank statement

    Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerPlanned 3
    Category: Cash and bank management

    In the bank management, the Central European way of posting payments is not supported at all.

    In Central Europe, instead of performing bank reconciliation, all bank transactions are posted directly based on bank account statement lines. However the possibility to import and post statements to the GL is dismissed (finally the import method "Finnish Basic").

    We need a link from bank statement to GL posting functionality (all ledger/sub-ledgers, mainly customers). According to what we heard in the TechConference 2016, this was already "high priority" but nothing has been released since then.


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    CODA: enhanced automatic settlement when using structured message

    Suggested by Dirk Van den BosschePlanned 0
    Category: Cash and bank management

    When a payment transaction is imported via Coda, an automatic settlement between payment and invoice is possible.

    But in case the customer is not found, no automatic settlement is possible. This is a very sad result, knowing that a structured message (=unique payment reference) is available on the invoice, which is linked to the customer.


    lookup the customer based on the structured message (=unique payment reference available on the invoice) and not based on the IBAN or exact customer name derived from the payment transaction.

    The number of automatic settlements will increase enormously!


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    Reverse a reconciled bank statement

    Suggested by Mohamed AamerPlanned 1
    Category: Cash and bank management

    D365FO should support Reversing bank reconciliation, since this is subject to human mistakes, and manual reversing option may lead to more complication.   

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    Delete, reverse or undo a reconciled bank statement

    Suggested by Felix Vazquez CarrilloPlanned 2
    Category: Cash and bank management

    It should be interesting if Dynamics 365 for Operations would be able to Delete, reverse or undo a reconciled bank statement, since this process is subject to human error.

    For reference see Solution document Solution 1068001How to Delete, reverse or undo a reconciled bank statement

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    Treasury management

    Suggested by Mohamed HeikalUnder Review 0
    Category: Cash and bank management

    Treasury management module is need to manage shares, bonds and Forex transactions. It is highly needed in large companies and mutual funds. the benchmark for it is Oracle treasury management, but also you see this link.


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    Ability to load bank statements in batch

    Suggested by Howard WalkerPlanned 2
    Category: Cash and bank management

    Give users the ability to set up a batch job to automatically import bank statements from a designated file server at times to be defined by the user.  This functionality existed in AX 2012 but does not exist in 365.  Some 365 users have 250+ bank accounts that need to be tracked & reconciled.  It is reasonable for a user to want batch mode so they don't have to load lots of bank statements every day.   

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    Payment Reference from Call Center Module

    Suggested by Sunil ChuttooNew 2
    Category: Cash and bank management

    The Payment Reference is a key field that very often used to record information relating to the payment instrument being recorded in D365. For instance,

    • In the case of Outgoing Payment, the field is used to capture any of the following (a) check number; (b) Wire transfer reference; or (c) ACH reference, depending on the payment instrument that is used when paying a vendor invoice.
    • In the case of Incoming payment, the field is used to capture any of the following (a) check number; (b) Incoming wire transfer; of (c) incoming ACH reference, depending on the payment instrument used by the customer in paying an invoice.

    Though the “Payment reference” is a freeform field, it is invaluable in the periodic bank reconciliation activity as the value stored in this field is available in the Bank transaction table. This works well for where both the outgoing and incoming payments are entered through AP and AR Payment Journals.

    However, in a scenario where customer payments are entered through the “Call Center” module, the payment reference is not transferred to the Bank transaction table. When then payment is entered a field labeled “Check number” is displayed and the freeform value is not carried over to the Bank module. The system inserts the Sales Order number being paid in the “Payment Reference” field and it also takes the same Sales Order Number and inserts it in the “Description” field of the Bank Transaction table module.

    We are requesting that a change is made in the “Call Centre” module that any payment reference entered by the user is carried over to the Bank Transaction table in order to help in bank reconciliation activities.
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    Adv. Bank Reconciliation transaction related party information displaying blank data

    Suggested by Samantha SaidUnder Review 0
    Category: Cash and bank management

    Hi Team,

    In the operations bank transactions factbox we need to see the related party information for a transaction.

    The party information displays the Vendor, vendor ID, vendor name only when the status is "Paid" which can be done when processing the payment (Generate Payment) from the payment journal.

    We want the party information to display regardless if the payment is generated through the journal or not. This will greatly assist the finance team to be able to understand what transaction is for what vendor/customer. Without this information it leads to a lot of wasted time for the team to find this information.