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    Increase limit of 10000 records for export to excel by a new system parameter

    Suggested by Klaus WidmannPlanned 1
    Category: Office Integration

    Records of a grid exported to Excel are limited to a number of 10000 records.

    Customers  should be able to increase this Limit for example about a new Option in the System Parameters.

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    Extended SharePoint integration

    Suggested by Jesper BergmannUnder Review 1
    Category: Office Integration

    We need better and more advanced integration to SharePoint from Dynamics 365 for operations:

    • It is not possible to create a new file directly in D365FOE from a template in a SharePoint library.

    • If a user saves a file to a library where there are mandatory metadata columns the user will not be prompted for these metadata. This will make the document ‘incomplete’ and could potentially course errors when trying to edit the document.
      I have not been able to test if metadata that is mandatory on the document can be attached to the document from data within the D365FOE context.

    • Apparently, the users will have to be members of the root SharePoint site( collection for the Office 365 tenant to have access to SharePoint at all even though they are to save content in a completely different site collection. This is not very good design as the default SharePoint site is often not used or have other rights management settings than in D365FOE. I have not tested what happens in D365FOE if the default SharePoint site is deleted or not existing.

    • When creating a new document type in D365FOE it is not possible to point to a SharePoint location that is generic(like when creating a document based on a template). I could imagine users having a need to attach content to a D365FOE item in a document library not yet defined in the business process. If this option is not possible there will potentially be a lot of work defining document types for each legal entity and each kind of document/save location.

    • It is not possible to add an existing document from a location in SharePoint unless you have synced it or downloaded it first. This could mean that some content is impossible to attach in D365FOE if there is applied Azure Information Protection rules stating that it cannot be downloaded or synced due to sensitivity.

    • It can end up being extremely complex to handle rights management and align permissions across D365FOE and SharePoint.

    • I have not been able to merge data from a D365FOE entity to a metadatacolumn in SharePoint.

    Please add in the comments if you have further discoveries or requirements.

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    Print management to use email templates

    Suggested by Darius BaciulisNew 0
    Category: Office Integration

    Would be great if print management would allow to link/use email templates when destination is set to be an email. 

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    Extend email functionality to include a body

    Suggested by Jorgen TolNew 0
    Category: Office Integration

    Extend the standard functionality to send emails to include a customizable body text.

    It would be ideal if in this body some variables could be included to show things like purchase order id etc, but a good start would be to at least allow us to add some text to the body.

    Integration with the email templates functionality would be ideal.

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    When exporting to Excel, an optional default to quickly open in Excel Online in a separate tab

    Suggested by Alex FesakNew 0
    Category: Office Integration

    While the standard grids still lack some quick totals functionality (count, sum, average) and users have to export to Excel just for that:

    It would anyway be great to make the experience of opening the data right in Excel as quick as possible, with as few clicks as possible.

    Please consider enabling the following optional default behaviour: when exporting to/opening in Excel, it should open the data in Excel Online in a separate tab (preferably in Edit mode).

    It should also be available as a direct keyboard shortcut form the grid (keep any active filtering). Ideally, it should work like Crtl+T in AX 2012 with an Excel Desktop window being opened immediately without having to first save the file etc.

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    Open tables in Excel

    Suggested by Fredrik SætreNew 0
    Category: Office Integration

    I really miss the possibility to open any table in Excel directly as in AX2012.

    You know what would be even better? Add the possibility to open and change Dara on queries or as at least on views. 

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    Add Default filter when creating workbook from designer

    Suggested by Preben Amilcare MortensenNew 0
    Category: Office Integration

    To be able to load data entities in excel using the workbook designer it should be possible to add a default filter when creating the workbook so that data entities with millions of transactions will be able to load, not time out because of the number of lines.

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    Allow preview of mail (MSG) files in Attachments (DocuView) form.

    Suggested by gijs WalravenNew 1
    Category: Office Integration

    D365fO allows displaying a preview of PDF, Word, Text and files.

    One of our customers is also requesting the option of displaying a preview for MSG (e-mail) files.


    Nice feature... Not yet available. :)