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      Withdraw "account structure" from budget register entries

      Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerPlanned 0
      Category: Budgeting

      Budget register entries require "account structure" as field Information. However, according to General ledger the account structure has been clearly defined per main account. In order to fill the account structure in the budget register, it is required to investigate the account structure for each main account. This is an unnecessary extra loop and blocks the data import on GL level.

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      Create Top Down Budget Using Multiple Legal Entities

      Suggested by Martin ShaveUnder Review 0
      Category: Budgeting

      For organisations with a large number of legal entities, they can create their initial budgets at the group level, which is then apportioned across subsidiary entities at a later stage.

      The solution should enable Global Budget Plans that use an Organisation Hierarchy to distribute the group budget figures to the subsidiary companies.

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      Budgeting of multiple accounts structures

      Suggested by J SUnder Review 3
      Category: Budgeting

      Often it does not make sense to have all financial Dimension in one account structure for all ledger accounts. Normally account structures for account ranges (classes) will have to be made.

      However, budgeting is only possible for one account structure. This means, Cost Accounting can not be used with plan versions and budgeting has to be done outside D365. It should be possible to Budget more than one account structure.

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      Budget Control for Balance Sheet Items (Particularly Fixed Assets)

      Suggested by Julia SimpsonNew 0
      Category: Budgeting

      Most companies have some sort of Budget Control done on certain balance sheet accounts (particularly Assets!) 


      This has always been a complaint with every project that I've done. Surely this can be improved upon!

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      Allow selecting financial dimension values when Open budget register entries in Excel

      Suggested by Jasmine ChaiNew 0
      Category: Budgeting

      Currently when you open budget register entries in Excel and populate the lines, if you click on the field, the possible values are display on the right hand side and allow you to select. This includes main account list. But this is not possible for the DimensionDisplayValue - Dimension Values column. It would be nice to display possible values for main account and dimensions to allow select, same as the other columns.