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    Audit the viewing of customer data

    Suggested by Nick BishopNew 0
    Category: Audit workbench

    It is currently not possible to audit when an employee performs a lookup on a customer object, whether it is using the backoffice (D365) or MPOS customer lookup. This is very important to ensure employees are not misusing their privileges within the system. Think of a healthcare setting or pharmacy where any employee could look up their friends prescriptions without a trace for personal use.
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    CPOS Quotation and Retail Attributes

    Suggested by Markus GasserNew 0
    Category: Audit workbench

    Retail Attributes which are used for extentions in CPOS are not save and restored for Quotations. We loose therefore the possibility to transform quotations to sales orders using These Attributes later.
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    Improved use of the "Invoice Posting Buffer" table

    Suggested by CHOPIN AlainNew 0
    Category: Audit workbench

    Any document posting (sales, Purchase and Service ) must fill the Invoice Posting Buffer table. But the primary key is fixed and we can't modify this when we develop an extension.

    I propose to modify this key in order to calculate the break according to fields that we can add in our developpment.

    To do that, you just must create a unique key that defines the combination that references a set of fields.

    For this, we can use a primary key based on the calculation of a cheksum of a string type. Since this checksum is unique for a given combination, it will suffice to add, to the string, our fields we want to add to define a new combination to the primary key.

    This code can call before inserting data into this table and you can publish an event to allow us to add fields in the combination calculation

    The potential risks would be related to the validation order of this table in the document validation codeunit if the execution order is really important.