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      Sharing of masterdata and enhancing sharing in general.

      Suggested by Karina Normann JakobsenUnder Review 18
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      With the removal of the concept of virtual companies, the only - however poor - real out of the box option to share master-data across legal entities was lost. This feature was widely used by many customers.

      The new cross-company data sharing accepts group and reference data only, but it is not possible to share for example Customers and Vendors across multiple legal entities.

      In the industry, where my customers operate it is not uncommon to have +100 legal entities, some will have +1000 and this is real legal entities, not just a dummy division of a legal entity.

      Therefore it is common to share customers and vendors between companies. But it is not a all or nothing approach. Companies are grouped and data is shared between a group of companies. Which leads me to my second suggestion. Please allow us to group companies into company groups and then configure the sharing of data per group of companies instead of individual companies.


      So 2 suggestions here.

      1. Ensure master data can be shared between a group of companies. 

      2. Allow grouping of companies into company groups.



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      Sales Order Prepayment Function

      Suggested by Anna DaviesUnder Review 2
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      It would be useful if you could replicate the PO prepayment functionality and apply similar functionality on the sales order side.  We frequently have requests from clients to be able to create payments in advance from customers and link them to a SO.  I know it is possible to create a prepayment journal and link that to the sales order using existing functionality but the problem is there are limitations.  These are as follows:- 

      1) You can't generate an invoice off the back of the prepayment 

      2) It is not easy to see what prepayments you have generated in the system with remaining balances.

      3).  It would be a simpler process if you could generate the prepayment directly from the SO, similar to the PO prepayment function.



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      [SWE] Legal requrement: The VAT part of a cash discount must be stated on the invoice

      Suggested by Trude NjaaUnder Review 15
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      According to Swedish tax authorites, the VAT part of a cash discount must be stated on the invoice, not just the cash discount amount itself. Will MS support this Swedish legal requirement?

      On the invoice it must be stated:
      If payment is received before 2017-08-30 a Cash discount of 100 SEK , where of 20 SEK VAT, will be given.

      This is valid for all versions of AX/Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

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      Payments to accounts receivable ISO20022

      Suggested by Kristin ØdegårdUnder Review 0
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      User is able to generate payment file based on ISO20022 Credit transfer format for accounts payable transactions. Just in the same way user should be able to send payments to accounts receivable transactions using the same format - credit notes, overpayments, on-account transactions. Reimbursement feature, already implemented feature, is insufficient and requires considerable affords to send money to customers, especially when number of customers / transactions is high. In addition, reimbursement feature requires that the customer is registered also as vendor with bank account. Payment information must be added manually as notes on the corresponding vendor payment journal line and only Unstructed payment file can be generated for those payments.

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      Address selection for collection letters

      Suggested by André Arnaud de CalavonUnder Review 1
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      Within multiple implementations I got the question if it would be possible to setup a specific address/contact details for collection purposes.

      It would be a good enhancement to have a address purpose for Collections which should be used when e.g. creating collection letters.

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      Consolidated Account Statement if a customer is also a vendor and vice versa

      Suggested by Janne SøndergaardUnder Review 0
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      Create an AR and AP consolidated Account Statement if both the AR part id and the AP party id is linked to each other. I know that we can reclassify a credit balance to the vendor side but they were actually looking for a consolidated Account Statement showing open and not settled transactions in one place for both the AP side and the AR side. Do you have this in your development thoughts already or can you propose another standard solution? I investigated then to create a document template including the both data entities but they are not available as such since the account statements are fixed SSRS reports I guess.

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      Interest calculation should follow the 30/360 rule

      Suggested by Ingeborg HeinrichUnder Review 2
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      The basic rule for interest calculation must be calculated as follows:
      Monthly amount divided by 30 and multiplied with the days of the months – maximum days of a month can be 30 days !

      Some examples:
      A) If you calculate interest for the invoice in the repro steps until Sept 5th 2017 you have to calculate with 16 days (11 days from August plus 5 days from September).

      B) You post an invoice with due date Feb 20th 2017.
      a. Interest calculation until Feb 28th 2017: 8 days
      b. Interest calculation until March 10th 2017: 18 days (8 days from February plus 10 days from March)
      c. Interest calculation until April 10th 2017: 48 days (8 days from February plus 30 days from March plus 10 days from April)

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      Be able to correct financial dimensions (for lines) under line-details as in former versions of 365

      Suggested by Johanna ÖhmanUnder Review 0
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      A couple of weeks ago we discovered a problem with free text invoice postings, that did not create a voucher after initial validation error, e.g. if you forgot to set some dimensions. We received a hotfix for this: KB4092585.

      What this hotfix did though, was that: if you forget to set some dimensions on the line and header you first receive a message saying that account *** and account*** must have a cost center (for example).
      * You can then go to the header > financial dimensions > add a cost center.
      * BUT, if you shall add a missing dimension on the line, you NOW have to go into "distribute amount" > click correction > add dimension. You can not add dimensions for the line under line-details as you always have been able to do....

      This is not how it has been working in previous version of Dynamics 365 (or previous AX-versions overall), and this is not a very user friendly solution.

      We suggest that you bring it back to how it was before: that you can add any missing dimensions on the line on line-details > financial dimensions.
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      IFRS 15 Compliance

      Suggested by Murali KrishnanNew 0
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      Of late, prospects have started asking whether D365Ops complies with the new IFRS 15 standards (coming into effect on Jan 1, 2018). This is very important for many industries especially telco - for deferred accounting of their subscription plans.

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      Allow customer invoice corrections/adjustments

      Suggested by Hansjuergen MuellerNew 0
      Category: Accounts Receivable

      In some industries, the final customer invoice amount is finalised just after weighting and quality analysis on the customer's side.

      The idea is to allow customer invoice adjustments at least for the net amount, and also on the invoiced quantity.

      The idea is to enable an invoice adjustment that corrects the net revenue and creates a credit note (or additional invoice, respectively) for the difference amounts.